my babies

my babies

Wednesday, July 29, 2015


A current trend in our culture is the "selfie".  I do not understand this concept at all.  First off, I know what I look like and so does every single person I pass wherever I am does too.  I don't walk through the grocery store or church or Target or wherever making duck faces (not a good look on anyone) or gang signs or any of the silly faces people take of themselves and post on every single place in social media.  Is this just one more self-centered monster that we are creating in the name of fun?  Harmless?  I don't think so.  It is grooming our children into buying what others perceive as beauty and ranking their self esteem by how many likes they get.  Eventually this will be some sort of syndrome or mental illness that either gets you a get out of jail free card or some prescription so you can cope and see.  But I see grown women doing this.  Women over 25 with so much more to offer than a photo of themselves doing....nothing.  It saddens me when I see women my age doing this.  Posting photos of themselves constantly on social media.  The big question is why?  I have stated before my problems with social media.  It can often lead to dual lives.  Your facebook life and your real life.  We all know people who post things that are just not reality.  That is one of the many reasons I do not have facebook.  My life is just too real for me sometimes!  Also, I would be a stalker.  Trust me....I would.  I just think we should be posting what is not so self involved.  Self-centered.  Self.  Go out into to the world and be selfless.  Visit the nursing home, take food to your local food pantry, help out at whatever center is near you.  Talk...face to face...with your neighbor, your child, your mom, dad, sister, brother...anyone.  Put your %&$#@%^&* phone down for Pete's sake!!  Now I am not saying you can never have fun with your camera and your phones.  It is the age we live in and I know that.  We all laugh at stuff that we do and put out there for the world to see.  But this constant barrage of selfies is unreal.  Let's post some "selflessy's" and not stick our face in them and see if that trends.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What do I expect....

As a believer in Christ I sometimes have unreal expectations.  I tend to think that people on the whole are moral and make sound, decent decisions.  I forget that non-believers don't.  They can't, really.  they are blind to the morality of God and the ways of Him.  They just don't get it.  So as a believer I tend to stay offended and shocked at behaviors of my fellow man.  The approval rate among people in my community of this whole Bruce Jenner mess..."whatever he/she wants...don't matter to me."  What?  Mr. Jenner is wrong in his belief system and so are those that support this decision and those who remain neutral.  God is not neutral.  Last week I am sure that most people saw the video that was released by pro-life reporters of a planned parenthood official out to lunch discussing the sale of baby body parts while she chomped a salad like she was discussing the buying of shoes.  Sickened me and deeply disturbed me.  But then I ask....why?  Because, I tend to expect people to be bothered by the things that break God's heart.  And in reality...they're not.  She could easily talk about buying shoes in the same tone and nonchalant way as she did about selling fetal organs.  As she chewed she discussed how she tries not to crush the skull of a precious life that was knit by the very hands of God.  Life,,,,meant nothing to her.  If I had to bet, I would bet that she gets all up in arms of the mistreatment of cats and dogs.  I don't support that either but we are talking about a human life.  Human.  So as believers why do we expect the immoral to make moral decisions?  I don't know.  I know for me, I just seem to expect people to choose what is right.  And when they don't I get all in a tizzy and passionate and angry and just furious.  In the big scheme of things though....choices will continue to get worse.  We allow so much sin to infiltrate our "christian" lives now.  We tolerate way too much because we don't want to offend or make someone mad or uncomfortable.  We don't want to hear, "you're so judgmental" out of others mouths.  When in essence....calling out sin is what we should do.  Say it in love but silence is condoning.  I was going to post the video of the planned parenthood abortion doctor chomping up her salad but why....I do not want to give the enemy one second of publicity.  If someone out there clicked on this pitiful blog and thought that sounded alright by them I just could not stand it.  But, I expect, once again that people who do stumble on this and read will choose......God's way.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

8 months and almost 3 days!

I am so sorry that I have not yet posted Brooks 8 month photo shoot to the seven or eight of you that read this!  But between, swimming and playing and swimming and all the other deep and important things that I do....well time got away from me and I have not been able to edit his pictures.  Even a baby needs some touch ups??  Right???  Brooks, my sweet guy, you are so sweet and so cuddly I cannot stand it.  You have three teeth...two bottom and one top.  You sit up great and are just about to take off crawling.  But that does not stop you from getting what you want.  You can roll anywhere, and I mean anywhere.  You eat great and sleep great.  You love and adore and love your mama.  You like the rest of us pretty good too but she is your main squeeze....literally.  Your sisters could still just eat you up.  They are crazy about you.  So far you are laid back and really just an easy baby.  Good thing because those sisters keep your family hopping!

Hey there Mimi....where is Mr. Frog??  I can't do this without him?  Well, little buddy...Mr. Frog says you're kinda rough.  Can you take it easy?  Sure, I can Mimi....bring him here!

Hey Mr. Frog!  How ya doin??  Easy, easy little man.  My ears are tender!

Sure, about letting me snack on some of them there froggy legs?

Just kiddin, just kiddin Mr. Frog.  I ain't gonna eat ya!

I just love you that's all.  Yes, I am sure you do me to death!

Uhhhh....I kinda know how you feel Mr. Frog.  Believe me, I do.  These two sisters......yeesh!

 Brooks, I just love rubbing your sweet little face.  Thanks, so sweet.  Hey, Brooks....just wait til nobody is lookin....I'm gonna get ya!  I know Savannah....gulp...I know.

 Mr. Frog...I'm sorry about all the rough, gnaw on my leg a while if it makes you feel better.

Friday, July 10, 2015

A new fave!!!!!

This right here, right now is my favorite song.  I love the words, the rhythm, the instruments....I love it all.  Can you hear the thunder??

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Happy 4th of July....a day late

We had a very quiet but fun 4th.  The kids all came over to swim and play for the day and then we had a big cookout at my parents home next door.  Megan and Thad left for the beach on the 4th so they were not able to sad!!  We ate some great ribs and hot dogs.  Played with all the babies and then everyone went home.  Boy, we are an exciting bunch!!  That's how we roll.  With a bunch of little kids it is too hard to go see huge firework displays because it is late, the noise is unreal and it is a little scary for babies and toddlers.  Once again I tried to get some good photos of all the kids.  I tell you the is like herding cats.  Nobody looks at the same time.  Someone is always got their hands in their face.  Their feet in the air.  Crying.  Looking like they are posing for their mugshot or just plain ole miserable.  All those awesome family photos on Pinterest???  Made-up!  They have to be....I mean let's get real people.  We stand on our heads and cannot get four kids to hardly even look in the same direction, let alone smile.

See my foot, Mimi??/  Do you??!

Great picture of Piper's seahorse

Penny photobomb

Kyra is the kissing queen.  In every single photo she is trying to give a big fat kiss to somebody.

C'mere Brooks, old boy, gimme some sugar!

At least they are all sorta looking my way

Sneaking a kiss to the back of Savannah's head

Mimi, I just want corn.

I am so very grateful and proud to be an American though.  Even if I am greatly disappointed in some of the choices and paths this nation is taking, I am still proud to be an American.  Praying for this nation to turn back to the Lord!

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Stand

All our lives we take stands for what we believe or for things we are passionate about.  This can be for serious issues or frivolous issues.  Like smooth or crunchy peanut butter. other choice on that.  But in this country in the past week a stand has been placed down for Christians to climb aboard.  The same-sex marriage stand.  I stand against it.  100%.  It is not judgmental.  It is no bigotry.  It is not narrow mindness.  None of these things drive me for taking this stand.  It is simply God's Word and the fact that I can not stand and believe and defend any platform that promotes sin.  Do I sin?  You better believe it.  Every single day of my life.  Do I know it?  You better believe it.  With that said, let me explain.  I will not defend my faith in God and my beliefs about His word because in reality it needs no defense.  God's word is infallible.  Sovereign.  The only truth I need to hear and adhere.  I believe what the Bible says, plain and simple.  Do I understand it all?  No, I do not.  But here is what I do understand.  God designed marriage.  Not man.  God formed a man and a woman to be a holy union.  We as sinful people have marred this union from the beginning.  Homosexuality aside, we have marred it with pornography, adultery, living together before marriage, open marriages and just sleeping around with no attachments whatsoever.  We have ruined the ideals of marriage.  The thing about same-sex marriage that bothers me the most is that it is now just so accepted as a normal thing.  It is in our TV shows, in the news programs.  There are same-sex couples on TV shows like the Today show that are having children together and this is just....normal.  Last time I checked my biology book two women cannot make a baby and neither can two men.  We as believers are letting sin creep into our lives and we are being lulled by it because it is starting to seem....normal.  We have gone from same-sex couples to same-sex marriage to transgendered to what is next???  I want to marry my dog???  It saddens me deeply that some professing Christians are spouting all over facebook about love and acceptance and tolerance and the like.  I do not do facebook.  that is another post for another day.  But hearing what people are posting that I know just saddens me.  I am not for one second saying we do not love.  I know people who have chosen homosexuality and I do love them.  But I hate their sin.  I will not encourage it nor defend it.  If I knew someone who was going around and stealing from peoples' homes would I tolerate that?  No.  If I knew someone who was killing people would I not turn them in to the police?  Yes, I would.  If my friend was cheating on her husband, would I tell her to stop and confess to her husband?  Yes, I would.  If I see my grandbaby deliberately take something from their sibling would I not correct them?  Yes, I would.  Sin is sin in the eyes of God.  We don't like that word.  Sin.  We don't like to think what we do is sinning.  But God's Word says very plainly what sin is.  Anything.  Anything that we do that is against God's Word is sin.  I can't whitewash that.  Can't dumb it down.  Can't rationalize it to fit my life.  My life does not fit into God's Word.  God's Word must form and fit mine.  So, I will stand against this same-sex marriage ruling.  I will pray that this country turns from its wicked ways and fall before a holy God and repent of its choices to follow falsehoods.  I will read the Bible and try to live and apply it to the best of my ability and to pray and pray and pray.  I encourage you to do that too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nothing better

There is simply nothing better than this.....

No matter how sad, mad or whatever you are feeling, the sound of a laughing baby over the silliest thing brings a smile to the face, heart and soul of everyone.  God says that laughter is medicine for the soul.  I believe it!