my babies

my babies

Monday, June 29, 2015

A Stand

All our lives we take stands for what we believe or for things we are passionate about.  This can be for serious issues or frivolous issues.  Like smooth or crunchy peanut butter. other choice on that.  But in this country in the past week a stand has been placed down for Christians to climb aboard.  The same-sex marriage stand.  I stand against it.  100%.  It is not judgmental.  It is no bigotry.  It is not narrow mindness.  None of these things drive me for taking this stand.  It is simply God's Word and the fact that I can not stand and believe and defend any platform that promotes sin.  Do I sin?  You better believe it.  Every single day of my life.  Do I know it?  You better believe it.  With that said, let me explain.  I will not defend my faith in God and my beliefs about His word because in reality it needs no defense.  God's word is infallible.  Sovereign.  The only truth I need to hear and adhere.  I believe what the Bible says, plain and simple.  Do I understand it all?  No, I do not.  But here is what I do understand.  God designed marriage.  Not man.  God formed a man and a woman to be a holy union.  We as sinful people have marred this union from the beginning.  Homosexuality aside, we have marred it with pornography, adultery, living together before marriage, open marriages and just sleeping around with no attachments whatsoever.  We have ruined the ideals of marriage.  The thing about same-sex marriage that bothers me the most is that it is now just so accepted as a normal thing.  It is in our TV shows, in the news programs.  There are same-sex couples on TV shows like the Today show that are having children together and this is just....normal.  Last time I checked my biology book two women cannot make a baby and neither can two men.  We as believers are letting sin creep into our lives and we are being lulled by it because it is starting to seem....normal.  We have gone from same-sex couples to same-sex marriage to transgendered to what is next???  I want to marry my dog???  It saddens me deeply that some professing Christians are spouting all over facebook about love and acceptance and tolerance and the like.  I do not do facebook.  that is another post for another day.  But hearing what people are posting that I know just saddens me.  I am not for one second saying we do not love.  I know people who have chosen homosexuality and I do love them.  But I hate their sin.  I will not encourage it nor defend it.  If I knew someone who was going around and stealing from peoples' homes would I tolerate that?  No.  If I knew someone who was killing people would I not turn them in to the police?  Yes, I would.  If my friend was cheating on her husband, would I tell her to stop and confess to her husband?  Yes, I would.  If I see my grandbaby deliberately take something from their sibling would I not correct them?  Yes, I would.  Sin is sin in the eyes of God.  We don't like that word.  Sin.  We don't like to think what we do is sinning.  But God's Word says very plainly what sin is.  Anything.  Anything that we do that is against God's Word is sin.  I can't whitewash that.  Can't dumb it down.  Can't rationalize it to fit my life.  My life does not fit into God's Word.  God's Word must form and fit mine.  So, I will stand against this same-sex marriage ruling.  I will pray that this country turns from its wicked ways and fall before a holy God and repent of its choices to follow falsehoods.  I will read the Bible and try to live and apply it to the best of my ability and to pray and pray and pray.  I encourage you to do that too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Nothing better

There is simply nothing better than this.....

No matter how sad, mad or whatever you are feeling, the sound of a laughing baby over the silliest thing brings a smile to the face, heart and soul of everyone.  God says that laughter is medicine for the soul.  I believe it!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How we are spending these hot summer days

It is not officially summer yet but with the highs in the upper 90's every day and no end in sight....let's just say "Welcome Summer"!!!  I am loving this weather.  I am a hot weather kind of girl and this is just great for summer bugs like me.  I am just thankful that i have a pool because that is where we are living.  The little girls love the water and so do their mommy and Aunt Megan.  Brooks likes the pool too and I have hauled my old baby pool up to the big pool so he can have one about 2 inches deep for him underneath a big umbrella.  Still he can only be outside for short times because he is just a baby and it is just too much for him.  The girls swam all day yesterday and most of the day today.  We had a sleep-over last night and they slept like the dead.  They were so tired.  Swimming just wears them out because they are the hardest playing children I have ever seen.  They literally swim and jump and paddle and dive and twirl and flip for hours.  I went to bed at nine last night myself!

Brooks is loving some popsicle!

We are loving the water, Mimi!!

Look at me!!  Watch this!!  I heard it a million times today and I love it!

Little Kyra just floating in my moms pool.

We got new mermaid fins so now we are real mermaids!!

Savannah is a very good floater.

Piper taking a popsicle break too.

Swimming makes me hungry, Mimi!

Savannah was hungry too.  Even though she eats only chocolate peanut butter and "regulry" peanut butter....and that is it.

I eat popsicles too, Mimi....see all gone!

Meg ate all her popsicle too!

Monday, June 15, 2015

7 Months

On Saturday little Mr. Brooks turned seven months old.  Time just goes so fast when you have baby.  too fast.  He was just born it seems.  Already Brooks you have one tooth with another just ready to break through.  You weigh 22 pounds and are 28 1/2 inches tall.  Big boy!  You sleep super great and you love eating.  Your mommy still nurses you but you love puffs, cheerios and all kinds of fruits and veggies.  You are my most favorite little boy in the whole wide world.

Wait a minute Mr. Frog....doesn't Mimi usually do this photo thing at my house??  In my room??

Yes, Brooks she does but we were here swimming in the pool and I love swimming so we are just doing your 7 month photos here at Mimi's house.  She's cool like that.

Cool??  Hey buddy, Mimi got that?!  Sure, dude...she rocks and is cool.  She's all that and more!

Hey Mimi...can I lean in for some sugar??  I will hold Mr. Frog back.  He is no prince, that's for sure.

What!!!  Man, I thought you had my back?  I do, I do Mr.'s just Mimi doesn't like kissing frogs and know...she is my favorite.

What about me little buddy.....ain't I your favorite??  Oh they come...those sisters.

That's right!  Here we are.  Ready to squeeze you and hug you and rock your world Brooks.

Yay!! For rocking Brooks' world  woo-hoo!! me Mimi??!!  Pweeeese!!!

Don't worry, little man.  Mimi always will rescue you from those sisters....until you start rockin' their world!!!  Then you three will have to duke it out on your own!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Hugs Goodbye

Today was the last day of school.  By far my favorite day of the school year!!  At breakfast this morning we had four little fifth grade girls hug the three of us who work early.  They hugged Janet, Tammy and me and wept as they told us goodbye.  Told us how much they would miss us.  Tammy only knew these girls for two years.  Janet and I had known them since kindergarten.  Watched them grow up.  Maleah was a feisty little one when she first came.  She has just blossomed into a precious young lady.  She has six brothers and sisters.  They live in a 3 bedroom single wide trailer.  Not the greatest home life in the world.  Janet and I both would just love to take her home and love her and shower her with the affection and attention she so wants and needs.  Athena is a tall beauty with the most gorgeous eyes.  She cried the hardest because she is scared of going to middle school.  She hugged us so tight.  She too needs affection and attention.  She is an only child but....nobody cares about her.  Not the way they should anyway.  Janet and I want her too.  Then there is Kylie.  Her mom and dad recently divorced and life is just hard.  We did get to talk to her mommy and she cried when we told her how much we were going to miss her girl.  Life is hard for Kylie right now but her mama loves her and Kylie knows it.  Then there is Sydney.  She truly breaks all three of our hearts.  She rarely smiles.  She did today through her sweet tears.  We all hugged her and told her we loved her.  I don't know much about her home life except that it is miserable.  We all want her too.  How I wish I could just bring these girls to my home and give them warm beds, new clothes that are clean and don't smell of smoke.  Give them plenty to eat.  food that is good and good for them.  I am not trying to sound harsh or judgmental or mean or anything of the sort.  I am just stating facts.  Some parents just are not good parents....period.  These girls are starting the hardest part of their young lives.  Choices to make.  Hard choices.  What is their example??  We told them to please make good choices.  Right now they are so young and so sweet and so innocent.  But, sadly some of them will not stay this way.  They have big dreams right now.  One wants to be a nurse, one a doctor....I pray they are and I pray they do.  I pray they have a support system that helps them along the way.  It is always a little sad to see our fifth graders go.  To leave the safety of elementary life.  Before I know it August will be here and the new school year will start.  My little Piper will come to school as a kindergartner.  Hard to wrap my mind around that.  Very hard.  She was just born a few days ago...right??  I know her home life.  I know she is loved, cherished, well fed, well groomed.  Her mommy and daddy will open her book bag.  Will sign her agenda.  Will always send permission slips.  Send in field trip money.  Buy her a year book.  Dress her up for picture day.  All the things that should be a part of childhood.  I really do pray all the time for a lot of our kids at school.  Their faces tell stories all the time.  Scary stories sometimes.  I love hugging them and giving them smiles.  Sometimes the only smile or hug they ever get is from us.  Hugs goodbye are hard ones to give and I hope these little girls remember the words we told them and how much we really do care about these young girls, and all of the kids.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Last Day Of School Eve

Guess what today is???  The "Last Day Of School Eve."  Guess what tomorrow is???  The LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!  There is no greater sentence in the whole wide world.  Moment of silence please........

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Views of this world

The past week has had a variance of things in the news.  The Duggar family and their trials and the Bruce Jenner transformation.  First of all....I do not know either one of these families or people.  I don't know the first thing about them in a one on one basis.  But what I do know is while the world crucifies one family while celebrating another leaves me feeling and thinking quite a few things.  Is what happened in the Duggar household horrible??  Yes.  Is it forgivable??  Yes.  I have watched this family show and demonstrate Christian values, morals, love and a lifestyle that is uplifting and amazing.  Will they recover from this blow??  Yes.  Their faith is that strong, I do believe.  Just like in Genesis, the book of Job and all throughout scripture Satan is just strolling around and looking for believers to devour.  To eat up and spit out all chewed up.  To destroy.  To kill.  To mock and shame and embarrass and just to make sure this world eats them alive.  He is also out to uplift, raise up, praise, glorify and show off.....evil.  Make it attractive.  Lure us into thinking and feeling that it is okay.  Dressing up a man and calling him a woman or even going so far as to surgically change one gender to another is mockery in its finest.  Only God creates.  Knits us together in the wombs of our mothers.  Satan does not.  So we can change and restructure all we want in this sad and sick world but it all boils down to ....sin.  Is Josh and different from Bruce?  In his  In his faith and beliefs??  Yes.  Some people are saying we just need to let people choose what they will and let it alone.  Is that not what was happening in the days of Noah?  Gideon?  People doing what was right in their own eyes???  When we continue to choose our sin over the love and forgiveness that Jesus offers us....newly each day.  Well, then we just spiral.  We don't fall into a pit.  A pit you can get out of.  With help or with one muddy, icky step at a time you can climb out of any pit.  But when we spiral.....we can't climb out of that.  We spin downward, out of control into a smaller and smaller hole that chokes the life out of you.  The light can no longer penetrate the bottom of a tightly wound spiral.  It is just....dark.  The trip down seems fun.  Glamorous.  Exciting.  Enticing.  But in the end you are just used up, tired, sad, worn out and dead.  Mentally, emotionally, spiritually and finally physically.  When I watch the Duggar family interviews I see hope and renewal.  I see redemption.  Forgiveness.  Sure the road is gong to be long, hard and rough.  When I see Bruce Jenner?  I know longer see that athletic decathlon winner in the Olympics.  I see and empty man with empty eyes who is just....desperate.  For love that changing into a female will not be fulfilled.  A deep sadness invades my heart for each of these families.  Both need our prayers.  The world celebrates one while condemns another.  This world is in a spiral.  The Lord is coming soon.