the girls

the girls

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vacation 2014!!!

For the first time in a few years I went on an actual vacation.  For the past couple of summers I have either had a wedding to plan and prepare for or a baby to plan and prepare for or a newborn that has a mommy that needs me.  So this year I had no weddings, no newborns to help with and a baby on the way for later this fall.  Beach ... here we come!!!  Sure, we only went down to Myrtle Beach, SC but it is only a few hours away and my daughters and I love the beach.  I mean we really love it.  We hit the sand early in the morning and come in late.  For fun we people watch.  Oh and did we see some funny people.  I have lots of pictures but first the highlights.

 If you get your body all marked up with tattoos please so not be offended when people try to read your novels you have inscribed on you entire waistline.  And stop giving other the evil-eye when they are trying to figure out what in the world you have drawn all over you.  Seriously, what in the world is a devil head eating a tiger supposed to mean????  Super-creepy....I'm just sayin'.

The weather was gorgeous.  Really nice.  Days not super hot and the winds did not carry sand everywhere to cut your skin all to pieces.  I just know that there are beautiful beaches in heaven.  Just standing there and watching the waves is so peaceful and so awesome that the God I love created such a wonderment.  And as a huge bonus I saw my first rainbow over the ocean!!!

Parents...listen UP!!!!  Put your phone down.  Down.  DOWN!!!  I saw the most parents scrolling through their phones while their sweet children were playing all by themselves or saying over and over and over, "Mommy, Daddy...Watch"  To parents staring at a rectangle that holds their minds, heart and soul.  Please...put the phones down.  Facebook, pinterest, instagram can all wait.  Your children on the other hand cannot.  Also, I could have kidnapped 95 toddlers this week because mommy and daddy were not watching them!

Take your kids to the local Aquariums.  they love it!  Piper and Savannah had an awesome time at the one at the beach and they had real live mermaids!!!  I knew they were real all along!

Note to all the men out there who think workouts on the beach are attractive....they're not.  They're gross!  So are speedos on old men.  Young men too.  They should be outlawed because, well....ummm...eeewwww!

On Thursday of the week I looked up and saw Erica's sweet husband walking towards his little girls.  They were so excited to see him and so was his sweet wife.  Blake said, "Peace and quiet are overrated".  That warms this mama's old heart right up.  We had a really good and relaxing time and it makes me look forward to some really fun and special family vacations in the future.  Here are some photo highlights.

Ice cream is the best treat!

Savannah ate hers all gone!

Future women drivers!  Look out!

Savannah is not sure of Piper's experience behind the wheel....

My two sweet girls!!!

Me and my little Savannah.  I just love her!

A trip to the sweet shop for gummi sharks....of course.

Savannah ate hers all up!

These two have a sweet tooth too!  Caught ya!!

The girls swim skills improved 1000% this week.  At night we did some pool time to work on them.

Savannah looks like a super hero!

Piper jumped about a zillion times.

What a beautiful rainbow over the ocean.

Pelicans in flight....going somewhere over the rainbow!

Savannah picked 2 million teeny tiny shells this week.  2 million!

So sweet stomping through the water.  I love baby backs.

Piper in her hippy flowerchild swimsuit!  She saw a big boat!

Piper jumped about 3 zillion times in the ocean.  I am so glad they love the water.

Why not put my teeny tiny shells in a shovel Mimi and carry them around....all day.

We ate Japanese one night and Savannah ate the whole time.  One rice at a time.

Chatty Cathy here never stopped talking hence the to go box!

See!!!  Mermaids are real.

Piper wanted to swim with the mermaids but settled for a quick pic instead.  Savannah was a little scared of her in person.

I just thank the Lord for the chance to spend so much time with my daughters and my grandchildren.  I cannot imagine my life without these precious people!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Out and about and why I just need to stay home

I went to do errands today.  In words of people from the country.  I went to town.  My first stop was Home Goods.  I love, love, love this store.  So many dishes!!!!!!  Anyway I was just looking for some end of the season summer stuff that is already going on sale.  But I found a sweet little piggy bank for my new grandson coming and some great sand toys for my little grandgirls for when we go to the beach.  I went to the checkout and the cashier was a sweet little old lady of about 65 or so.  She smiled and asked me if I would like the Tuesday senior Discount?  What????????  I stuttered and stammered and cried a little but then i asked , "Well, how old do I have to be to get this discount?"  55 she says.  Fifty-Five.  The speed limit.  Well I cried a little harder and said no, that I don't quite qualify yet.  She just smiled.  To say I was crushed was an understatement.  So I hobbled to my car and went two stores up to Ross.  There I bought myself a new bathing skirt involved...and a sweet maxi dress.  None of this had any polyester or long jacket involved.  The cashier there though I was young and hip.  Well, maybe not young but definitely hip or hippish??  Then I went to Costco.  I bought some odds and ends and I went to put my stuff in the car when there I saw my number one pet peeve in the free world.  A woman who qualified for the discount shoving a shopping cart into an area about 25 yards from the corral where the carts go.  I despise this so much because it takes zero effort to trek these carts to the cart corral or back to the storefront.  I felt compelled to inform her, "Ma'am that is not where carts go."  Then I gave her a really mean glare.  She just smiled and kept walking.  this is how cars get dinged in parking lots not to mention just screams of the laziness of our society.  If you do not want to walk to put the cart away properly then for Pete's sake park next to a cart corral!!!!!  A young girl rescued the sad cart and took it into to the store before I had a complete breakdown right there in the parking lot.  So I drove on to the third realm of you know where......Walmart.  I can honestly say that I had no issues there at all.  I got my few items and left.  then I went to a cute store called Five Below.  there i got some neat "Frozen" paper plates for Piper's birthday party and the girls some nice coloring books and two super sweet boogie boards for the beach.  All for....5.00 or below...get it??  Then I went to Walgreens to get my estrogen/progesterone refills that I have gotten 874 calls about in the last week.  Needless to say only one was ready and for the fourth time I had to wait for the other one to be filled.  I flat out refused to come back or move from the drive through.  the pharmacist came to the window and apologized and I was really nice but very firm about how this has happened several times.  Needless to say I will be moving my prescriptions to another pharmacy.  This is in mine and Walgreens best interest.  I have a very much needed vacation coming up in the next few weeks and I cannot wait.  It is obvious that I need to stay home and not go out into public places because I am old, crotchety and out of estrogen.  Sitting on the beach will change my perspective.......I hope!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where is this summer going????

So far on my super long list of home projects I have actually completed some.  I have finished repainting Megan's old bedroom from "Barney Purple" to a soft blue and moved Erica's old bedroom suite back into that room for a real guest room.  It looks very nice if i say so myself.  I am about halfway done ripping the straight from the pit of hell wallpaper border down from the bathroom walls.  Can I just say I HATE WALLPAPER!!!  I have said that about 287403359 times this summer in the span of just a few short weeks.  When I get that room done I will sing the Hallelujah Chorus from my rooftop so that the whole world will know that this has been a major accomplishment for the women who rocked home improvements in the 80's and thought they were really doing something classy.....  Wallpaper is not classy.  Not.  I have also painted a bookshelf with some really nice gray chalk paint.  It turned out well and I am currently working on two old wooden highchairs in a "poppy" colored chalk paint.  I am taking some before and after pictures of some of these projects.  I am really just so busy that I hardly have time to do much of anything though.  I have been able to spend oodles of time with my little sweetie pie grand girls and with my own two girls and I am loving that.  I also have spent quite a bit of time with Brittany and that has been fun too.  I can't wait for her little baby Kyra to get here...being a great aunt will be super fun too!  I also have taken my mama twice for cataract surgery.  that, friends and neighbors, is not a lot of fun.  My mama is great and has done really well but both times the waiting room has been slammed with all these really, really old people with tremendous health problems.  I just look at my sweet mama and say, "When did you get old???"  I am so glad that my mama does not go into the surgical eye center on a walker or in a wheelchair or with a Wal-mart bag full of different prescription bottles for the nurses to write down her medications.  she doesn't take any.  Well except for her "stomach" pill which she insists I call it instead of it's professional medical name of Zantac.  She whispers it like it is bought on the street from a drug lord.  She just had her second eye done this past Wednesday and is doing just fine.  She is so funny though.  Both my parents are really, really funny.  I look at them and I promise you that they do not look old nor do they act old.  They are very active and hip and independent and well have more to talk about than their health problems.  That is something that bugs the tarnation out of both of my parents.  there is more to life than your personal health problems.  I mean let's face one really wants to hear about your last bout of diarrhea or how your teeth don't fit or how your feet swell or how doc so-and-so done changed yer medicine again and now you need an extry hole in yer dial-a pill.....  Anyway, the summer is flying by and I still have lots to do.  Painting, cleaning,a beach trip (I am foaming at the mouth over this) and a pile of other hobbies I got a cookin' too.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Firecrackers!

This is such a gorgeous 4th of July.  Breezy, blue skies and lots of sun!  The overnight temperatures are supposed to be in the lower sixties though...brrrr!!  My little sweeties spent the night with me last night and i dressed them patriotic and took their pictures this morning before they went home.

Sweet Piper giving a reluctant Savannah a little hug!

Savannah loves to slide.  And slide.  And slide.  And slide.......

Piper is going through a "posing" stage.  I hope she grows out of this one fast!

Super fast sliders going back to back.

My sweet girls.  I love my little "firecrackers"

Even when they slide backwards!

I just hope and pray that they will realize what a wonderful country this still is and can be in the future.  Even with all of our downfalls, and there are plenty, we are still a strong nation with many Godly people.  If only we will hit our knees and humble ourselves and call on the one true God....Jehovah God....He reigns

Monday, June 30, 2014

Angels Are all Around

Tonight I cooked a great bog ole supper.  My kids and parents were all here so it was a bunch of us.  All except Megan who is at the beach with her husbands' family.  Thad is here because he got a new job with a different power company and he could not leave for a vacation.  So he came over to eat too.  We did miss Megan and Savannah asked about her all day.  We had a big day of just swimming and being together.  My mom and dad walked over for supper too.  They walked back home and I took a big pot of hot oil to dump in the woods.  I had deep fried some okra and didn't want to save the oil so I usually just dump it next to the woods in my side yard.  I got about two feet from the edge of the woods and started to pour out the oil when I looked and saw a hu-mon-gus!!! snake.  Not just any old snake but a copperhead.  A biggun'!!  Well when that hot oil hit his tail he curled up and raised his demon head and just flicked his icky tongue right at me.  Don't get me wrong.  I am afraid of snakes.  I would not pick one up for anything but I don't actually run from them.  Except for the one that poked his ugly head down from my rafters over Christmas.  I ran like the dickens then.  I know that snakes are deaf but do react quickly to movement.  So I stood my ground because I was out of striking distance and if I moved he would move.  So I hollered my head off for Thad, Blake or Erica.  Guess who came???  My dog, Penny.  Well Thad came outside to put something in the car and I hollered at him to get Blake and a gun.  Erica called my daddy and told him to bring a gun.  We are big gun people.  So Blake brings a shotgun.  Daddy brings a rifle.  Daddy squats down and takes a shot.  My daddy may be 73 and only has one arm and wears bifocals but he is an awesome shot.  Took his head half off and blew his middle out too.  So my daddy then steps into the woods and says,"Golly, what a snake!"  He picks him up with his hook and lays him out.  I knew the next words out of his mouth as I turned back to my house.  "Go get me a measuring tape."  I was on the way to get one and my camera too.  This one measured a whopping 37 inches long.  Daddy says he was the biggest one he has ever seen around here.  I just praise God that I wasn't bit.  that my grand babies were not bit nor with me.  And I do Praise The Lord that I saw this monster and that I had people here to kill it.  I told Piper and Savannah over and over to never pick up a snake nor get close to one.  Thank the Lord for cool heads too.  Angels were protecting my steps tonight for sure.

His ugly head is under the gun barrel.  Believe it or not he was still wriggling.  eeewwweee!!!

Here my daddy is measuring him.

We flung him in the woods after we were done acting like National Geographic workers gone wild.  I keep calling this thing a "he" because if it is a she and she has babies they are probably close by.  I don't want to think about a bunch of baby snakes coming to my house for some revenge on the snake killer saga!!!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Guess what????

We are having a .........................

I am so excited I cannot stand it!!  Piper was a little sad but Savannah could care less.  Blake and Erica are thrilled to pieces though.  This is new territory for us!!!  I am so thankful Erica is feeling better and doing better though.  God is just so good to our family.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Being A Servant

Often in today's world people just want others to do for them.  Never helping anyone out or lending a hand.  Volunteerism often serves a selfish purpose.  "I will help you as long as you tell others how wonderful I am for helping you...."  Get it?  I would like to tell you about a different kind of group.  Our college kids at church are just awesome.  they help out with our Senior Saints each month with their monthly dinner at church.  Many of them help in various other ministries too.  but a couple of months ago I asked their teacher if he thought their class would put together a swing set for me.  Danny did not hesitate....he said "No problem, Miss Cindy."  Honestly I cannot say enough about the willing spirit and servant attitude of Danny.  He would literally do anything he could for about anybody.  So last week on two separate nights he and some of the guys came over to put together a "little" swing set for my grandbabies.

Cale, Jacob and Tyler.  real men DO read directions!!!

Trust me.  These guys made zero mistakes.  Such hard workers.

Danny did a lot of work too but he really supervised these guys well.  Such good life lessons for them.

Yes, you do see one girl back there!!  Sweet Hollie lent a hand too.

Yay!  Finished project!

Slide ready for sliders.....

Rock wall ready for climbers....

This little monkey was swinging away!

She zipped right to the top too!

Wait for me Piper....I'm coming up!  She did too.  Climbed right to the top.

Piper right away went into Pirate Mode and started spying!  Savannah loves to slide!

About her 1,000th slide I think.

Piper loves sliding too.   Thanks Mr. Danny!!!

Thanks again to Cale, Wesley, Jacob, Tyler, Hollie and especially Danny.  You guys are the best.  It means so much to me and to your church family and to your peers that being a servant takes some sweat sometimes.  The Lord will bless each of you in a big way for serving these little ones.  Bless each of your hearts!