my babies

my babies

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Sweet Boy

Yesterday I got to watch Finley for a bit.  He is such a pretty boy!  And such a sweet one too.  He coos and talks and smiles all the time.  He may not be the best daytime sleeper but he is a little joy to be with!

He still has some super serious looks!!  But those eyes!!  So blue!

Hey Mimi!  What did you say that big black thing is that you always stick in my face??  Always as in all the time???

He is growing so fast!  Starting to get a little chunky!

I could eat him up!  Such a sweet baby.

I just thank the Lord all the time for all the sweet grandbabies I get to love on.  Such a short precious time!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Climbing up on my soapbox....again

I have stated before that I work at an elementary school.  I love little kids.  They are so sweet and so funny.  You want the truth??  Ask a little kid.  You will get it every single time.  Not fancied up either!  But my problem is the parents and the current policies in our schools.  Not just public school either.  We are raising the most excused, self-entitled, arrogant selfish bunch of children I have ever witnessed to date.  All over my school hangs these little bags with Eagles in them.  If you see a child doing a good deed, or behaving or are supposed to take one out and give it to them.  All staff is to participate in this program.  Herein lies the problem.  The good kids, the kids who never cause trouble, the kids who behave, the kids who just do the right thing....never get one!!!  Only the kids that are in constant trouble, have "issues" or are just a general pain get one.  We reward these kids because they are "standing in line without spinning!" or "you didn't hit anyone coming down the wall!" or "thank you for not running like a madman in the lunchroom!".  It is ridiculous!!!  What do the kids who just do the right thing get??  Nothing.  But with their little eyes they see the kids who misbehave get rewarded.  This is not right, people.  This past week my five year old grand daughter was threatened by a class mate that if she told on him for ripping up her shapes she and another little girl made out of play-doh.  A boy in her room when caught by the teacher ripping up their shapes told each little girl, "If you tell on me, you're dead!"  This did not sit well with me, or her all.  when brought before our current administration it was ignored and not dealt with at all.  This boy has home problems and all kinds of issues but that really is no excuse.  He is allowed to play all day because he doesn't really like school.  Plays with balls and generally does what he wants.  If he doesn't???  He pitches one more fit.  Now I see a problem here.  Do you?  If my grand daughter had made this threat she would have been suspended.  No doubt.  I see this all day long.  Kids whose home life is bad.  Or their mom is not in the picture or their dad or they live with grandma or blah...blah...blah.  My parents raised my niece and she turned out just fine.  Never violent or a trouble maker of any kind.  A ton of kids come from broken homes or all kinds of family scenarios.  They do just fine.  Kids with parents in prison??  We got them too.  Kids who are molested??  Several.  Kids that just have pitiful lives.  Tons.  This does not give them the right to be rewarded because of their circumstances.  Now I think all kids should be treated with respect, kindness and understanding.  But we are not doing them any favors by allowing them to get by with terrible behavior.  You should not be rewarded for "not" hitting anyone.  But just praised for making the correct choices.  You don;t get a sticker because you didn't throw your lunch tray at the lady who runs the dishwasher.  Whatever happened to just plain out behaving because that is the right thing??  Needless to say I have given out only one Eagle in my years of working at school.  One.  this year I saw a whole class just standing quietly while there teacher talked with an adult.  The whole class.  They were respectful, stood there quietly and facing the right way.  So I praised them and gave them one Eagle.  Parents we are not helping our kids by rewarding bad behavior.  this so called "positive reinforcement" does not work in the long run.  Prison is full of people who were never told "No, we don't do that."  In about 15 - 20 years we are going to be so sorry we allowed this behavior to slip by.  So sorry.  I do feel sorry for kids who just have lives that are just crummy.  But I know that the majority of these kids don't act up.  there are also many kids who are hellions with great homes.  Both parents home, no money issues, plenty of everything around....and they are little terrors.  They are excused to act the way they are because no one wants to correct them or hurt their feelings.  They have everything but time.  Parents take the time to love and discipline your children!  For this, you will not be sorry....I promise.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

It's So True

I have not posted a song in a long while.  But I saw one the other day that slayed me.  Music can speak volumes into our lives.  Evoke emotions like nothing else in the world.  This song???  All that and a bag of chips, girl.  Family size bag at that.

Are you sobbing???!!!  I am lying in the fetal position on the floor in a big fat puddle of tears.  It is just so true.  As I watch the time fly by at speeds unknown to man with my grandbabies it is even more real.  Slow down, little ones.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Already 2 Months Old!

Yesterday my little Finley turned 2 months old.  That is unreal to me!  He is growing so fast.  He has a Dr. appointment today so I don't have his exact height and weight but he is growing like a weed.  At first Finley looked exactly like his daddy but now he is favoring his mommy a little more.  He smiles and coos and gives you the most serious looks ever.

I tried to get him to smile while I took his picture but not much luck there.

Hey little buddy.  I think we are at Mimi's house for this photo shoot. What do you think of her??  I like her, she gives me snacks!  I think I like her too Mr. Beaver.  She snuggles me and kisses me a lot.

But hey!  what in the world is that big black thing she keeps pointing at me every time she gets close??  It is super scary.  That thing??  That's her camera Fin....she hardly ever puts it down so get used to it!

Or you can do what us beavers do....turn your tail to her!  She don't want no picture of that!!!  Mr.'re so funny...I'm laughing on the inside!! me!!  I'm falling over.  Heeelllppp!!

Sweet little Finley...I won't let you fall....not ever.

This little bundle is such a blessing.  He is just a precious thing and I just cannot get enough of him!

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I know for some it is a day of sadness.  Either you have lost your mother, want to be a mother or are estranged from your children.  All of those things do break my heart.  I always wanted to be a mother and am so blessed to have two wonderful daughters and now...all these even more wonderful grandchildren!!!  I am still blessed to have my own mother and love having her to share the joys of her great grand children!

Much like my Easter shots from this...getting everyone to look, smile and keep their hands out of their face is a task for people smarter than me.

Me and my sweet, sweet girls.

All of us but Megan and Finley.  this was the best one even though Savannah has her eyes closed.  Poor thing was not feeling good any way.

Brooks...Look at Mimi, Mimi...  Oh well...

Megan and her new little man...Precious Finley...her first Mother's Day

Pretty Brittany and a nice photo bomb of her hubby, Aaron!  Kyra...rarely smiles for my camera!

My girls and their I could get

This was more like the rest of the 2386 shots I took!  Good grief!

My sweet guy...I just love him!

When did this baby turn into a little girl???  Waaaahhh!!!  I cannot stand it!!

All three of Erica's in a row.  It's a Christmas Miracle!!

It is an honor to be called Mother.  I am so blessed to have this honor and I pray I never take it for granted!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A scolding that Is so deserved

Yesterday I went to the mall after work with my two daughters and their babies.  We had a really good time.  We shopped a little and we had a cookie at the cookie factory with a cherry soda.  that brought back a ton of memories of my own two little girls!  Our mall is a large one and at one end where the Macy's store is they have put in a huge Fisher Price lay place.  It is the little people toys brought to giant sizes!!  So fun!  It is in a huge pit like area with high soft walls and benches all the way around.  Piper, Savannah and Brooks all had a great time.  Now here comes the scolding.....  there were several small children there playing, climbing, running and just having a blast.  Their mamas????  On their dang cell phones!!   While babies were yelling, "Mama!!  Look!  Watch me!"  they were chiming in to wait a second, hold on, yeah, that's great honey....while never even looking.  What is the matter with you mama's???  These are your babies.  God entrusts you with them for such a short time and you are wasting it on facebook?  On pinterest?  On twitter?  On instagram?  You are blowing it girls.  Blowing it.  When your little girl is 13 she won't be yelling for you to watch her but let me tell better.  When your boy is 14 he will not need you to approve him jumping off the giant chatter phone.  He won't give you the time of day. Cherish this time, it is so fleeting and short.  Phones cannot hug you, kiss you or look at you like you made the world!  Put them down!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

In a battle?

Is anyone out there in a battle besides me?  Is your armor shaky at best?  Are you running scared?  Are you standing there with your eyes closed tight and your just waiting for the hammer to fall or are you fighting, scratching and screaming your way through the mire? I just read the best list of advice on this matter and thought I would post it to help someone else.  I know that the battle I am fighting is a hard one.  Aren't they all??  But remember this....Satan is a liar.  He is a liar, through and through.  Not one speck of truth is in him.  
Right this very minute there are some things you and I must cling and hold to as if our lives depended on it:
1. God loves us and He will not leave us.
2. This battle isn’t ours. The battle belongs to the Lord. Let Him fight for you. Save your emotional energy and use it to dig into His Word like never before. Our job is to be obedient to God. God’s job is winning this battle.
3. The battle might not be easy or short-lived, but victory will be there for those who trust God.
4. God is good even when the circumstances are darker than you ever imagined. God is good even when people are not. God is good even when things seem stinking hopeless. God is good and can be trusted when you feel suspicious of everyone and everything around you.
5. Lastly, God is good at being God. Don’t try to fix what He hasn’t assigned you to fix. Don’t try to manipulate or control or spend all your emotions trying to figure it out. Let Him be God. Free yourself from this impossible assignment.
Sweet friend, be still. And know. He is God.