the girls

the girls

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Friends we can laugh with

We gave Erica a small shower this weekend.  It turned out great.  she got a lot of great and useful things for the new baby coming.  Lots of diapers, blankets, clothes, a highchair and all sorts of sweet baby things.  She has wonderful friends and a very loving family!  As I was looking at all the sweet people that came I thought about all the friends that we have in life.  How some wander in and wander out.  How some drop in and disappear for a time to just splash right back in and pick exactly right up where we left off. I have several friends like that.  No matter if we do not talk for months or even years...we can pick right up where we left off.  Then there are those friends that know us.  the ugly us.  The pretty us.  The real us.  Those I don't have too many of.  My daughters each have some very close friends too.  I saw some of Erica's childhood friends at the shower and it makes my heart just swell that these girls still come out and support one another.  Even of they do not talk every day.  They still have that connection.  They can still laugh and cry with one another.  That is just so wonderful.  I have new friends in my life that have come to mean a great deal to me.  I love them with a fierce and protective kind of love.  Then with my old friends I have a love that is deep and cherishing.  One that I can let myself go with.  Take off the masks and just let me be me.  And them be them.  You know??  I hope I am a good friend.  Helpful, supportive, a prayer warrior for them, a shoulder, a defender.  Last night I went to my monthly book club meeting.  At this gathering there are some new friends, old friends and the like.  You know, associates.  Associates are people we do things with on occasion that are fun to be around but your paths seldom really cross.  I think we all have lots of those.  At book club we laugh, discuss, pray and truly enjoy each others company.  It has been so good for me.  As my friend, Diane, says, "I need this!"  I do too!  I can't wait to start a new book.  One of my dearest friends in the whole world.  A sister to me really, is Kelley.  She would do anything for me and I for her.  Today my phone rang and it was her.  She asked what I was doing.  Nothing I told her.  she asked me if I could come over and help her because her refrigerator had fell on her.  This is not a request I have gotten before.  So I just said," I am on my way."  When I got to her house she was sitting in the living room with these huge gushy splotches on her jeans and a hug mess in the floor with her fridge moved all the way across the kitchen and its' doors and drawers all askew.  She had to call 911 to get it off her she said.  They have had some water damage to their house and a renovation guy was on his way to her house and she was on the phone with him emptying the fridge when it just fell over on her.  He was terrified to say the least.  Being the awesome friend I am....I laughed.  I mean there she sat with this icky goo all over her legs which at first I thought was glass sticking into her knees but she informed me it was eggs.  I started grinning then and she did too.  It was a whole two dozen she said!!  I bet it was because there was eggs all over the floor.  And juice and everything in the fridge of every person I know.  All over the floor.  So her husband Billy took her to the ER to be x rayed.  She was really limping by the way.  She could be seriously hurt and just "shell" shocked and not know it!!  Could not resist the shell reference with all those eggs laying around.  I cleaned up the mess and brought home what I could salvage for her.  I am still waiting to hear what the x rays say.  I am praying that there is no real harm done to her hip or legs.  Her fridge is a hug one with those nice french drawers. It is a real monster.  Praise the Lord!!  I just spoke with Kelley and there was no fractures or anything.  Just some minor contusions and muscle strain.  I am glad my friend is okay.  Really glad she is my friend and gets me.  She really gets me.  Even though this could have been a tragic event God is good and she is fine....and we both laughed.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Observances of the week

This has been one long drawn out week.  I thought it would never end!!  The weather has finally broken and we are in for a long span of cool sunny days.  Just how I like the fall of the year.  We had a lot of gloomy, foggy and musty days of late.  So sitting back and recapping my week has brought some very humorous things to mind that I have seen and now.....cannot unsee.

Just today at school I looked out into to the parking lot and saw two women on the ....ummmm...rather large side of the size scale and they had on camis.  For tops.  They are not tops.  Not.  And when your bra size is reaching into the double G size....I repeat they are not tops.  Nor bras.

While at Walmart this week (I went twice....commit me, please) I saw and elderly lady who had to be pushing 90 years old.  She had on jeans and a t-shirt that was tucked into her jeans.  That was a fine look because she was very old but looked all cute and hip...until I read her t-shirt.  It was black with neon pink stick figures in two sections.  The first section said, "How to drop your boyfriend"  The girl stick figure was crying, head down and a boy stick figure was standing all proud with hands on his hips.  The second section showed the girl stick figure laying the smack down on the boy stick figure.  Didn't expect a 90 year old to promote wrestling moves on your not so great boyfriend.  But I was at Walmart....go figure.

We had our Harvest Fair this week at church and out in the parking lot we had set up several inflatable rides for kids.  One of those was a giant slide.  Piper and Savannah slid down it several times.  Each one giving me a tiny coronary.  It was just so high!  Erica said I was silly.  If she wasn't pregnant I might have pushed her down the slide!!  Well Piper met up with her friend Harper and up the ladder they went.  But once at the top Harper did not want to slide down.  Well then Piper did not want to slide down.  So in between them came Godzilla (or Savannah) and down she came like a tiny streak of lightning.  Still no Harper or Piper.  So the line is really backing up and so up the ladder  The crowd is shouting "Go Cindy, Go"  I am sure the sight of my big ole backside climbing that blow up ladder was awesome.  And then down this slide came Harper and Piper and me.  I will need therapy for that event.

Each year at this Harvest Fair we have a big Chili Cook-off and Dessert Bake-Off.  I enter both each year.  About 10 years ago I won the Chili Cook-Off.  A year or so later I placed third.  I have won the dessert once too.  But I had been on an eight year dry spell of not even placing.  This year I won them both.  BOTH!  That may take care of the slide therapy.

My grand daughter Savannah spent half the night in the emergency room last night due to her shoving one of those craft stick-on crazy eyes up her nose.  They tried everything to get it out.  Blake even stuck the vacuum cleaner hose to her nose to try to suck it out.  That kid.  I just pray when she gets older and goes to school people don't say her name and then shake their heads and say, "Yeah...that kid"

I watched a giant praying mantis stand on its hind legs and charge at my dog yesterday.  Penny backed right down too. My life is just one laugh riot after the other.

I am looking forward to a very busy weekend with a surprise birthday party for a friends husband tomorrow night and Erica's baby shower Sunday afternoon.  Lots of baking and cooking tomorrow.  I will have some photos from the shower to post early next week.  Right now I am off to church to see a bunch of super strong guys break concrete blocks and lift a bunch of kids on poles and stuff.  They are called Faith Force.  A bunch of power lifters reaching the world for Jesus through their strength.  I am sure they will be something to see!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Do you need a laugh?? Because I sure do!

I have had one stressful several days let me tell you.  It is is too stupid to discuss and to stupid to even dwell upon.  We just all have no good, horrible, very bad days!!  Mine has just lasted for several in a row.  So I was thinking about stuff to just make me laugh.  And out of the blue I thought about the oldy but goody video of...Bon Qui Qui.  If you have never seen it I think you will find it amusing to say the least.  To me, it is totally hilarious because it is totally reality!!  I know i have seen this worker first hand whether at McDonalds, Burger King or any fast food chain that exists.

I just so wish that I could call "Sa' kurrrr-iteee" anytime I wanted too and when oh when is my Dejuan ever gonna show up???

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fallish Things

I love this time of the year.  There are tons of things going on everywhere!!  We had Homecoming at church on Sunday.  I did a mini-photo shoot that afternoon that was....really short.  Savannah just did not want her picture made at all.

 As you can tell.  Piper is into these "funny" poses and Savannah was just not having it on Sunday.

On Monday we went to the Dixie Classic Fair.  It is our local "big" county fair and it is always a lot of fun.  We saw and did a lot of things.  We saw the Dairy Cow show and we went to see the sheep and bunnies and chickens.  The girls rode rides.  They both like to ride things but poor Savannah was too short for a great many of them.  She was really good about it and is easily distracted to other stuff.

Everyone likes the Merry-go-round!  Even me!

Savannah got to drive her own car!

Piper chose a truck even if you can't tell here.  Her Aunt Megan would have been proud!

Piper loves the swings!  They scare me!!

The little girl with Blake was afraid to come down the big slide so he held her hand and she was fine.

I wish he would have held my hand!!!  I am not a fan of rides any more!

Thumbs up to the airplanes!!

We also ate a lot of Fair Food!  Erica and Blake think it is just the greatest and the girls did pretty good too.

Roasted Corn is pretty good though....

Washing it down with fresh squeezed lemonade is the only way to go.

Speaking of Erica I did get some photos of her this week.  I have not done a pregnancy update lately because she has just had a very difficult pregnancy this time around.  She looks really great though.

Erica and Piper...Savannah had ran away and was not doing one more shot!

This little man is the size of a pineapple this week.  He looks a little bigger than a pineapple to me!

Erica is such a pretty pregnant girl I think

Next week we have Harvest Fair at church and then the Pumpkin Patch and then a trunk-or-treat and then Halloween!  Woo-hoo!  I am worn out just thinking about it all.

Friday, October 3, 2014

It's a miracle

I have had a very bust few weeks and the future looks busier!  On Wednesday of this week I got to go with Erica and Blake and the girls to Greensboro to a 4D Prenatal sonogram clinic.  Blake's grandparents, who live in Wilmington, gave them a gift of a sonogram with a dvd and photos of their baby boy.  As a special surprise Gary and Faye drove all the way from Wilmington to Greensboro to see their great-grandson on the big screen.  That was just so sweet and so special of them!  They are in their seventies and he is still recovering from bypass surgery a few months ago so this meant quite a bit to Blake and Erica.  As we all sat in the sonogram room and watched the baby on a 54 inch screen we all just sat and watched him move around.  Faye leaned over and said, "That is just a miracle we are watching."  She was so right.  Watching my grandson open and close his eyes, stick out his tongue, suck his little thumb was just miraculous.  I could not help but think how in the world anyone could ever abort their baby.  I am not trying to sounds harsh or judgmental or mean but I do believe with all my heart that every single woman who is considering abortion should watch her baby in 4D.  It is so obvious that it is a real live life.  You see the heart beating.  The fingers waving.  The hair floating in the amniotic fluid.  Toes kicking.  Eyes, ears, tiny lips just waiting for kisses.  I know all the pro-choicers scream their agenda ... loudly.  What about women who are raped?  What about victims of other atrocities?  Incest.  Molestation.  The pain in those offenses is overwhelming. is a life.  One that was knit in the womb of that woman by the very hands of God.  Each tiny finger, toe, ear, leg....handcrafted by our heavenly Father.  It is a life that has each day planned by God.  I can't imagine the heartache and the pain a woman feels if she becomes a Christian or is already a believer and she chooses abortion then comes to the place of deep regret and sorrow and anguish over her choice.  My friend Kelley told me she once counseled a girl who became a believer and thought that once she saw her baby in heaven...because they are would hate her.  She told her there is no hate in heaven.  As a woman who has had two hard miscarriages I for one cannot wait to hold my children in heaven.  To touch them, kiss them, hear them...finally. Each July and February i hold a private birthday party for the two babies I never got to hold in my heart.  All these years later and I still grieve those children.  I have no clue if they remain babies in heaven but I like to think so.  I know many women who long to hold their baby....not their grown-up.  Jesus loves children and I hold on to that hope that their are many children in heaven.  Watching the miracle of my sweet grandson on that screen....was almost more than my heart could stand.  I already love him to pieces.  Piper said, "he's so cute!!"  How precious was that.   Just so you too can see...that miracle....that tiny life.  Formed by the very hand of God.  A miracle.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

She is just precious

My new sweet great niece is now 10 days old.  Say what???  I cannot believe that already.  Oh my first grandson will be here in less than 9 weeks.  I cannot stand it!  Time is just too fast to keep up with here lately.  Though for my poor Erica I know she is more than ready to have this baby boy,  But on this past Saturday I got the privilege of taking Kyra's newborn photos.  She was such a little sweetie pie too!  I love newborns.  They are just so precious.  Such little miracles.

Kyra was awake for most of the day on Saturday.  She was wide awake for me too.  I told her to get ready...the paparazzi had arrived!

I tried to set up a fall display outside because the weather was just so nice.  She really seems to like it outside too.

The new little family....A baby really does change everything.

This was the same tutu that Piper and Savannah wore.  You can't tell but this little one does not care for tutus....I will have to re-educate her on this choice for sure.

But, but, but...I don't wike it!!!  Wahahahah!!!

I love how they are both shushing her and they didn't even know they were both doing it.  Parenting really does just kick in!

My sweet little angel-baby.  She is already so loved and doesn't even know it.  I pray she will always know how much she is loved.  Not just by us but by God in heaven who knit her together.  He loves her far more than any of us ever could.

What a sweet family.  They already love her so much.

Thursday, September 25, 2014


the art of grieving is a very personal thing.  i am in a book club at church that meets once a month in one of the readers' home.  on occasion we meet in our sunday school classroom.  this was the occasion this month.  events over the last month for our church family have been hard.  lots of loss going on.  our dear children's pastor, randy, went to be with the Lord and his sweet wife, kim, is grieving.  a very close friend of some of us lost her baby this week to a disease that developed in utero and she was 31 weeks along.  her baby boy died and she went through 30 hours of hard labor to deliver him.  she wept and smiled as she held her little boy.  then they took him to the morgue. she was such a testimony to the doctors and nurses because she told them she know her baby, Jeremiah, was in the arms of Jesus.  does she hurt???  yes.  does kim still ache from the loss of randy???   yes.  this will go on for a long, long time.  others shared losses that had happened to them and to others they knew in recent weeks.  a local orthodontist son passed away at college this week.  we have had many other things happen to families that are just hard too.  when we closed in prayer i got to lead out the prayer circle.  i prayed for kim and i prayed for the woman who lost her son.  i said that one day mayra would be reunited with her baby and she would see what color his eyes were and she would here his laugh.  this earthly life is a blip.  a vapor.  heaven is eternal.  the next day i got the sweetest text from one of the ladies who told me she had tucked away a miscarriage she had over 20 years ago.  during the prayer she said she just started sobbing.  she had never grieved that baby.  she thought that since she had three children already why should she even say anything.  so she tucked that pain away.  on tuesday night it erupted afresh.  searing her heart like a hot poker.  did she tell me this??  no.  i already know that pain.  i have two children in heaven that one day i will meet and hug and kiss and see.  i had two miscarriages before i had my two daughters.  each and every july and february i grieve those babies.  i know their ages.  after all these years i still grieve.  grieving is a long process that can involve lots of different things.  i have grieved over the loss of pets.  the loss of family members.  i grieved terribly over the death of my marriage.  i still miss being married.  while listening to kim talk about how the pain of losing randy was just so deep it made me just cry.  at one point she said that she had a very good marriage to her very best friend.  she knew so many women who had lousy marriages and could not help but wonder ..."why?"  why did hers end.  my marriage was not a good one for many years but the idea of marriage is something i grieve.  i grieve an intimacy that a wife shares with her husband.  not just the physical but the emotional bond and the nuances that married folk share.  i grieve the loss of that.  i ache for kim because she is just raw.  her heart has just been ground up but somehow it still continues to beat.  while we all grieve in our own ways the one security for the believer is that we never grieve alone.  Jesus catches each tear and i know that He intercedes for me.  for kim.  for mayra.  for you.