My babies

My babies

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Real Life

I often post about my grandchildren, my spiritual walk, places I go and what I am doing.  You know...real life.  But, like everyone I usually show just the glossy side.  Or I might leave out any wrinkles or waves.  Today I am just keeping it real.    This week I didn't really go anywhere grand.....I rarely do but I did take my oldest grand daughter shopping for school clothes.  Winter clothes are marked way down and she will need school clothes next year so this is a no-brainer for me.  I only buy what is on sale.  Period.  I cannot afford to pay full price for anything so on sale is the only way to go.  This is a lesson I taught my girls and I hope to pass down to my babies.  We did have a fabulous day though.  I wanted to take her to a "fancy" lunch in a sit down restaurant but she saw the Chick Filet sign so nuggets it was.  Fancy may be my name but not hers.  We started a new Bible study at church Wednesday night which I am in desperate need of.  I am dry as a bone in my spiritual life right now.  In a vast desert where i see absolutely no oasis at all.  Of course, I am looking with my physical eyes, not my heart eyes.  God is there.  Even in the desert His fingerprints are all over the dusty places of my life and journey.  He will get me through this place.  In this area there is no glossy side....just sand and dust.  But the hope in what the Lord has for me is sustaining me day by day.  I did have all my people over for supper last night.  I made the Pioneer Woman's "Marlboro Man Sandwiches",  macaroni and cheese, roasted potatoes with whole mustard and olive oil and fruit salad.  I have to say it was really good.  That's the glossy part of our evening.  The reality is my little tough girl, Savannah, bit the tarnation out of her sister, Piper over a doll house potty.  She got a well deserved spanking and a time out.  Which both broke my heart and also reminded me that children need discipline in a major way.  Brooks spit up all over one of my leather chairs while I was attempting to get some photos of him because he is a tough cookie to take a picture of!  I tried once again to get some shots of all three of them.  Baby-wrangling should be the highest paid salary in the is impossible to get any kind of good shot of three little people.  Im-poss-i-ble!!!  They are so sweet and I love them so, so much but Laws' ah Mercy!!!   They will wear you slap out.  this is why, older women, God gives babies to the young.  You old gals over fifty...just stop trying to have a baby ...they are hard, hard work.  Are you crazy??!!  Everyone went home and I crashed on the couch to watch TV.  Is my life a roller coaster ride?  A lot of the time it is and some of the time it is a smooth paddle boat ride.  Does everything work out like I want??  No way.  Struggles, I have a plenty.  I struggle with loneliness, I struggle with future decisions, I struggle with parenting and grandparenting.  Even though my daughters are full grown and both have husbands I am still their mama.  I am all up in their business.  I have two son-in-laws that I love like sons.  Both work in dangerous jobs that I pray about all the time.  One is a policeman the other is a electrical lineman.  I pray for their protection and that they love the Lord and walk with Him.  I pray they are good husbands and fathers.  That they never hurt or betray my daughters....keepin it real???  My loving them like sons would be hard pressed then.  I think they would see my grizzly mama teeth if they hurt one of my girl-cubs.  Let's face it...real life??  It is hard.  Hard to live and hard to take.  Most of life here in this world is boring and monotonous.  Same old thing every same old day.  But God is always there and He is never boring.  Looking at my life through His eyes I can see each and every miraculous thing that goes on around me.  Minute miracles.  I woke up.  I can see and walk and feel and taste and hear.  My home is warm.  I have food and clothes.  I can drive anywhere I would like (within reason) or I can stay home.  I have already talked with my own mama today.  My parents are healthy and vibrant.  My children and grand babies are healthy and whole.  Life is hard but good.  God is the God of the valleys and the peaks.  The valleys can be large and vast and the climb to the next peak is steep and craggy.  The peak can be short-lived and quick with a sharp descent.  If it stayed at a peak too long....I would be prone to leave the God I love to quote my favorite hymn.  Valleys and descents and climbs are what keep God real to me.  Makes me realize how much I need Him.  To keep me focused on what is really important.

I did manage to take a few photos of the babies....even if they aren't that great!!

My little, big man...he is growing so fast!!

Lining them up and trying to get them to just look is a huge feat.

All eyes open....a rare, rare thing.

I think this is probably what Brooks is thinking...most of his waking hours.

They do love their little brother, though.  A whole, whole lot!

Right before the big spit-up event.  Trying to get that head straight up though!

Mimi???  Why is that big black thing always in front of your face???

Get used to it buddy...get used to it.  I am trying to capture real life...right before my own eyes!

Monday, January 19, 2015

A Misplaced Place

We have today off of school so I got to sleep in a little....I didn't.  I wanted too but my own body clock says, "Hey girl...get yo' self outta bed!!"  I am having some friends over this evening for a chick dinner.  This means great appetizers and great dessert for those who do not get chick food.  Women do not need a big ole hunk a meat to eat.  We are not cave-women.  Anyway....I was cleaning my dining room when I heard on the Today Show that the majority of Americans do not eat at a dining room table.  And actually this is a room that is all but disappearing in homes.  The news clip showed people fixing their plates over a stove and just taking a plate (paper, too) anywhere to eat.  What is this people!!!  I will tell you what it is.  Wrong.  I must say that my family always sat at the table every single night to eat dinner together my entire children's lives.  The only exception was if we went out to eat.  I live alone now and I still eat my meals at the table on a real plate with real flatware and a real glass.  I did not feed my family off paper plates either but on a rare occasion.  There is just something about setting a table and passing bowls of foods, talking with each other.  Laughing after the meal is over.  Lingering around a table sharing with one another.  some of the deepest conversations of my life have occurred around the dining room table.  I am very fortunate that I have two dining rooms.  A small "breakfast" area off my kitchen and a real formal dining room.  that is where we gather on Sundays and holidays and nights that all my people are here for supper.  Even in the lazy casual days of summer we eat at a picnic table or around the pool together.  I never allowed my children to eat in front of a TV or in their rooms or alone.  Even if they were late for supper due to some activity I sat with them while they the table.  It saddens me deeply to see this place misplaced in homes.  It is where we are taught the act of conversing, taught manners....real manners, relaxing with one another.  Catch up on our day, to slow down even if it is just for 20 minutes.  Have I ever been left standing by an empty table with a huge mess and a pile of dishes???  You bet I have, more than I can count.  And you know what?  It's okay.  I have learned to cherish the act of clearing the table, washing up the pots and pans, loading the dishwasher, wiping everything off, setting the table and chairs back to rights.  It is a great opportunity to ponder my own day.  To talk with God.  To pray.  Pray for my family that I just fed.  Now that my grand babies are getting older they have come to love sitting at the table to eat as a big group.  Now we still occasionally have meals at the eat-in bar in the kitchen together but this too is just a very long table with tall chairs.  The point is taking the time to be together.  In your own homes please do not misplace this place.  Dust it off, clear it off, get out your matter if they don't match or are chipped....set the table.  Paper napkins or cloth, just sit down and fellowship with your family.  It doesn't matter if it is over hot dogs, tomato soup with grilled cheese, take out pizza or pot roast with mashed potatoes, carrots, gravy, salad and rolls.  Just being with one another is the best part of the meal.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs it is better to eat over a fair meal with love than a meal of the finest choices with tension.  Listen, I have been there and done that....a thousand times.  As hard as a sit down with some people is....don't send your children off to eat in their rooms or off the couch.  Suck it up and sit down at the table and ask them about their day.  Even if it is just for a few minutes.  "Suppers ready" is one of the greatest phrases ever said.....don't let it get lost.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally some sun!

It has been majorly cold, rainy, foggy and just generally yucky for the last several days.  When my grandbabies came over or if I went over there it was way too cold and wet to go outside.  Now, fist you must know....I love outside.  All things outside.  I love to eat outside, sit outside, play outside ... just be outside.  I am no house-mouse as my mama says.  So when I noticed that my little grandgirls were suffering from cabin fever I nodded to them and said, "Me too sugars, me too."  So they all came over today and we went outside.  I took them for a walk in the woods to explore.  We played on the swingset.  We rode bikes and just soaked up some good old sunshine.  Thank the Lord for pretty days in the winter.

See the smiles????

Outside is just the best, Mimi!

These two really loved walking in the woods.

I love my little explorers!

Piper can't wait to go back and explore some more!

Even Paw and Aunt Megan came with us!

Not me, Mimi!!!  I stayed in the warm and cozy house with my mommy!  Not next winter, buddy.  You're coming with us!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Two Months Old!

Little Mr. Brooks is two months old already.  That just seems unreal to me.  It is already 2015 and the month is half over.  Too fast.  Anyway, I headed over to Blake and Erica's after school yesterday to take some photos of my little man and he was sound asleep.  He had been for a check-up and got four shots!!  Waaahhhh!!!  I don't like that, I told Piper.  She informed me that he cried and I really don't like that.  Mimi does not like her babies to cry....ever.  When he woke up we headed to his room and did our photo shoot.

Hey there little buddy.  Hey, Mr. Frog.  Is it that time again??

Yesssiree it sure is.  Mr. Frog, my legs hurt.  This woman stuck me in the legs with these sharp things and I cried.  Then she put these goofy looking sticker things on my legs.  They didn't help one bit either!  Awww, it's ok Brooksy...I will rub them for you.

That's ok froggy...that kinda hurts too.  I am pretty tough so I will just take it like a man.

Okay little guy.  If you say so...just trying to help you.  You are getting really big and strong though.  I can see that you are really growing!

What's happening Brooks???  I am getting super squished!!!  Oh, good is one of those sisters of mine.  Sorry man...they are everywhere.  Oh no!  She has a dog with her...does he bite?

Uh...wait a minute here people.  I don't do mouses.  I like Mr. Frog, thank you very much.  Did that dog eat him???

I will not even look at this goofy mouse.  Where is Mr. Frog!!!?

I got ya, brother!  Froggy is safe and sound.  No worries.  Help!!  I can't breathe!!!

Yay!  Safe on the floor with my trusty thumb.  Can't put that in a basket...can you Piper??

Guess who woke up from her nap??  Savannah and her tub of lip gloss, that's who!

These two love them some lip gloss.  The more the can never get enough!

No lip gloss for me girls....I just want a nap!

Brooks you are 14 lbs and 9 ounces and 24 inches long.  You eat great and sleep pretty good.  You get up about twice a night to eat but go right back to sleep.  You tolerate a ton of noise which is great when you live with two very noisy girls.  You are a real cuddle bug and love, love, LOVE your mama!  And that's the way it should be!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monday, January 5, 2015

Goals??? I don't have any!

With the new year in full swing lots of people have set goals or made resolutions.  Me?  Not so much.  I have in the past made resolutions....quit them all by day 3 or 4.  This year I don't really have any resolutions or goals in mind.  Sure, I would love to lose about 20 - 25 pounds.  Probably won't.  I like eating way too much.  And let's get real people.  Life is too the cake.  I like to say that I am going to do this or do that or finish this and start that but......probably won't.  While some times the days just drag and drag the months and years are just flying by, I just let my time fly through my hands.   I have a ton of projects I would love to start and finish.  So I do not lack for things to do....just the willingness to do them.  My Pastor preached a great sermon on Sunday about how we use our time.  I thought about it.  Over the Christmas school break I had two full weeks off of work.  What did I do?  Well I undecorated my house (which took one day in reality but felt like forever), I painted my bathroom.  I visited and took photos for our church directory of the shut-ins and some homebound people.  I cleaned out a few things.  I visited with some family.  I managed to watch the entire 5 seasons of AMC's "The Walking Dead" on Netflix.  I am totally addicted.  I will post about this at a later time.  Really, really good show.  I kept up with my devotion time.  I stayed up late and slept in late.  I did absolutely zero after Christmas shopping.  None.  Did the usual house stuff....laundry, cleaning, wood stacking and just stuff that I do all the time.  What would I like to accomplish in 2015??  I really don't know.  I am praying for the Lord to just guide me and for me to be still and listen to Him.  Really listen for Him.  What does He have in mind for goals for me?  What does God want me to resolve to do (finally do)??  One thing for sure is not to waste my time in front of a TV....but let's get real people....I will and you will too.  I think that for the new year I am just going to wait.  Wait on God to show up and show me.  Show me whatever.  Maybe someone will come into my life this year.  Maybe I will change jobs.  Maybe I will take a real trip somewhere different.  Maybe.....  So, I will wait.  God holds my time in His hands anyway.  The number of my days are known to only Him.  What does He have for me?  I don't know.....  I am sure they are only for my good.  He is incapable of anything else.  What does He want me to do?  I don't know.  He knows the plans for me and they are good......  I might not have any real goals this year but for sure, God does.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Just taking a break....

I am taking a break from "undecorating" my house for Christmas.  Every single year of my adult life I say the exact same thing.....under my breath.  "i am never putting all this stuff up again....this is toooooo much work.....i don't even like this thing anymore...."  And on and on and on I go.  Then when the next Thanksgiving comes around "BAM!"  I put it all up again and most years even more!  I must have a combo disease like ADHD-heimers or something.  There is no cure.  So while I am taking a slight break from this explosion in my house here are some darling faces from last night.

My love-bugs....

Piper!!!  When did you become a real little girl???   Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

I am still purty little Mimi!  Yes, you are my snuggle-bug.

She is just getting too big too fast!

This little pile of fun is always up to something...

Hey there my little man-cub....  You are my new little snuggly-buggly.

First smiles.....Hey there Mimi,  I love spending time with snuggling and cuddling.  You're the best!

Wait a minute....why are you making me sit up in the middle of this bed.  What's up?

I'm up, that's what little Bro......  What!!! me!

I won't hurt you little brother.  I just want to hug you close and tight and really, really hard.  Oh, man...can you make her scoot over....please...pwetty pwease???

Mimi...why you no help me???  Well, little Brooks, she really is a good snuggler.  Give her a chance.  See that sweet little smile??  She loves you, man.

Don't worry, little Bro....I got this.  She can't chase us both down....let's go!

Now, I am headed back to the war zone or my living room....whichever.