my babies

my babies

Friday, June 23, 2017

Catching Up

Whew!!  School is out, I have sold my house and closed on it.  That was all an absolute god-thing too.  Put it on the market sold it in three days and closed in 3 weeks.  Got everything finally moved to my new home.  Unpacked???  Not on your life!  I have about 1,204,583 totes to go through and sort and combine and put away.  In reality I should be on hoarders!  So to say that my blog has been neglected is a huge fact.  I'm really sorry to my tens of readers!  But since school is now out I can make some time to post things on this journal that i will forget in the years to come.  So some things that are going on are;  We are putting in a pool!!!  My sweet husband is working hard on laying it out and designing a pool house...complete with a bathroom and an outdoor kitchen....sweet!  We have decided to do a fiberglass pool.  I will post plenty of photos of the whole process.  We went on our first family vacation together.  My two girls, their husbands and kids and David and myself went to the Outer Banks.  We fished some, flounder gigged some but for the most part it rained and the weather was lousy.  My poor man got sick and he came home with Thad on Tuesday and I followed on Wednesday.  He is starting to feel some better and for that i praise the Lord.  My cutie pie, Finley, got his first black eye by falling in the tub down there.  the first of many injuries I am sure.  The kids liked the sound a whole bunch but the ocean was way too rough.  Trying to entertain and keep four little ones under 6 is hard on any given day let alone when the weather is yucky.  I am glad to be home though....really glad.  Piper is doing her first year on the swim team and she is swimming great.  She is not very athletic but is a really good swimmer.  I hope this is something that she keeps up and that her siblings try out too.  Lots of fun!  

At church the ladies finished our latest Bible study on the book of Ruth and it went really well.  I love that story so much.  It reminds me of my own story a bit.  After my marriage "died" so to speak I had many years of struggles.  Then God sent me my own "kinsman redeemer" in my now husband.  Such a wonderful story of how God uses hardships, tragedies and crisis in our lives and turns them out for good.  He is good.  His plans are always for our good even when we do not or cannot see it.  He never means to harm us whatsoever.  How precious.  I am starting a new study that is going to probably do me right in.  The name of the book is "Soul Care".  Just the introduction had me squalling the ugly cry.  Convicting in a way that I so desperately need.  My dear friend Kelley is reading it too and we have committed to go over the chapters together.  I need that.  I have been in a spiritual desert of sorts lately.  My life is so good right now but I need a fresh Word from the Lord.  Or better yet....refreshment from the Lord.  My soul dryness needs a refreshing dose of Jesus.  My prayer life is lacking and so is my devotional life.  these are all things that are of my own doing.  God does not change or move....but I do.  To hear from Him I need to sit down and hush.  Be still.  Listen with my heart ears for that still small voice to come in and pour living water on this dry and thirsty soul.  In essence I need to catch up with Jesus.

Friday, May 26, 2017


Yesterday was my sweet, little Savannah's fifth birthday.   She's five.  Five years can this be?  Suddenly she has just gotten so big and so many changes are coming.  This fall she will go to school.  I can't think about that right now or I will start to cry.  Thinking about Savannah over the last five years describes her to a tee.  A blur.  That is what she is .... a blur.  she runs everywhere.  she is as fast as lightning.  Her emotions are a blur too.  She is laughing her head off and then crying her eyes out in a flash.  She is such a little beauty too.  I know, I know...I am her Mimi so I am very partial.  But....she really is so very pretty.  I pray often for my grand babies.  I pray for there safety.  For there choices.  For their salvation at an early age.  I pray for their futures and for many other things.  So Since you are now five, Savannah, I am praying for your school life and for the people that will come into your life through school.  May you bring joy to your teachers and your sweet and new little friends.  What a blessing you are to us.

You just light up all over

So pretty....

Wasn't this yesterday??

Always a diva!

And just a little bit sassy!

Such a cutie...hiding in the leaves with the dog!

I love you my little love-bug!

Friday, May 5, 2017

The World's Largest Yardsale

Last Saturday we had a ginormous yardsale.  We worked until late Friday night and got up super early Saturday morning to set up.  I'm talking huge.  We did really good too.  Erica and Megan helped out and so did my mom.  Our dear friends, John and Debbie, showed up Friday night and early Saturday morning too.  They were such a high blessing to us!  The hardest part for me was, of course, letting go of stuff.  I love my stuff.  I am very attached to most of the things I have and can place a sentimental value on almost everything.  But even though I suppressed about twenty panic attacks....I let things go.  I only almost snatched something out of one lady's hand.  A cut glass napkin holder.  I don't use it but it is so very pretty and....I just wanted to keep it.  Why?  I would just pack it away in a cabinet and take it out maybe once every other year or so.  But just knowing I had it tucked away gave me some sort of satisfaction.  When I really think on it I find it all boils down to one thing.  Control.  If I have it, I control it.  Where it is placed, when it is used, who touches it, who can borrow it.  and everything about it.  This yardsale was good for me.  Made me unclench a lot of my past that I didn't know I had my clutches in.  A sweet release of sorts.  Our future is bright and new and fresh.  I don't want it to be bogged down with a ton of junk from our pasts.  Moving forward is our plan.  New life for my husband and myself is a good thing.  Was the yardsale a lot of work and trouble?  Yes sirree-bob.  But just like a good worth it.  I don't want to collect things and put them away to get dusty and remain useless.  I want to enjoy what I have with who I have.  I just praise the Lord for making me see this.  Life is too precious to tuck things away unused.  Including ourselves.  I want to be used and not stay put away and dusty.  Funny, it took a yardsale of a ton of stuff to show me all that.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Why do I Lie To God?

Why do I lie to God?  This may sound ridiculous to you but this is something I do on a regular basis.  I water down my feelings, my needs, my desires, my problems and...yes, my praises to God.  I often feel like He is too busy or that there are way more important people with bigger issues for God to take care of.  This morning our pastor preached a message on this topic.  He spoke about how King David just laid it all out for God whenever things were desperate or whenever things were great.  I so tend to try to make God see things through my eyes instead of me seeing things through the heart of God.  He does care.  I am important.  He already knows what is on and in my heart.  He knows who I pretend to like but secretly can't stand.  He knows the guilt I feel about that very thing too.  And the funny thing is....He can change that!  If I would stop lying to Him and get out of His way.  My prayer life is the biggest area that I need to see a change in.  I have the desire and the want to.  I just don't do it.  Each morning when I leave for work I could kick myself for not praying for my husband before I drive away.  I promised myself and God that I would.  God knows my heart and He knows the things I want to do but.....I still don't do them.  Maybe it isn't lying to God so much as it is ignoring Him.  I do that too.  God will tell me through His word to do or to act a certain way....I ignore it.  I have no other excuses.  I find myself just going on and doing my thing and leaving God out of most of it.  I will throw God a few quick prayers each day over my people, over some issues, over things that come over the church call-outs we get.  But I still at the end of each day find myself telling God a lie.  I do not lay my heat out before Him.  I hold back.  Or I do not say anything at all.  Does this matter?  I believe it does.  As a child of God I am asked by Him to lay my burdens at His feet.  Cast all my cares on Him.  But I don't.  I pretend He doesn't really need to know the things that are on my mind and in my heart.  That if I don't say it....He won't know it.  That isn't...Praise the He works.  He still knows.  No matter how much I try to keep my heart matters a secret from Him, God still knows.  While I am learning to trust Him more and more.  Learning to honestly open my heart before Him.  Learning that God does care about even the most stupid of things.  Because  His word says:

  "Psalm 145: 18 The LORD is near all who call on Him, to all who call on Him in truth;  He hears their cry and saves them."

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Break Catch-Up

I have been absent quite a bit from blogging since I got married because I have been super busy and life is just way too fast!  But last week we were out of school and I am getting most everything moved from my old house to my new house and hopefully, prayerfully soon....things will be back to normal.  Well..... at least my kind of normal!  Over the break we took a day trip to our zoo.  It is just the best.  We live only about 45 minutes away so we go pretty often.  All the animals were out and my sweet boy, Brooks, had an awesome time.  He loved all the animals.  Especially the "elephans" and the "bye-bye-boons".  The girls had a great time too.  Finley just had fun with us.

Piper the Polar Bear popped up to say, "Hi!"

My Piper had to have a photo stop here!!

Working hard to climb the giant spider web.

Brooks is just the sweetest boy!

Finley was holding on for dear life to the grizzly bear!!!

Brooks' favorite!!!

So pretty!  I love the grace of the giraffes.

Erica and her sweet crew!

Just a "little" visitor on the walk through the zoo,  We didn't bother to say hello to this particular reptile!

Beautiful tropical birds

Finley was just glad to be out of the stroller and free to roam!

We also celebrated Easter at Erica's house.  After a great church service and a great lunch together we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  So fun!

Where's my basket, Mimi?

Brooks loves to blow bubbles!

Oh my sweet Savannah....she is the drama queen!

Pretty Megan and her little man

Brooks caught on fast!

Sweet Pipey,  she was such a good helper!

Savannah was on the hunt for sure.

Kyra just wanted to eat her candy....right away!

Finley did get one egg.

Now school is back in and life is getting busy again.  But I am so grateful and so thankful for my sweet family.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Darkest Day

Yesterday was Good Friday.  Tomorrow is Easter....blessed Easter Sunday.  Today is Saturday.  The darkest day I can ever think of.  In my own self-centered world where only I and my pitiful problems live I can think of many dark days.  But there is none darker than the day that Christ lay in the tomb.  His followers unsure, lost, deeply troubled.  Where was their King?  Where was their friend?  Where was the one they called Jesus the Christ?  Where were the disciples?  Were they huddled in their homes?  Gripped with fear?  Angry?  Confused?  This Jesus they had given up their lives for was dead.  Buried in a borrowed tomb.  Nowhere for them to see.  To touch.  To talk too.  To laugh or cry with.  I can find no conversations of the Saturday that lies between Friday and Sunday on the scriptures.  That tells me that the day was dark.  Quiet.  Fear-filled.  But in the darkest of nights.  The darkest of all days.  The sun always peeps above the horizon....Sunday is coming.  With it...the resurrection of the Lord, Jesus.  He is alive.  He is risen indeed!  That makes each day from this day on....the brightest of days because my Savior Lives.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

29 years and 364 days ago

Tomorrow is my oldest daughters 30th birthday.  30.  How can she be 30 years old??  So for today I am relishing her being in her 20's.  Doesn't sound nearly so old.  Thinking back I remember the day she was born with such sweetness.  That tiny, tiny baby that made me a mother.  What a miracle.  After she was born and everyone had left us alone at the hospital I just remember holding her and being so glad she was mine.  She was just perfect too.  All her toes and fingers.  Sweet little round and smooth.  Just a haze of blonde hair.  Beautiful blue eyes.  As she grew she was so quiet.  So shy.  No fuss.  Such a low maintenance baby.  When she became a toddler her little personality started to bud.  A quiet stubbornness that was beyond measure.  I truly do not recall her ever pitching one tantrum.  But stand her ground?  All.  Day.  Long.  She is still a very stubborn adult.  Funny how some things stick.  The time has went by a such a speed that I can't even believe it.  Our family dynamics have changed tremendously.  She is now married.  Has three gorgeous children of her own. Is secure in her marriage.  With her station in life as a stay at home mom.  No other higher calling than that,  for sure.  Now she gets to observe her own babies grow and come along in this world.  Thirty years is a long time when you think of some things.  Getting a new mortgage....30 years seems like forever.  But, for me?  29 years and 364 days ago??  Seems like yesterday.