my babies

my babies

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A scolding that Is so deserved

Yesterday I went to the mall after work with my two daughters and their babies.  We had a really good time.  We shopped a little and we had a cookie at the cookie factory with a cherry soda.  that brought back a ton of memories of my own two little girls!  Our mall is a large one and at one end where the Macy's store is they have put in a huge Fisher Price lay place.  It is the little people toys brought to giant sizes!!  So fun!  It is in a huge pit like area with high soft walls and benches all the way around.  Piper, Savannah and Brooks all had a great time.  Now here comes the scolding.....  there were several small children there playing, climbing, running and just having a blast.  Their mamas????  On their dang cell phones!!   While babies were yelling, "Mama!!  Look!  Watch me!"  they were chiming in to wait a second, hold on, yeah, that's great honey....while never even looking.  What is the matter with you mama's???  These are your babies.  God entrusts you with them for such a short time and you are wasting it on facebook?  On pinterest?  On twitter?  On instagram?  You are blowing it girls.  Blowing it.  When your little girl is 13 she won't be yelling for you to watch her but let me tell better.  When your boy is 14 he will not need you to approve him jumping off the giant chatter phone.  He won't give you the time of day. Cherish this time, it is so fleeting and short.  Phones cannot hug you, kiss you or look at you like you made the world!  Put them down!!!

Friday, April 22, 2016

In a battle?

Is anyone out there in a battle besides me?  Is your armor shaky at best?  Are you running scared?  Are you standing there with your eyes closed tight and your just waiting for the hammer to fall or are you fighting, scratching and screaming your way through the mire? I just read the best list of advice on this matter and thought I would post it to help someone else.  I know that the battle I am fighting is a hard one.  Aren't they all??  But remember this....Satan is a liar.  He is a liar, through and through.  Not one speck of truth is in him.  
Right this very minute there are some things you and I must cling and hold to as if our lives depended on it:
1. God loves us and He will not leave us.
2. This battle isn’t ours. The battle belongs to the Lord. Let Him fight for you. Save your emotional energy and use it to dig into His Word like never before. Our job is to be obedient to God. God’s job is winning this battle.
3. The battle might not be easy or short-lived, but victory will be there for those who trust God.
4. God is good even when the circumstances are darker than you ever imagined. God is good even when people are not. God is good even when things seem stinking hopeless. God is good and can be trusted when you feel suspicious of everyone and everything around you.
5. Lastly, God is good at being God. Don’t try to fix what He hasn’t assigned you to fix. Don’t try to manipulate or control or spend all your emotions trying to figure it out. Let Him be God. Free yourself from this impossible assignment.
Sweet friend, be still. And know. He is God.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Little Fashionistas

Yesterday Piper, Savannah and Brooks came over to play.  we had a picnic lunch.  Rode the jeep around the yard.  And just played!  I love playing.  I always did.  My house suffers and my laundry piles up but my grandchildren will know that their old granny played with them.... a bunch.  My kids knew it too.  Housework will wait mommies.  It will.  Childhood....will not!  Anyway, I asked the girls if they wanted to do a fashion photo shoot and for once they agreed!!  Even Savannah.  She is usually has the most photogenic back of the head you will ever see.  Or the most gorgeous crying face ever.  Piper is still in the "I must pose like crazy" phase and Brooks just looks at me.  Just looks.  Finley??  Haven't quite got a grip on his take on Mimi Paparazzi but I am sure he will love it as much as the rest do!

My little Piper....Getting way to grown up.  She is all about the life of a super-model.

Savannah Smiles!!!

Piper loves a dress with a big twirly skirt.  These were old ballet costumes from Erica and Megan.  It pays to be a hoarder!!

Sweet & spicy Savannah.  Such a funny can you be almost 4???

My little man.  Brooks is so serious most of the time.  What a handsome guy he is!

The jeep died and poor Erica had to push it back to the garage!  Good exercise though!

Did you say pose Mimi??  Is this the "Zoolander" look you wanted??

Sister conversations....such precious times, even over nonsense.

My little beauties.  Growing way too fast.  Way too fast.

What Mimi??  You are about done??  I can go all day!  Not me, says Savannah!  I'm done!

I been done girls!  Mom is strolling me around on the driveway in y'alls old stroller and I kidnapped yer doll Savannah!!!

I love spending time with these little people.  I just pray that they look back with good memories and just know that I loved them.  Prayed for them and taught them all kinds of stuff.  I have big plans for the summer.  Creeks, mud, swimming, gardening, farming, water hoses, sleep overs and lots of ice cream.  Grandchildren are one of  the best blessing that God can give!

Monday, April 11, 2016

One Month....Already!!?

How can my sweet little itty, bitty, Finley be one month old already???  He was just born 18 minutes ago.  I just do not understand where the time has gone.  Since Mr. Frog lives with Erica and her clan, Mr. Beaver moved into Megan;s house.  Let's see how Finley is taking to him...

Wait a second here now....What is this I am smelling???  It smells like a sweet little feller.  Hey, Hey Mimi...I don't like this one bit.  I'm waving to you with my arm...can't you see??  Get it away....pweeeese!!

I said get away!  Who are you?  Why are you smelling me??  Mimi!!!!!

I just want my mommy.  She is sweet and nice and feeds me and holds me and kisses me and she is not covered in stinky fur!!  I think I just might cry!!!

Hey little buddy.  Listen.  I am your friend.  I only want to be your pal and play with you and help you out on these monthly photo shoots that your Mimi is going to do whether you like it or not.  I am here to ease your pain.

You mean she isn't gonna stop with that big black thing she points at me all....the....time???

I think I will just pitch a fit!  Ok, little guy....I'll hold you up.  Maybe I will even throw a fit myself!

Ok sweetie.  Mommy has you now.  No more fits.  But trust will get used to this!

Finley weighs in now at 9 lbs 8 oz and is 23 3/4 inches long.  He is a long baby!  He eats great and is sleeping pretty good.  Megan is doing a great job as a new mommy and Thad is an awesome new daddy.  I am so grateful that God has chosen to place you in our lives Finley.  We love you so much!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet Finley

My little Finley is 20 days old today.  Already.  Hard to believe.  I went over to Thad and Megan's to take some newborn photos of him at 13 days old.  for the most part he was wide awake and very wiggly.  His little hands go everywhere.  He is a very curious little man!  But I think we got some cute shots.  I am going to try again in a week or so.  He is growing like crazy already.  He is so long that he has outgrown newborn clothes because his legs are too long for them.  He weighs 8.9 lbs. now but being so long he looks skinny!!  But he is so cute I can't stand it!  Megan is such a great new mommy.  She has just really taken to it so well.  He is starting to get a little bit of a routine going.  He sleeps pretty good at night and just kind of catnaps during the day.  That is a blessing because if they get their days and nights confused....that makes for long days and longer nights.

Such a sweet little family.

I love his little bird looks!!  So sweet!!!

Most of his waking time he look so worried!!  His little brow is always so concerned!

Ok Mimi, I have had enough.  I am a baby...not a super model!!!!

Shhh Shhh little Fin....go to sleep.  I love photos of sleeping babies too.  I can click all I want!

Yesterday I took some of all my grandbabies except for Kyra.  It was such a nice warm spring day and we are out of school all week!  Super fun but makes me long for summer!!!

My big girl....My heart just aches at how fast the time has flown!

My big little man....he is such a sweet, good boy.  Just perfect for squeezing!

My new little man.  I can't squeeze him too hard ... yet.  So precious!

My Miss sassy Pants.....this one.....something else.  She speaks my language for sure!

I had to include one of Piper and her cabbage plant she started in school and my daddy has put in the garden.  She is SO proud!  She loves "farming".

I am so thankful for my sweet family.  I love my babies so much!  God is just so good and His blessings are endless.  Whenever I feel down or overlooked or whatever I allow the enemy to whisper into my ear I just need to look at these precious babies and see the goodness that has been poured into my life.  Thank you Jesus for these precious blessings.  May I never forget what a treasure they truly are and what impact I can have in their lives for you.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Photos...They're Awesome!

Last year I took some photos of Erica's little family on Easter that were....less than great.  Savannah was squalling in them while the rest of the family was all smiles.  This year I practiced with the girls at length.  Savannah does not like her picture made and when your Mimi is part of the Grandma Paparazzi Mob...well  that is too bad.  Savannah...Smile!  So on Easter Sunday after a great church service I had my whole family over for lunch.  My boyfriend (still hate that word) and his daughters, Cara and Leah came over along with Cara's boyfriend Will came too.  We had a great meal together and a good afternoon.  We did not get to do our egg hunt because it was rainy and cold.  I his eggs today since it was 70 and sunny.  Welcome to North Carolina Weather!!  So to say that I got awesome pictures of Erica;s family to send to Blake's family down at the coast....not so awesome.

We are trying to get the "sillys" out...

Blake and Brooks...OK.  The girls....No clue.  Erica...again, No Clue

Well.....Erica looks good this time

Is anyone listening to me when I say , Smile or Look here???

Obviously not......

The best of the bunch.  Erica and Blake look great at least.

This little man???  I could eat him up!!!

Today we hid 147 eggs and I let the kids look for them.  As you can see Brooks was not into it at all.  The egg behind him was how all of them were plain sight.

Savannah was all smiles when she figured out they all had candy in them!

Piper is an "Egg Hunter Extraordinaire"

Kyra???  She liked eating them....a lot

So this has candy in it, Mimi????  Can I eat it the egg too???

So we quit hunting eggs and piled in the jeep....

The kids took off for my mama's house....Savannah is a wild driver so I would hold on to Brooks...Use both hands, buddy.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hold On....

Today is Saturday.  In between the horrendous day of Good Friday and...the awesome day of Sunday.  Resurrection Day.  Are you in a Saturday Season?  The space of time where you are waiting?  Praying?  Scared?  Confused?  Steeped in doubt??  When all you can see is the after effects of your "Friday" and you see no glimmers of hope for your "Sunday" ....hold on.  Sunday is coming.  I have been in a Saturday Season for years and years.  Praying, hoping, waiting.  But if I have learned one thing though....Jesus died to keep us from four things.  Despair, doubt, destruction and death.  Where are you?  Still in Friday?  Living out your Sunday?  Or still in Saturday?  The disciples did not know anything about the whole Sunday is coming idea....but we do.  Hold on....hold on!  Sunday IS coming.