my babies

my babies

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kickin' Off The Season

We had a great Thanksgiving but too say I am sick of ham and turkey is a huge understatement.  I think for Christmas I will do Mexican or Italian or something other than turkey!!  After our big gigantic feast most people would just want to veg out on the couch and watch football or nap.  Not us!!  We put on our Christmas clothes and pajamas and do a big ole photo shoot with all the little babies!  I did do some family photos of Megs' family and Brittany's' family...Erica said her circus tent was photo shot!  I took over 200 pictures and got maybe 3 with all five babies looking my way.  I have huge ideas in my head but getting the littles to cooperate????  Another realm.  It is just not happening in this one.


Almost everyone looking!!  Kyra is the hardest one!!!

Piper is a true poser!  Brooks hardly ever smiles.  Kyra is just "so serious"  Savannah usually either is crying or laughing and Finley??  Well, he is just super curious right now.

Kinda good!

Good Grief!  Aaron, Brittany and Kyra's Christmas Card...keepin' it real

This was a sweet one of Savannah.

Me and my boys.... too sweet

I see a future super model here!

Getting so grown up.  She looks 10 years old...waaaah!

Savannah looking so thoughtful

Little Kyra Rose....such a sweetie

Brooks and his constant looking for an airplane!

Oh my stars!!!  I could eat this one right up!!!

Thad, Megan and baby Finley....precious

Lovely little family

All my girls and their babies.....time has just went too fast

Once again I am so thankful for my family.  Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season with my sweet, funny crew!

Thursday, November 24, 2016

just thankful

today is thanksgiving.  by far my most favorite holiday.  no pressure, no gifts, nothing but food, family and blessings all around.  for me, i love the cooking, the table settings, the big crowd at my home...all the fuss.  it is therapy for me as a people person and, as my daughters and sons in law say, "professional tour guide" for our dinner together.  i love cooking for crowds.  but as i am currently caught up in my cooking right now and my family is not due for a few hours i am just thinking about all i am so very thankful for.  my sweet parents, funny as they are with their hearing aids that i so wish were stronger about 200%.  conversations around them??  should be our own reality show.  for my sister and the miles she has come in the last year.  my precious daughters.  what wonderful and fine christian wives and mommies they are.  my sweet sons in law.  great husbands, great fathers.  i could not handpick any better ones for each of my very different daughters.  my grandchildren.  oh, how i love and cherish each one of them....piper, so sweet, smart and darling little bundle of emotions and my sweetness for cuddly little buddy with the shy smiles and serious funny, so smart and so loving...finley...the kissingest, cutest and smiliest baby.  what true blessings.  my i love him.  so strong, so kind, so tender, so giving.  so worth the wait.  his two i have grown to love them.  so different and so sweet to me.  they love my family too and my girls love them...i could not ask for any better joining of two families.  my Jesus...He is so good, so immeasurably wonderful.  happy thanksgiving to each of you and my prayer is that you know the One from whom ALL blessings flow

Thursday, November 17, 2016

8 Months Old

Okay, okay...I am officially a total slacker Mimi.  total.  Here is is the 17th of November and I have not posted Finley's eight month photos.  I did take them on that day and I do get some points for that.

Hey Mimi!!!  Is it photo shoot time??  I love these things.  You can take my picture any old day.  I am always smiling and happy to do it!

Mr. Beaver!!!  Come here old buddy!!!

I wanna eat ya!!

Ha-Ha.....just kidding beavy

Not really....yum,yum,yum

You can run but cannot hide from the Fin-Man!

I am almost able to tear down some walls and doors.  You can run and dig and swim and hide but I will find you Beaver.  Then I am gonna slobber you to pieces!!!!

Finley, you are officially the sweetest and cutest baby on earth.  You have 6 teeth.  Weigh around 23 lbs and are wearing 12 - 18 month clothes!  You are a giant baby!!  And what a handsome one too. You are always smiling and such a little cuddler you are.  But do not get me are always on the move or wanting to get down.  Once you start walking.....look out.  You will not be contained.  I pray for you each day little man.  I am so thankful for your mommy and daddy and their love that shows for you!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Day After

I live in North Carolina.  Evidently a big political battleground state.  Who knew??  As I watched the election results come in until late last night I was amazed.  Amazed at how my country voted.  I hope I do not offend goes.  I am glad Trump won.  I voted for him.  I was not voting for a pastor, picking a husband or picking apart his personal life.  But as for a leader for this country?...He was the lesser of the two.  He does stand for things that I support.  He is an excellent businessman and evidently a decent father and husband.  You never see his kids in the news for drugs, alcohol, sex scandals or the like. the do not star in stupid reality shows or post idiot pictures on Instagram.  They even name their children normal names!!  Not directions on a compass or colors!! They are all hardworking professionals.  His wife seems like a bright spot in his life and a huge support system to him.  Does the man have issues and problems??  You can bet the farm on that.  I am praying for him and for his newly elected vice-president Mike Pence.  I really like him...a lot!  I am praying that Mr. Trump surrounds himself with smart, Godly and wise people to help him lead and guide this country back to its roots.  Are his promised changes sound harsh?  Yes, but they are necessary to get us back to the right path.  I would love to see everyone in this country pull their weight and earn their fair share.  I would love to see the health care reform we have taken away and revamped.  I want "common core" education completely eradicated.  I want welfare reform.  I want people who can to go to work.  Earn their place and better themselves.  I myself have worked two jobs at once to pay my bills.  Hard work doesn't kill anyone.  I cannot help but resent all the free programs that are available today that are ridiculous.  This country has got to start working from scratch and make this the greatest country in the world....again.  I do not want to live anywhere else and for all the Hollywood super-stars that are promising to move to Canada or wherever.....get to packing!  The majority of this nation has spoken and want real change.  Not backroom political good ole boys (and girls) shafting this nation for all it is worth.  I love America and you do too....Let's pray for this new administration and the great things it can accomplish with the Lord's help.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

It's Punkin' Patch time!!

I met my daughters and their babies at our local pumpkin patch yesterday.  The weather is so nice here this week.  In the 70's and sunny and so pretty!  the leaves are not the best this year but this nice weather so makes up for that!  Get ready for a cuteness overload!!!!

My sweet little pumpkins!!  Savannah and Finley are all smiles!!

These two sillies!!

Brook is my hard one when it comes to photos.  He rarely smiles and almost never looks!

Erica's babies are growing so fast!  I can't stand it!

This little one is growing too fast too!!  What a handsome little man!

Pipey leans in for a quick hug from Finley

See??  Two smilers and two not so smiley!

The boys wonder if this photo shoot will ever be finished!!

Erica and her wild but sweet bunch!

This is one happy Mimi!!  I love all my babies!

My baby with her baby!!

For once my Savannah was not crying today!!!  All smiles!!

What a pretty baby boy!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Real Life

Y'all I am just so sorry.  But real life has taken me over and I have about seven minutes spare each and every day and I use those for some pretty awesome things.  Like picking up junk around my house and moving it to another spot.  Or maybe something super cool like trimming one shrub at a time so the rest look like scary monsters with one decent one in the mix.  Or maybe just using the bathroom!!  Between, work, church, dating, children, grandchildren, parents and friends.  I have no time at all.  I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be this busy at this age.  Busy is really the wrong word.  My plate is full and it is buffet sized would be a better term.  Real just happens.  A few things going on...

Finley is cutting 4 or 6 teeth at one time.  He will not let you touch his little gums but you can see the little sharp points poking out.  Poor baby....but he is still such a good baby.

One of my boyfriends daughters just moved back into his home so moving her has taken up a lot of time.  She did not plan on ever coming back home but a job loss and other issues brought her back.  Thank the Lord she started a new job today and things are starting to look up.

Piper is doing great in first grade.  Savannah and Brooks are growing like crazy and i can't stand all that!!

My parents are doing really well but with both of them in hearing aids and they still struggle with hearing....let's just say I wish we had our own reality show.  It would be hilarious.

My boyfriend and I are starting to talk about a real future together.  It is so exciting and scary at the same time.  We have looked at new appliances (he is going to remodel his kitchen) and we are looking at bedroom furniture since neither of us would want to use our former furniture.  New life = new stuff!  To say I am overwhelmed is a huge understatement.

My sister is dating a super nice guy.  I kind of set her up and I am excited.  She has had a hard road but has turned her whole life around and the Lord is just blessing her in all kinds of ways.

There are about a bazillion other things going on too but I can't remember them all...that too is just real life

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Seven Months Already!!!

My sweet and not so  little Finley turned 7 months old this week.  That is totally unacceptable.  His babyness is just going so fast!!!  I can't stand it!  He is so sweet and so cute!  Finley, you have two teeth, weigh almost 23 pounds (big boy!) and are super tall.  You love most solid foods but your favorite???  Is your bottle.  Just like your mommy was as a baby, you love drinking more than eating.  You are super curious and love to jump.  You are not crawling yet but trust will not be long and you will be off and running...literally!  Get ready for a cuteness overload!!!

Whoa!!  Who is this??  Mr. Beaver!!  Where ya been man??

Gimme a hug....I sure have missed you.

How 'bout a smooch too.  I'm a hugger and a kisser that's for sure are choking me, man...I gotta go back to the river.  Love ya, big guy....see ya next month!

I love that beaver...he's the best! out in about 16 years.  These eyes will just melt your heart.  What a handsome little man!

Piper slips in for a squeeze!  everyone loves to squeeze sweet Finley!

But he is a mommy's boy for sure.  I think she is most definitely a Finley-Man!