my babies

my babies

Monday, October 5, 2015

This is the week!!!

Earlier today I kinda poked fun at Megan and called her my little honey-boo-boo.  She is really not anything like her and I am sure not like Mama June.  At least, I don;t think so.  But we do love us some good ole fair food and corn dogs (hand dipped and fried) giant fat doughnuts, cotton candy, candy apples, caramel apples. roasted corn on the cob....well all that just hits the spot.  Then of course we topped it off with a bag of kettle corn.  All that sounds super healthy too!!  Apples, corn and all that other stuff....super healthy food choices I'm sure.  But we did have a great time and Megan did look super cute eating all the foods she loves and finally feeling better!!!  She turned 17 weeks a couple of day ago and on Wednesday she and Thad go in for their sonogram to find out the babies gender.  Boy or girl.....take that Target!!  On Thursday night we are having a hotdog roast outside and a baby reveal party!  I am so excited I can hardly stand it!!!  My sweet friend Tracy found out last week that she is getting a new grandson due the same time Meg and Thad are due.  It is all so exciting I can't stand it!!!

Megan and her little turnip baby!   This little turnip is about 5 inches long and now has its' very own set of fingerprints!!  Is God not so amazing!!??  To think that He is knitting this little life together one detail at a time.  Such a miracle!

Going to the fair

Pretty much sums up my life. For once Honey Boo Boo got it right. lol:

I will post more later.  But this was basically me and my little Honey-Boo-Boo at the county fair yesterday.  The FOOD!!  Was amazing.  One word....Amish Doughnuts.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Catching up!

Whew!!  I have been super-de-duperdy busy as of late!!  Between work, two weddings I helped with, helping with grandbabies, helping my parents, first birthday parties, photos and about a bazillion other things!!  Here is what has been going on:

First, I had the honor of directing a wedding of one of my dearest friends son and his new bride.  I do not enjoy directing weddings.....way too out of my comfort zone.  As bossy as I am you would think I would like it but....nope, I don't. But I love Sandra and her son, Matt and his bride, Sarah.  Sometimes we do what we aren't really good at and let things fall into place.  they were pleased and that is all that matters!  I love this young couple.  They are the "real deal".

My "sister" Sandra, Sarah and her mama, Lisa.  I fell in love with Lisa too.  Precious family.

Sarah has kept a journal of each day since she became engaged to Matt.  She has written her heart to him and this was her last entry before she became Mrs. was a surprise to him.  Needless to say Sandra, Lisa and I were a puddle of tears watching this.

Her sweet words

Then, Kyra turned one.  A whole year old!!!  How can that be??  She is just the funniest little girl.  I just love her too pieces.

She is such a little sweetie!

Hey!  I am walking and talking and a whole year old!  Watch out world!

Such a little beauty

In the birthday arena was also, Megan.  She turned 27 years old.  that's my baby and how in the world sis she get to be 27??  She also turned 16 weeks pregnant with my newest grandbaby to be.  We find out in less than 2 weeks what it will be.  I cannot wait!!!

She was over all her sickness....or so we thought.  She woke up Sunday morning sick as a dog but was all smiles for me!

She looks a little green....praying all that passes.  She is so sweet!  I just love her!

I had another wedding I helped with over the weekend.  It was beautiful too.  I didn't take my camera so I didn't get a photo of Rebecca and Zachary.  But she has overcame cancer (twice) and was just a blessing to watch.  God is so good!  Hopefully I will be a better blogger now that y life is slowing up a bit!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

15 Weeks!

My sweet Megan is 15 weeks along in her pregnancy.  My little grand baby is now officially a naval orange!  In size, at least.  Megan is finally feeling better and is doing great.  She is really starting to show and is wearing some of her new maternity clothes.  With the exception of when I take her picture!!  She has worn her old cheerleading shorts and a t-shirt every single time.  I told her that she had better start dressing up a little for these pictures or she would really regret it!

See what I mean!!??  excuse my yard too.  My dog has completely destroyed all the mulch I had around my trees by running 90 miles an hour through it at least a 1000 times a day.  In a few short weeks we will know whether or not if we will have a baby girl or a baby boy.  I can't wait to find out!!

Monday, September 14, 2015

10 months and 14 weeks!

Hard to believe my wittle bitty grandson is 10 months old!  But...wittle bitty he is not!  He is most definitely biggie wiggie!  Just ask Mr. Frog!

Hey Mr. Frog....I'm gonna be sweet to ya!  I promise.  Why you looking so worried??

See?  I am just gonna sit here and smile and just pet you a little.   Mimi told me too!

Awww....come here and let me hug you....really tight!  Hey Mimi....get me some help...pleeeeese!

What??  Piper Police!  Mimi this is not fair!  Hey Brooksy ole boy...I am here to make sure you don't hurt Mr. Frog...okey dokey?  Whatever, Piper...whatever

Smile for Mimi!  Hey Piper!  Aren't you supposed to be helping me??  I'm gettin all squished up in here!

Mr. Frog...face it...You just can't win, buddy.

In other news, Megan turned 14 weeks over the weekend and she is just glowing!

She is starting to really show and she is just the cutest thing ever!  I cannot wait to get my hands on this little one!  Megan has had three days in a row of feeling really good and no nausea or throwing up!  Praising the Lord for that!

Monday, September 7, 2015

13 weeks and summers end

My baby is 13 weeks along with her pregnancy this week.  Megan is still very sick and bless her heart....if she isn't eating she is so nauseous she can't stand it.  She even has to eat in the night or she wakes up so sick.  But today was a pretty good day.  We went on several errands and she felt good most of the day.  She is starting to have that beautiful baby glow and is starting to really show a little!

Her baby is the size of a lemon and has now developed vocal cords and fingerprints!!  Is that not amazing??!!  The little arms and legs are kicking up a storm but so far Megan hasn't really felt anything yet....but he/she is doing backflips.  I already love this little lemondrop to pieces!

On another note, I closed my pool today.  Sad day for us around here.  Megan and I are always in agreement....summer is officially over.  Waaaahhhh!!  Then just as I finished bringing in all the floats and toys this happened....

Out of the blue sky a complete and utter downpour!!

It was the angels crying over summers end...I just know it.

Friday, September 4, 2015

What defines me

We have been in school for two whole weeks now.  Ten down and 170 to go!!  So far things have gone pretty well.  We have a new manager and a new principal.  So far they are working out great.  I have gotten to volunteer and take my little grand daughter home a few times and that is a joy to me.  Piper is doing great!  No tears at all.  I don't care if a child has been in daycare since they were six weeks old.  School is different.  By the end of the first couple of weeks you start to see some meltdowns and some serious anxiety in these little five year olds.  School is hard!!  Some days it makes me cry!  Piper has been making sweet little friends and watching her at lunch is so much fun.  she carefully unpacks her lunch.  She opens all her stuff and when she can't (she tries too!) she raises her little hand and either the teacher or assistant helps her.  I am really trying not to rush over and help her ....but it is so hard!  I do slip over and ask her if she is having a good day.  She just smiles.  At home and at my house she never stops talking but at school she is very quiet.  On Wednesday she did wave her fingers at me and gave me the smallest little smile.  Today she waved at me twice and smiled bigger.  Watching her grow up is such a blessing and such an honor.  I was reminded by a dear teacher friend of mine this week that all the times I tried to transfer to another school because I wanted a more prestigious job (I thought) or one with a classier title and it never worked out.  I interviewed several times and was second choice at least twice (I was told) and it never worked out.  She reminded me that it was a "God Thing".  She is right.  If I was somewhere else I would not get to see my little ones come through those early school years.  In two short years Savannah will join her.  Then soon after that...Brooks...after that Megan's babies.  Looks like I will never retire.  And you know what??  For all the years I tried to leave and go somewhere else to "better" myself...I can finally say, I was so wrong.  There is nothing wrong with my job.  The older I get the less I care about the opinions of others.  Now I do care what they think.  We all do.  I don't like it when people think bad of me.  But as far as my job goes???  Not anymore.  My job does not define me.  But seeing that precious girl give me that shy smile and wiggle her little fingers to me.  That, my friends, defines me.  Watching her mommy bring her sister and brother to eat lunch with her today and have Savannah run and hug me and see Brooks big ole sappy grin when he sees his Mimi....that defines me.  Seeing my daughter be such a good mommy?  That defines me.  Watching my other daughter blossom in her pregnancy with a glow that is so gorgeous on her...that defines me.  God is just so good to me.  Jobs??  That is just something we do.  Just like taking out the trash, mopping the floors, laundry, buying groceries and all the other mundane chores of life.  I just want my children and their children to know that I loved Jesus, served Him to the best of my ability and that I loved them with all my heart and served them too.  Getting the opportunity to greet and smile and listen to hundreds of other little ones.....that's just gravy....and I love gravy.