my babies

my babies

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And suddenly....Finley is One

Since I have gotten married and my life has been on warp speed....I have turned into a complete slacker grandmother!  I did not post photos from Finley turning 11 months old!!  I have been slack on my picture taking too.  There is just not enough time in the day. In the week or month!!  So here goes a two-fer of Mr. Fin.

Hey there Mimi!!  where is that good ole buddy of mine, Mr. Beaver??  Do you have him???

What??!!  You say he is hiding in my room!  waiting to play with me!!!  Yay!!

Where are you Mr. Beaver...where are you??  

Ha-ha!  Look at that Mimi....he thinks he can bite my feets and I won't get him......

Wrong!!  I'll just give you a pinch and a squeeze and a quick pull on yer tail, Beavy.

Would I ever do anything to hurt you??  Not a cutie-pie like me.  Never!

Finley you are just the sweetest thing.  You are super smiley and super funny.  You have around 12 or 14 teeth.  wow!  You wear size 24 month clothes because you are practically a full grown man!  You sleep great at night.  Naps are pretty much hit or miss but when you take one.  You take a good one.  You aren't walking yet but soon....very soon.

Now on to Finley's first birthday!  It is so hard for me to believe that this little guy is a year old.  Time has just went so very fast with this baby.  I took Fin's first year photos too.  they were so sweet.  It has been so warm and spring like until we did his pictures.  Then winter came back with a vengeance!  Poor baby was freezing....but he was a champ!

What a handsome little guy

He looks so much like his mommy.  Those eyes!!

I could just eat him up!!!

Can I eat a rock, Mimi?  Can I??

Mommy says no rocks!!

Getting ready to dig into some cake!!!

Not super messy...what a sweetie!

Brooks loves him some cupcakes!!!

Finley with two of his girlfriends....Stella and Chandler!!

My sweet Megan and Thad with their little man

These wild girls had a blast in the cold outside jumping in a bouncy house!

Why am I too little to jump with those wild girls??

Could not resist a hug from my little guy with my sweet new husband!!

Hopefully life will slow down a bit for me in the next couple of months and I can spend more time with my grandbabies and not always be so rushed.  Finley I am so looking forward to spending more time with you this summer and seeing how you develop and change and just see what the Lord has for you.  I just love you to pieces!!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

What's wrong with kids today?

What's wrong with kids today?  this is a question we adults hear all the time.  Since I work with little kids I have a few insights as to the answer.  Ready???  Their parents.  That's what is wrong.  And not just their parents....all the adults around them.  Their teachers (yikes...I'll get in trouble for that) their daycare providers. And for the most part all the adults in these children's lives.  We expect them to be little adults.  Huge responsibility is placed on the heads and shoulders of 5 year olds.  As I watch the kids at school I see 25 five year old babies take complete care of themselves at lunch.  Not one person helps them open anything.  Helps them dump all their trash.  Helps them clean up a spill.  Or if they do all they do is yell at them.  They are 5.  I see little kids get off the bus, all sleepy eyed and moving at a snails pace.  They come into breakfast at school and their shoes are on the wrong feet.  Their shirts are on backwards or mis-buttoned and the clothes they have on look and smell like they just came out of the dirty clothes hamper.  Where are the adults that are supposed to get them ready???  I know I am a dinosaur but when I was little my mother fed me breakfast.  She laid out my clothes which were clean.  I did not get a choice. She made sure I had a lunchbox with lunch in it or money to pay for my lunch at school.  My hair was not just combed but "fixed" every single school day of my life.  She took care of all the little things for me.  She checked my bookbag for notes and papers to sign.  Not me....I was a child.  And you know what???  I grew up fine.  I am a responsible adult.  I hold down a job and I can tie my own shoes.  Where are the adults in these little children's lives?  Now here goes the rant......they are on their phones, their tablets, looking at twitter, facebook, instagram and all sorts of things social.  They are staggering out of bed to barely say goodbye as they shove their babies out the door to catch the bus.  Telling their kids to just charge their lunch and maybe someone will share their snack with you at snack time.  Then they yell at the kids when they didn't get their papers out for the parent to sign the night before.  Or they yell at the kids because they need field trip money.  So these poor babies start their days off with a swift kick to their self-esteem.  Think you are making them responsible???  You're not.  You are making them feel unloved, unwanted, uncared for and the so very much are undeserving of that.  Our children are gifts.  Gifts from God that are yours for a short time.  They are on loan to us to shape and to mold into Christ-followers and to love and care for.  Not to dump on society or to just toss them around.  We have so much to answer for in this life.  I do.  You do.  As for me, I sure do not want to answer to the Lord for being a shoddy, irresponsible parent and now grandparent.  What's wrong with kids today?  Why don't we take the time to ask them.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Looking Forward

Well I have officially been married almost 3 weeks!!  What a whirlwind!  I have been moving stuff every single day.  That in itself has been a huge undertaking.  My house is not officially on the market but we have shown it to the sweetest young couple with a cute baby girl.  They loved it and have went to the bank and I really hope it works out for them.  That would be kinda awesome for us too.  But it would put me in a huge time crunch to get my years and years of stuff  out of my old house.  Penny has fit in just great.  That dog is amazing.  she took to her new fence line like a champ.  One big shock and she hasn't went to the line again.  She is sleeping great and does not wander the house at all at night.  Things are moving fast and days go by like a blur.  But a few things that have been exceptionally wonderful are:  We have had two Sunday lunches with all the family together and it has been really good.  some adjustments with such a big crowd....but good.  Speaking of new husband has joined me in Sunday School and for the first time in my life I am actually a couple in a couples class.  I truly cannot express what this means to me.  It has always been on of my deepest desires for my man to join me in church and church things.  So for him to do this.....means the world to me.  He and I also read the Bible together and to each other every night when we go to bed.  We take a turn with a chapter each night.  We have read through Ephesians and are now working through Proverbs.  He chose these two books.  Could I love this man anymore???  He is such a servant with the kindest of hearts.  Goodness....each time I think of him during the day I can't help but smile or well up with tears of gratitude.  We are both adjusting to marriage really well.  It is different this time.  For both of us.  But it is a good different.  Our expectations are no where as high this time around.  We give each other plenty of room for error.  He is going to let me down at some point and Lord knows I will him.  That's just facts.  But ... it is ok.  Love covers a multitude of flaws.  I so look forward to each day with him.  To the coming months and years.  It is so exciting the things that God has in store for us.  This new life that has just begun at the age we are is so very precious to me.  Time is something we both cherish.  We are not so lovesick that we think we have forever.  We both know that a fifty year marriage is not in our favor.  So we are cherishing each other a little more seriously than younger couples.  I do look forward to around thirty plus years though.  And even's not enough.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Looking Back

I have officially been married for two whole days now.  And it has been absolutely wonderful.  Looking back over the actual wedding provokes such precious thoughts and memories.  When I arrived at the church I was just a ball of nerves and energy.  I answered questions and I got things ready for the reception.  I went over the vows with the pastor.  Then I went into our large bridal bathroom at church to talk with my dear friend Kelley.  We talked and laughed and she helped me get dressed.  Then we prayed together.  She left to go to the ceremony and prepare to sing.  I was alone.  I talked things out with God out loud while I had Him all to myself.  I thanked Him for the years of grief and fear.  It has made me develop a sense of gratefulness and stamina like nothing else.  I thanked Him for the tears that were flowing.  I was so much in awe that this day was here.  Then I asked Him for confidence and to help my joy overcome my nerves.  And once again, He answered.  Fear left.  Nerves calmed.  They didn't disappear, but calmed down so much.  I stepped out of the bathroom.  Went to stand outside the doors where my sweet friends Danny and Sandra waited with me.  When it was time for me to walk down the aisle my friend Danny said the sweetest thing.  "Go on sweetheart....your husband is waiting on you".  I just about lost it then.  I stepped out.  And all I could see was this wonderful man.  Waiting.  For me.  Me.  As I got closer to the platform and he stepped out to take my hand and help me up the stairs his eyes were tear filled.  I just about lost it then.  But....I didn't.  I looked at my shoes.  Blinked furiously and asked (again) for confidence.  God so richly supplied.  Suddenly I realized how fantastic this day was.  I was marrying the man of my dreams in front of our parents, our children and so many sweet friends.  And I could not stop smiling. This was one of the happiest days of my life.  We spoke our vows to each other and looked at each other's eyes and meant them.  Really meant them.  I will cherish this man.  He will cherish me.  Of this I have no doubts.  When we spoke of faithfulness to each other it was with true conviction.  He is loyal and faithful and kind.  So kind. was over.  We took a few photos and then headed down to the the reception where we greeted family and friends.  We laughed and carried on with people we love.  Such a happy time.  No tension.  No ill will towards anyone present.  Just pure joy.  We left for just an overnight trip to Charlotte at a beautiful bed and breakfast.  It was just perfect.  I have never just experienced love that is just so pure.  So selfless.  Looking back over all the years and years of my life.  Through joys, heartbreak, stress, grief and ups and downs.  Nothing could have prepared me for this life.  Only two days in and I am so happy I cannot stop grinning.  I know I will come down to earth soon enough but for right his minute I cannot stop looking back to our beautiful wedding and look so forward to what God has in store for us.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

it's my wedding day

I'm getting married today.  Today.  I didn't think I ever would again.  But I am.  Today.  I am on an incredible emotional swirl right now.  I am so excited, so nervous, so overwhelmed.  Then I am incredibly calm too.  The hours are flying by but time is also just standing still.  I got my nails painted last night and of course Ellie May here has already chipped three of them.  I just touched them up and smudged one of the thumbs.  Cinderella better show up fast or Ellie May will walk down the aisle.  We have already broken the tradition of not seeing each other.  We went to pick up our flowers together earlier and moved some of my clothes.  He is so sweet.  He couldn't wait to see me, he said. And yesterday he sent me a beautiful bouquet of red roses to work.  the card made me cry....of said, "I can't wait to start my new life with you".  To say all my coworkers are a tiny bit jealous is a huge understatement.  I never thought I would love all this attention and spoiling from a man....but I do.  I love it.  Each day he makes me love him even more.  Just when I think I cannot possibly adore him anymore....he does the tiniest thing and I do.  He is just and absolute Godsend.  All I have left to do is take a bath, wash and fix my hair and put on my face.  I will get dressed at the church. My dear friend Kelley is singing one song for us and then  I'm walking down the aisle by myself.  That is a little nerve wracking because as much of an extrovert as I am I do not like all eyes to be on me.  I tend to do really dumb things then.  If I fall down would be pretty much par for the course. But it will be over before I know it and then....we will be married. My mom and I just picked up the cake and dropped it off in the family life center.  The punch is ready to be mixed.  It is all just so's my wedding day...... I am so ready.    

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Down to just 3.5 days

I just loaded my car with some clothes and I managed to clean out a few drawers and box that stuff up.  I am making progress!!  I even packed a few boxes of dishes too!!  At work I have been bringing home several boxes each day.  Right now I have a huge cheez-its box full of socks, hose and underwear.  And an applesauce box full of gloves, scarves and more socks.  I have way too much in the sock and underwear department for sure.  But I am making some progress...of sorts.  We are down to just 3.5 more days until we get married.  Excited??  Yes, I am.  Nervous??  Yes...I am.  Scared....Not one bit.  Am I sure??  Yes...with all my heart.  I am sure.  To say I am marrying the sweetest man in the world is a humongous understatement.  He is without a doubt the kindest and sweetest man ever.  He is the calm to this storm for sure.  As I look around this ginormous mess I cannot help but grin.  I really am getting married in just over three days.  I really am moving out of this house.  I really am starting a brand new life with an amazing man.  I really am!!  God is just so good to me.  And I so do not deserve it.  I fail my Lord daily.  I sin about 973 times each day...if not more.  I do exactly what I do not want to do and I don't do what i am supposed to do!!  Just like in Romans where Paul describes this very behavior!!  And just 3.5 days....God will answer my prayers.  Show me, once again, His wonderful favor by sending this wonderful man.  He has turned this pile of ashes into something of beauty.  I truly cannot wait for Saturday.  As I look around me and see all the things I have to do and to pack and to throw out and to sell and to just pack away at another house...I should just start to cry but I still just keep smiling.  Because all that stuff can just wait.  I'm getting married in a few days and that is all I can think about.  Good grief....I'm like a 22 year old nervous bride to be!!  My friend Sherry told me to just enjoy all this.  She got remarried after being divorced for many years at the ripe old age of 57.  She said she was the worlds oldest bride!  Well I am the worlds second oldest bride and I think I will do what she says.....enjoy all this and wish the next 3.5 days would just go faster!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Last Sunday Lunch

My family is gone home now and I am sitting at the counter of the house in less than a week I will call home.  We just had our last Sunday lunch together in the only home my children and grandchildren have known.  It was a little sad for me I cannot lie.  Memories are swarming all over me in this house.  But it was our usual loud and spirited Sunday lunch together.  For that ....I am grateful.  My bunch is loud and we all talk at the same time and we laugh and we cut up and have a great time together.  But today I looked at those faces for the last time in my dining room and was ok.  I'm good with it.  In a few days I will start my new life with my new husband in my new home and it will be good.  So good.  And we will start new traditions.  Family Sunday lunches in my new house.  Where we will continue to talk over one another and laugh and cut up and be loud.  Where we will eat food that I hope is always good but more importantly prepared with love.  With my family in mind.  I will have two new daughters to include and I am so glad about that.  Future sons in law to fix for.  More and more grand babies!!!  I do love babies.  New and exciting is this future.  Just a few moments ago my sweet husband-to-be wrapped his arms around me and whispered...."I will take care of you".  And he will.  I am so excited about our upcoming wedding.  Even if it is "lame" in the eyes of our kids.  I have had dozens of nightmares about it though.  Him not showing up.  My dress being 4 sizes too small....but I wear it anyway (yikes).  Falling down.  And a hundred other awful scenarios.  But in the end...Lord this time next week we will be married.  And then I will soon write about "The First Sunday Lunch in my New Home."  How great that will be and feel.  I will stress level is enormous.  My hot flashes???  Off the charts.  Off...the ...charts.  But with all that on my mind and all the things I have to was all about my last Sunday lunch in my mind.  I don't think any of the others even let that thought cross their mind.  And that is totally okay.