My babies

My babies

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Survived

I just got back from the gym and I have survived the first week.  One kettle bell class and three zumba classes plus I walked a total of 2.5 miles on a treadmill.  I am practically a triathlete!!  I do not know why I have let myself get so out of shape but I am turning over a new leaf.  While I will never be a size 2 (nor would I want to be) because I like pie and cake too much I am determined to tone up and trim down some.  This has been a life long struggle for me.  I have never been small or thin but I have been smaller than I am right now.  I just want my clothes to fit....I have a lot of clothes that I really like and I can't afford new ones so I better get it in gear or I am in a world of hurt!  I am also trying to eat better and eliminating junk.  I am big grazer.  I literally could eat all day bite at a time.  I actually never get hungry because I graze so much.  But this is a habit.  One I intend to break.  With warmer weather coming I will be outside more and will keep my hands in something other than a box of crackers or cereal or whatever I can grab.  Habits are hard things to break.  And there are somethings that I just have to tell myself that I just can't have....anymore.  One of those is candy.  I love candy.  I mean LOVE it!  I could live off of peanut M&M's and Butterfinger bars.  I love ice cream too but I will keep that habit.  Dairy is good....right?  I just thank the Lord I am not a chip eater because then I would probably have dips of all kinds in the fridge and then I would weigh 250 + pounds!  I just hope that in heaven all the skinny girls are fat and that all of us "healthy" girls can eat to our hearts content and never gain an ounce!!!

Monday, March 23, 2015

What I did today

I joined a gym today.  I came home and found some stretchy pants and a t-shirt.  Dug out my tennis shoes and even bought a water bottle.  I then went to a kettle bell class.  You swing a 10 pound metal ball with a handle for an hour.  I then stayed for Zumba class.  The funeral is tomorrow at 2:00.  No viewing because I don't want anyone to see me.  That might be a bit on the extreme side but I know   I will be so sore that I want be able to sit on the toilet for days!!  Graphic, I know but it is just reality.  I have got to get into shape and get some weight off.  I am going to take a shower now.  Then go to bed and cry for a bit.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby Wrangling

This week I got the opportunity to take my great-niece's 6 months photos.  She did great!!!  Today I got the chance to take all four of the babies photos.  A cousin shot we called it.....well I feel like I have been shot.  Baby wrangling is super hard y'all...super hard!  Nobody wants to look at you.  Nobody wants to put their hands sown, or out of their mouth.  Somebody is crying.  somebody has fell over.  But bless their little hearts, I did get some cute shots.  Then when I went to edit them I totally forgot to change the settings on my camera and several were way off color or some other wonky thing!!  It was a beautiful day though.  The ground was pretty chilly and very wet and I think that is why in some little Kyra was teary.  I think the wet ground soaked up through my quilt.  Brooks is just surrounded by females and he looks pretty solemn in most of the pictures.  I think he already knows he is way out numbered and don't really stand a chance.  The girls in our family are strong-willed to say the least.Piper and Savannah should be old hat at the super model life they have been forced to live with a built in paparazzi person in their faces since day one but I still have to tell them to smile, put your arms down, look at me and not the ground or the sky or the trees or a bird or the dog!!!!  Here are a few to look at.

Savannah had a hard time holding her (big) little brother up.

Poor Brooks...down he went again.

Now they are both tipping over....good grief

Kyra reaching over for a quick tug on Brooks' ear.

Piper the ever posing child and Savannah has just zoned right out.

Kyra says, "I am done, Aunt Mimi!  Done, I say!"

So here come the pretty mommies to the rescue.  Brooks is still fascinated with the ground.

We then moved over to my mothers' house.  The girls wanted to put on fancy dresses and Brooks proceeded to spit up all over himself so he got stuck wearing a baseball onsie and sweatpants.  He didn't care.

I got my hands in the air like I just don't care!!!

My sweet girls.  I just love them.

Now there is my happy girl.  She is so easy to love.

Three do not really fit to well in the "fancy" chair,

Now she is happy....she has her mommy!

My babies.....I cannot imagine my life without them.

Future partners in crime.

Aunt Mimi...I said I was done!!!  Mimi?  Can you please stop...pretty please??

Friday, March 20, 2015

Finally, Spring!

It is finally Spring!  I am so thrilled to say goodbye to Winter.  the older I get the more I dislike the cold and dismal Winter days.  The trees are budding.  Leaves are just starting to unfurl.  Daffodils are blooming.  Pollen is in the air!  I am a very fortunate woman to have no seasonal allergies at all but I know many people are suffering with allergies right now but .... Spring is so worth it!  The changing of the seasons is like a slow wake from a deep sleep.  We stumble around all Winter.  Numb.  Cold,  Dull.  Depressed.  Looking outside but staying inside.  But with the awakening of everything around us we start to stretch outside a bit.  Outside ourselves.  We feel more energy so we are friendlier.  We seek out freshness.  Newness.  It is like a new birth almost.  I find it wonderful that Easter comes in the Spring.  The dark and foreboding of that horrible that long walk to the tomb to find it open.  A timid look inside, to see....nothing.  He had risen.....Spring.  It speaks of tenderness everywhere.  New life.  A Savior rising to keep the promise He had told all along.  Just like Spring.....coming back.  I love the Easter holiday and all that it brings.  I am not much for tall tales of bunnies and such.  I do prepare Easter baskets, have egg hunts and the like.  But my children and grand children all know that it comes from me.  Easter is about the risen Savior of the world.  God is so good to place this event in the Spring of the year.  Not in Autumn.  That is the season of dying.  Winter?  Death.  Summer?? No, that is life in the fullest swing of things.  Spring......the season of renewal.  Rebirth.  The season of tenderness, gentleness, softness.  Only Jesus can give us rebirth.  He is gentleness.  The softness of His gaze when Mary realized it was Him.  Easter is a couple of weeks away but has been on my mind quite a bit.  Each day I see a widening glimpse of things coming back around.  Makes me wonder if Christ will return in the Spring of the year.  Sure, He could come back any time.  I look for His return all the time.  With the arrival of Spring today my heart gladdens at the thoughts of things warming up and blooming.  The sounds of birds are so vibrant.  Bunnies are hopping everywhere.  Soon butterflies will return.  Baby birds will hatch.  Flowers will be in full bloom.  Tiny barefeet will run through my yard.  Little ones will blow bubbles, catch fireflies, make cloud shapes into dinosaurs and unicorns.  Spring brings warm rains that are so fun to play in and jump around in puddles.  Is God not so wonderful??!!  To not just throw us into the heat and dryness of Summer?  No.  Instead He provides the gentle kindness of Spring.....finally.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Four Months Old!

Well, Mr. Brooks you are officially four months old.  You are such a sweet, sweet baby.  So cuddly and snuggly.  You love your mama.  You can't take your eyes off of her for more than a few minutes and when you can't see her you make the saddest little pouty face.  You hardly ever cry though.  Such a good baby.  You sleep really well at night and are getting better about your naps during the day.  You are noticing your sisters and they just adore you.  You are an easy baby to work with and having two big sisters that is a miracle and a blessing.  You are 26 inches long and weigh in at a whopping 18 lbs and 7 oz.  Big Boy for sure!  You are solemn most of the time but when you do smile it just lights up my heart. You have a deep chuckle that is so funny.  I just love you to pieces little man.

Hey little buddy..straighten up and get both of those thumbs out of your mouth,  Picture time!!

How's this Mr. Frog??  Am I sharp?  Am I suave and sophisticated??

Hold on there partner... Mimi just wants you to look at her.  You don't have to go all "George Clooney" on her, you know.

Okay.  But I need a quick fix man.  Just one thumb this time.

Hey Mimi.  I am a whole four months old now.  I know little man.  It is going way too fast.  I just am crazy about you, Brooks.

Awwww,  Mimi you are just the best.  I love you, too!!!

Hey Brooksy Boy!!  Help me, Mimi!!  Somebody???  Help!  She's here!

That's right little brother!  Here is a big fat kiss, too!

Wow!  That was close.  Usually they both jump me.  The other one is napping, I think.

What did I miss??  I was having a good nap.  Brooks, don't worry.  when I wake up're mine.  All mine!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Going Nowhere Fast

I have not written in several days and I really don't know why.  I have been home every single day and have managed to get hardly anything done around the house.  I am busy all the time but I can't tell you what in the world I am doing.  Maybe I have been in a coma???  I did get my hair done yesterday.  I love my cut....the color???  Let's just say it isn't me.  I love my hair a very pale but soft blonde.  It is pale but it is not soft.  It is way too yellow, or brassy or whatever the term is for me.  I am seriously considering running to the store and buying a box color and doing it myself.  I used to all the time.  It sure would save me a ton of money.  Mostly for the past several days I have been piddling.  Going from one room to the other.  Doing this and that.  Watching some TV.  Probably too much of that for sure.  The weather here is breaking some.  I hope and pray that winter is gone and spring is springing.  Right now it is just starting to rain fairly hard.  As long as it is rain and no more snow, ice, sleet or freezing rain.  I am fine with that.  Tonight we have our monthly ladies meeting at church.  We call it Faith Women.  We have several projects going on and I am in charge of the whole show tonight.  For our devotional time I am going to do some kind of fun game instead.  Life has been very serious for a lot of our women here of late and I think we could all use a good laugh.  I know that throughout my life I have laughed way more than I have cried and I also know that it does us way more good..  Tears have their place...I have cried buckets and buckets.  But laughing??  Well, it just feels so good and it sure doesn't leave me with a headache, splotchy neck or my make up all washed off.  Unless I have laughed until i cried...which I have many times!  Some of our women need to loosen up a bit anyway.  Lord, I pray all the time that I do not turn into one of those "Sister Sue better than you" old ladies.  You know the type....

"I don't like that modern music....God don't neither"
"Did you see how that bunch was dressed???  In church, too"
"Well, I didn't come to church to laugh and cut-up, I came to hear some old fashioned preaching!"
"I didn't get a thing from that....Did you?"
"I can't believe they want to do a new study so soon, and with homework?!"
"What???  another mission project?'"
"Oh, I am too old to help, honey.  I did my time."

I truly do not want to be this kind of Christian woman....ever.  Talk about going nowhere fast.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

It was the best birthday!

Last week I mentioned that I turned....50.  I wanted just a dinner with my parents and my girls.  I had that on Friday which was my actual birthday.  It was very nice and so fun.  The next night I was going to go to a gospel singing at Megan and Thad's' church.  He sings in their praise band and I went last year.  Megan came to pick me up and we drove to their church.  I saw a few cars in the back but paid no real attention.  When we entered the fellowship hall there were several of my friends and my family all yelling,"Surprise!"  And boy, was I.  I truly had no clue.  My sister, mother, niece and daughters all fooled me big time.  I actually surprised myself and did not cry.  It was just the best birthday.  I have never had a birthday party and this was just wonderful.  Each sweet face there was someone I just love.  Friends and family.  High school friends, church friends and just close friends.  One of my dearest friends in the world, Tracey, could not believe that they got one over on me.  I must be slipping.  I am usually much more suspicious by nature and very nosy.  I got some wonderful presents which were very unexpected and much appreciated.  Who really doesn't love gifts???  We say we don't but we all do love them.  I am so blessed.  The party did not last too long which is just perfect for me.  Babies need to go to bed and so do us senior citizens.  I got another AARP card in the mail just yesterday.  Which I threw in the trash.....again.  I was very overwhelmed and a little out of sorts.  I am a giver and a doer.  I don't receive very well and I don't like not pitching in to clean up or cook or just do what needs to be done.  God is just so good to me.  So good.  The provision in my life is overwhelming.  I can't begin to think how I could ever thank all the friends and family for making my birthday so sweet.  Thank y' very much.  For a woman who for years and years felt like she didn't really matter to anyone this was such a breath of love.  I have the most wonderful daughters in the whole world.  Thank you Lord, for all my many, many blessings.  It was the best birthday.