my babies

my babies

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hospitality on the Go!

We are doing a new Bible Study on Wednesday nights about Biblical hospitality.  It is so good!!  Often we confuse entertaining with being hospitable.  We worry and fret over having people over.  we clean our homes top to bottom.  we prepare big meals.  We dress up.  We do it all!  But that is so not how god intended.  Now, there is nothing wrong with entertaining people in our homes or taking people out for dinner and the like.  But being a hospitable believer is way different.  It is an act of worship.  It is a time of praying and sharing and listening.  Even if it is over Lance crackers and a Coke at the ballfield.  It is allowing people in our lives - mess and all - to truly fellowship.  It is stopping for 5 minutes to ask a few questions about someone.  It is starting a new relationship with our neighbors....our literal next door neighbor!  It is being the hands and feet of Jesus.  It is putting Galatians 6:2 into action..."Carry one another's burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."  This is not an easy task.  But god never promised an easy walk with Him.  Ministry is hard.  It is time consuming.  But it is so worth it.  So I encourage you to take up hospitality and take it with you wherever you go!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Today was the last day.  Leah goes back to college on Saturday.  Megan goes back to work on Monday.  Erica started her home schooling last week but the public schools here start in a week and a half. we know gone.  Now during the day my house will be quiet.  Just whispers all around.  That makes this mama and this mimi .... very sad.  I love my family.  I love the kids as they run and play and swim and eat and eat and eat....they are all bottomless pits.  I love know little Finley is napping in my house.  I love that all our girls get along so well.  Today as I played with little Finley upstairs he could see his mama and Leah in a conversation around the pool.  Made me tear up a little.  I never thought I would see this life that I have and that I love.  Two of our girls caught up in whispers.  Erica had just left and the three of them talked a good part of the day.  I played with the kids in the pool because I so want these girls to be close.  I wish Cara had been here to join them.  All the kids adore both of David's girls and that too makes me so glad.  They all are crazy about him too. All of these things just whisper to my soul and to my heart.......they are answers to prayers.  It is as if God is whispering to my heart, "See...I asked you to wait on me and I would give you your deepest desires."  A family.  A family that loves and doesn't argue or yell or make each other want to be somewhere else.  Now does everything always seem like roses and rainbows??  Nope.  But that also is a blessing.  Even when things are crowded and loud and do not turn out like how I plan them in my mind.  They are ok.  I still lay down at night and I whisper a "thank you, God" before I close my eyes for the night.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision the life I have now.  Never.  A husband of my dreams who loves me.  And I know he does.  Wonderful children and grandchildren.  A hope of a future with even more grandchildren too.  Can you tell I just love babies???  Who better to whisper to...all the hopes and plans.  Dreams and prayers for their little life.  With summer winding down and the routine of the school year kicking off, life will settle.  Fall will creep into winter.  Hopefully we will see some snow.  That is where I hear such soft whispers.  The quiet of the snow and all its clean and soft touches.  Late in this fall we will welcome a new little boy that I can whisper into his ear.  After the cold of the winter I will see the spring struggle to break through.  Flowers and trees coming forth in whispers of greens, pinks and yellows.  Then it will be blessed summer again.  Goodbye whispers of spring and winter and fall.....hello noise and playing and fun!!  As I sit here in my kitchen typing this I quietly whisper.....thank you, God.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Fun

Summer is just flying by and it has been a great one!!  I love the sun and the heat!!  Watching all my little grand babies swim each day is so fun and all of them have come such a long way!  Last week I hosted a "Mom's Day" at the pool for all our little mommies at church.  They had a blast!  It is just a joy to me to watch interact with each other and to play with their little ones.  So many of these moms were in my little 2 - 3 year old classes I taught eons ago at church!  Where does the time go??

These two could swim 24/7!!!

Some of our sweet mommies.... I just love all this

These boys worked up an appetite swimming like sharks!

These days go by so fast

Next summer my Megan will have another little boy to swim with!

Another sweet Megan with her little baby boy, Chase.

Penelope loves being a mermaid like Piper and Savannah do!

Orrin and Brooks are super best friends.  I just love these little boys!

I love the fellowship and community of having all these moms and babies over.  It is a mentoring platform for sure.  I firmly believe that you do not have to be locked in a rigid lifestyle of "mentoring or discipling" that cannot be fun and supportive and just being together to influence young women in the name of Jesus. 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

When the miracle doesn't come like we ask

Last week my sweet niece and her husband found out they were expecting a baby.  They went for their first visit and a sonogram to determine the due date.  There they were told that the baby had no heartbeat or were there signs of the pregnancy being viable.  They were heartbroken.  They had been trying for a long time and this was news that was just devastating.  But the doctor said to come back on Monday for a follow up sonogram and they would then determine what would happen next.  She asked us all to pray and I told her I was praying for a miracle.  I know how she feels all too well.  I had suffered through two terrible miscarriages and it is something you never get over.  Ever.  You always wonder and you never forget the due dates, the firsts you never get to have and so many other things that hide deep in a mama's heart.  I called only wonderful prayer sisters to join me in praying for this miracle.  Our Sunday School class even had a lesson from II Kings chapter 4 on Elisha raising the Shunamites' son from the dead.  I prayed to the Lord that if He could raise that child He could raise this one.  He is the same as yesterday as He is today.  Then came Monday.  Their appointment was late in the afternoon and they were told that the baby had indeed died and that nature was taking her course.  The miracle never came.  Or did it??  Brittany sent out a very long text to me and her cousins that she was praising the Lord for this and that it was growing her faith and she knew God's timing was perfect and this was His plan for her and Aaron.  Could I have done that?  Learning to praise God in the hardest and saddest times of our lives is so very hard.  We are hurting so deeply and praising is the last thing we want to do.  But God asks us to praise Him all the time.  In all things.  Not for all things but in them.  When we do that I believe He is working miracles....even in our heartbreak.

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Summer Time

It is no secret that summer is my favorite season.  I love everything about it.....the heat, the outdoor activities, family cookouts and get togethers....all of of it.  We have been spending tons of time in the pool this summer because it has been really hot.  The kids are swimming like fish and I am trying to teach Brooks how to swim without arm floats or a puddle jumper.  Last week he swam for 2 whole days without them!  He is doing so good!!  Finley is next and I am hoping to get Kyra over to my house to help her with her swimming.  She is a water bug too!  This summer is flying by already too.  Everyone keeps asking me how I feel about being retired and to be honest it has not really sunk in just yet.  I have had summers off for so many years it won't hit me until August when the kids go back to school and I don't.  I am pretty sure I am going to love it!!!  I have tons of things I would love to just do and lots of things to fill my time.  I do not ever plan on just sitting idle and watching life pass by.  We do have a couple of trips planned for this summer.  David and I are flying to Dallas, TX at the end of the month to get our youngest daughter from her summer internship.  And how about how awesome it is that she is only a little over an hour from Waco and I am planning on spending some serious time at Chip and Joanna Gaines store, Magnolia and the bakery and restaurant!!!!  Super excited about that.  I just love that family and their great family values.  We are heading to the beach for a few days in August and I am looking forward to that too.  I love, love, love the beach and can't wait to flop back in a chair and sink these toes in the shore.  My favorite thing to do there is people watch and dig for sharks teeth.  I am super exciting, let me tell you.  Anyway, hope you are having an awesome summer too! 

Piper is a water dog!  She loves the pool so much!

Brooks is really doing great this year and is learning so much!

Savannah is trying the swim team this year and is doing awesome!

Such fun days with the babies!

Blake and Brooks.  What great memories.

Thad helping his little man.

Mimi and her boys....what little sweeties!

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Last week my ladies group finished our Bible Study on Rachel and Leah.  So very good.  I learned so much about how I compare my life to other women and not on Gods plan for me.  We tend to glance at others lives as believers.  I think that we think if we just "glance" we don't really envy or covet or seethe in jealousy or desire whatever they have or are doing or are getting.  Make sense??  So last night I took some nuggets from that study and added a few and got the privilege of teaching a lesson to the College and Career kids from our church.  We hosted a dinner/pool party for them and I did the evening devotional.  I had the blessing of the teachers of that class and the blessing and encouragement from my husband.  What a joy they were.  So attentive.  They really seemed to listen.  Of course there were a few that kind of zoned expect that.  But you know what??  That is totally ok.  Not one of those kids is deaf and God can plant a seed in a stony heart that will grow years from now.  I's happened to me. A few of them said the lesson hit them right between the eyes.  I love when God works like that.  At such a young age, these 20 somethings get humbled with courses in their lives that are not on track with the course that God has for them.  That was the goal I had in mind.  I didn't want to hurt their feelings by reminding them of sin in their lives.  Because lets face it....we all sin and we all compare our lives with others.  We all have the "Why them, God??" mentality at times.  Those glances, no matter how quick, stick with us deep in our hearts.  I reminded them of how social media for the most a lie.  We only report the good stuff and we make it really good.  We see a friend get engaged and her ring is just a wee bit bigger or sparkly than ours.  We see that great new truck that has more horsepower than ours.  They get that great paying new job while we still work at Taco Bell. That new Coach bag.  That new phone.  That whatever.....  And our life seems to be stuck.  Not working out like we planned.  No blessings falling from heaven 'round here.  But is that true?  Is that really true??  Satan shoots his fiery darts and his aim is so good.  He dips the arrow point in jealousy, envy, hate....everything that God is not and he hits us with it.  Cinch your armor tighter.  Leave no cracks.  Keep you gaze on the true prize and on the path that God has for you.  When we glance away from that path....that is when we stumble.  God has goodness for us.  That is just that.....for us.  Just you.  Remember, someone is also glancing at you in this season of trial and seeing how you handle it.  In our trials we still have something to offer.  A humble heart to a holy God that never glances away.

Thursday, June 21, 2018


Today I got to go to the Dr. with Megan and Thad for their anatomy scan of the new baby.  They are not doing a "gender reveal" party but just posted a cute photo on instagram.  I too my camera and took the worst photos ever but you will get the gist!!!

Here you can see them trying to hold some pink and blue balloons.  They wanted Finley to hold them and then release the color that was not for their new baby.  Not happening.  Toddlers can be so uncooperative!!  Who knew??  Also, the wind was horrible.

So we just tossed the others away and ta-daahhh!  We are getting another sweet baby boy!!!  Now we will have 2 girls and 3 boys!  How sweet.  I can't wait to get my hands on this little baby boy either.  If he is half as sweet and fun as his big brother I will just have to eat him right up.  Finley is a sugar-pie! 

Megan and Thad are both so excited and are super thrilled to have another son.  Now all the planning can begin!!!  I am just praising the Lord for all the sweet blessings He has given to us.  Children are a blessing straight from heaven!