my babies

my babies

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

2 Months Already!!!!

Because we had a freak snow storm on December 9th I did not get to post Abram's first month photo.  Megan took it with a cell phone and is sending me one so i can put it on here.  But today my newest little guy is 2 months old.  I cannot believe it.  The time with Abram has just flown by faster than with any other baby.  He is so sweet and so smiley and so good!!

Well, well...What do we have here?  Another little boy?  My name is Mr. Beaver and I will be sitting with you once a month to have our picture made together!

You sure smell good....what's your name?  It's Abram, Mr. Beaver,  I'm Finley's new baby brother sure are snugglier and easier to sit with than Finley.....he's a little....wild! got that right Mr Beaver.  And by the sounds of ...comes!!

Hey there boys...gimme a group hug!!  Finley, my man....long time no see!  Hey brother....please don't hug me too tight!

It's all good boys.  Beavy don't you jump ship just yet.  Let's smile for Mimi!

Abram you are growing and eating and sleeping great.  So far you have survived all the kids and their hugs, kisses, tugs and pulls.  A tough little boy is what you are going to be but a really sweet one I think!  I pray for you each day and am so very grateful to God that you are healthy and happy.

Monday, December 31, 2018

Last Day

I have a ton of Christmas pics that I am probably not going to post because......well.....I don't have a legit reason other than this year I have been super blog lazy and I have put off things until it is really to late.  One of my intentions is to post more on this blog because I need the memories because I am forgetting so much!!!  Thanks, menopause....thanks.  But today is the last day of 2018.  I am cleaning house, cooking for some company for tonight and doing some office work for my husband.  Woo-hoo....I live on the edge.   This year though,  has gone by in a blur.  Looking back I have had some awesome and fabulous blessings.

Celebrated my One Year Anniversary to my fabulous husband
Retired from the school system
Welcomed a brand new grandson
Watched my other grandchildren flourish
Had the privilege to love on my church family

And the list goes on and on and on.  This past year has also had its trials.  But aren't those blessings too?  The times I was driven to my knees brought me closer to my Lord.  The prayers, the tears....that ache that only God can ease.  Blessing.  We all end a year with things we plan and hope to do different and better for the new year to come.  It's natural.  A clean calendar.  Brand new possibilities with a brand new year.  What do I hope for 2019?  To love more, to serve more, to learn more, to pray more, to read His Word more......for a while I have felt in a dry spot with my walk with the Lord.  It isn't's me.  My heart is a little hard and I don't know why.  So I am praying for a softer heart.  One that is pliable and tender.  God's word tells me that He will create in me a new heart.  One of flesh and not of stone.  I want that.  So on this last day I pray you seek His will for a new year while I seek His will for mine.  Welcome....2019.

Monday, December 24, 2018

A birthday and making cookie memories

If you know me you know that I love making memories and doing little things that stick in your "memory box" in your mind.  As a child there are just a few things I remember that really meant something for years to come.  For my children and now my grandchildren I want a lot of things to mean something.  When they are older and have families and grandchildren of their own I hope they remember when "mimi" did this and that with them.  Those kind of things are very important to me.  Each year on the 23rd of December we celebrate my mother's birthday.  This year I had all her kids and grandkids, and great grandkids over for lunch.  We had a really good time and the kids just love playing together.

My mom was 73 and she looks marvelous!  I only hope I age as well as she has!  This is all of her great grandbabies.

Savannah and Kyra got into the dress-up box and had on old ballet costumes of my girls!

Piper was rocking an old tap costume!

another thing I do each year is have the kids over to make cookies for Santa.  I did this with my own kids and now I treasure each year with my grandbabies!  We have lots of fun even if the girls do like it better than the boys.  The boys just want to eat cookie dough.  SSSHHHHH!  Don't tell anyone but I let them eat raw cookie dough by the handfuls.  We like to live life on the edge around here.

Brooks is my number one dough eater for sure....making cookies?  Not really his thing!

Finley was unsure about the whole cookie cutter thing. 

Just one more bite Mimi....I promise!

But sprinkles are just up his alley!

Savannah is a very serious little cook.

She really did do a great job.  Such a sweetie!

Piper is getting pretty good at baking!

In a few years they won't even need me to help them at all!!

Santa should be super happy this year!

These young years go by so fast.  The older I get the more I see that.  Toys and gifts are fun but it is the memories that you make and the traditions you set up that stick.  Christmas is about Jesus.....plain and simple.  And Jesus is all about relationship.  This Christmas make your relationship with Jesus what it should be and then make those Christmas memories with you little ones even more special.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Christmas is in the little things

Since Megan has had sweet baby Abram...and he is the sweetest thing!!  I have been super busy.  But I have managed to get my house decorated and some shopping done and some baking done and some gifts wrapped and a whole list of other stuff.  And that is just it.  Stuff.  All of that should be on the bottom of my "Christmas" list and doing what I got to do last Thursday on the top of my list.  Our ladies group at church collects money all year.  Normally we adopt a needy family in the community and provide Christmas for their children and help the parents with a bill or two.  This year we decided to spend our 600.00 on some of the seniors at our own church.  So my dear friend, Sherry, and I went Thursday and bought gas cards and grocery cards for five seniors.  Two were widows, one widower and two married couples.  The two couples are pretty housebound so we also bought them some groceries because we got a huge snow storm this weekend.  When we visited them to drop off their cards both Sherry and I came away so very blessed.  At a couple of them we just cried.  These are the men and women who were and are our mentors.  Our "Faithful Leaders".  Our church pillars.  People I know who have prayed for me!  It was such an honor to help them.  I truly feel the Lord laid each one of these folks on our hearts so that they could still be the encouragers they so desire to be.  Our prayer was to make the Christmas season to be a little brighter for these precious people.  They all said it was such a blessing but both Sherry and I went away with the bigger blessing.  And that is how our Lord works.  You think you give but then He gives so much more.  Why do I let myself get all bogged down with the stuff of the season that really doesn't matter?  I don't know.  I do it every single year.  Don't get me wrong.  I adore the decorations, the baking, the gift buying.  I even love the crowds!  All the programs at church and the things going on in the community.  But just sitting down and talking with these sweet people.  It lifted my spirit and soul like nothing else.  Sherry looked at me at one of the couples house and said, "That will be us with our husbands one day.  Or them with us."  She is so right.  I just hope and pray that when we are 95 and 94 that I can still cater to my sweet husband with the same sweet spirit as the couple I watched.  So in all the hub-bub of Christmas please.....slow down.  Take the time....and yes, you have it.  And talk to someone that is alone.  Make someones' day a little brighter with a small gift card of some sort.  Even those that you do not think need it......they may surprise you and really do need it.  A smile and a hug cost you nothing. 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Oh, So Thankful....

Time just keeps going and I cannot keep up.  On November the 9th at 10:09 a.m. my sweet and precious new grandson arrived.  Perfect at 8 lbs and 1 oz and 21 7/8 inches long.  For him I am oh, so thankful.  He and mommy are doing wonderful and he is such a good baby.  He came quickly and pretty easy for his mama.  Big brother Finley loves him and so do all his cousins.  This little man will be surrounded by much love.  For that I am oh, so thankful.

Megan and Thad....getting ready for their new son

Tears of pure joy. 

Introducing Abram Cole your sweet mama, little one.

Is their anything more pure and sweet than your first touch of your baby??!!

Love my family

I am one happy Mimi for sure.  This little one is just as exciting and precious as my first grandbaby.

Finley meeting little Abram....with a triceratops in his hand...of course.

First family portrait.

I just love my girls.  All my girls.  With four daughters the potential for more babies is huge!  And I am oh so thankful for that!  A few days after Abram was born a friend of mine who had just gotten married 2 months ago lost her new husband suddenly.  He just got up at night with heartburn and a few minutes later he fell dead.  So tragic.  She has been through so much in her life and this was and is just a hard and overwhelming loss.  It's sad to me that it takes tragedy in our lives or others' lives for us to look at our families and be truly thankful.  I adore my husband, our children, our grandchildren, our parents and the many friends we have.  But do I tell them how thankful I am for them all of the time?  No.  And you don't either.  Because we all live in the belief that it will not ever be us.  We won't have tragedy,  accidents, loss and the like to contend with.  But in reality we will and we do.  This Thanksgiving.....tell your family how much they mean.  Be oh so thankful for them.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dear New Baby

Dear New Baby;

This is a letter to you from your Mimi.  I am your mommys' mommy.  You are soon to come into our world with arms aplenty to hold you, touch you and just love on you.  Unlike Piper, who was our first grandbaby, you are going to have lots of little hands coming towards you.  Curious hands.  Eager hands.  And sometimes....not so gentle hands.  There will be whispers in your tiny ears but also loud yells and lots of jumbled conversations.  You, sweet boy, will not get much quiet time.  But that is the price you pay for coming into a family that is so full and blessed with little ones.  Where some see chaos.....I see adventure.  So many people to love you.  Wanting to hold you.  Kiss you.  You are going to be a very loved on little boy.  There are a few things though I need you to know about your brother and your cousins.  Finley will be your big brother.  But.....he is a baby too.  Only 2.  He will not magically grow up overnight and want to share his whole world with you.  He is not going to want to share his dinosaurs or his "bunny".  And that's ok.  He will....eventually.  But Finley will love you and you will love him.  As you two grow you will fight with and for one another.  Brothers can be fiercely close and I pray that the two of you are all your lives.  Now for all your cousins.....Piper is the oldest at 8 years old.  What a sweetheart she is.  She will love on you and play with you and help in everyway she can to mother you.  She will read to you.  Fix you snacks when your bigger.  And mostly she will teach you.  She has a learners heart which often reflects a teachers heart.  Next is Savannah. Just 6 years old.   She will be your biggest fan.  A natural mother.  She will pet you and wait on you and baby talk you all day long.  She will be the best playmate because she really loves to play.  From her you will learn how to be sneaky and funny.  Then there is Brooks....our quiet little guy.  Only 4.  He will show you how to play with cars and trucks.  He will be one of your best friends because he is a good friend.  Brooks is a buddy like no other.  Loyal and true.  From him you learn how to watch and observe.  A man of few words and a lover of donuts.  He is a good one to play with.  Last is Kyra.  She is your mommy's cousins little girl.  They grew up very close.  She is also 4.  She was so in love with your brother when he was born it was just plain hilarious.  I know she is going to be crazy about you.  She is so expressive and entertaining.  Playing with her will be a nonstop variety show.  She will teach you how to sing and dance for sure.  So you see, little will never lack for entertainment, learning, playing or socialization.  But mostly, little will never lack for love.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

He's almost here......

Our newest grandson will be here in a few weeks and I am getting so excited!!  He is due in mid-November and that is coming up so very fast!  I took Megan's maternity shots for her the other week and because I constantly run in "nascar" mode with everything I have not had the time to post them.  But here goes and they turned out really good if I say so myself!

They are such a sweet family.  I just love them!!

That Finley....I could just eat him up!!

Megan looks so very good. 

I love this one because it looks like Finley is talking to his baby brother.....

Just a daddy and his boy.....

And a mommy and her boy.....

I am so proud of these two and the way they are raising their sons....

So sweet....

And so funny....
Every single day I pray for all our grandbabies and I am praying for this one coming.  Praying for God to bring him safely into his mommy and daddy's arms.....and mine too.