my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Birthdays, lost teeth and 5 months old!

 Well, I have let 2 birthdays, a five month old update for Finley and about a bazillion other things slip past me.  I honestly do not know what takes up all my time I just know that at the end of the day I tell myself..."well, you let another day go by and did not write one thing down or post one photo so you can look back on this time!!"  Between, family, dating, menopause and just life....I just can't seem to get a thing accomplished!

Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks.  I promise I will get better now that summer is winding down and life gets more normal.  I promise!!

Mimi...did you forget to put up the pictures of me and Mr Beaver??  We had a great time together this month!!

We did Finley??  Gee, that makes me feel good.  You like me don't ya??

Yeah, but he likes me better, don'tcha little Fin??

Piper and her best friend Faith.  Pool parties are the best!

Watching around 15 kids in the pool is very hard!!

But Birthday Cake and ice cream are worth it!

Starting first grade with a new backpack!

This little sweetie steals my heart each day!

Piper lost her first tooth!!!  Time...stand still

The gang!  Brooks looks so sad and poor Finley was being held upright by a good ole ear tug!

My daddy at his 75th birthday supper with all his kids and grandkids!  So blessed!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Winding Down

Summer is now on the downhill slide for all of us school employees.  Back to school commercials are all that is on TV.  Busy is a word that for me...has permeated my life as of late.  I am truly so busy that I just fall into bed each night worn slap out.  But it is a good busy.  My children and grandchildren are the most fun things and I am loving every second of it.  It goes so fast!  Last week was....VBS.  Y'all know that I usually say that it stands for Very Bad Situations but not this year.  Best VBS ever.  I had the most precious kids.  Five of which accepted Jesus in their sweet little lives.  Makes me cry to just think of it.  While we were singing one song I watched little boys and girls link arms while they sang "We will worship You"....I bawled!!  The best thing about this years VBS was that my sweet Piper asked Jesus into her heart on the last day.  Is VBS worth the it???  Yes, Praise Jesus...Yes.  I only had one meltdown.  During craft time.  I had to turn my back and pray to Jesus that i would not hate crafts.  One of the helpers laughed at me and then she really laughed when she realized how much i struggle with crafts.  Homemade slime y' is not funny nor fun. Picture frames with 10,000 stickers the size of a pinhead?  Makes both my eyes twitch.  Just give me a birdhouse to paint or a macaroni necklace to string and I am good to go.  Piper also turned 6 years old on the 4th.  Her party is this Saturday so I will have tons of photos then.  But for now...

Time???  Stand still...please!!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweet times

This summer has just went by so fast.  I have not had one minute to even take a breath it seems like!  Erica and her babies have been gone a week visiting Blake's family in Wilmington and I have missed them so so bad!!!  I was telling my boyfriend (cringe!! that word!) how much I missed them just a bit ago and he is so sweet.  He is just as crazy about those babies.  So sweet.  But this week I have gotten to spend some quality time with little Finley.  And oh, the sweetness is more than I can stand!!  He is such a cutie and he just loves his Mimi.  And his Mimi just loves him.  He just lights up when he sees someone he knows and he just bursts open with the biggest smiles ever.  Until you whip out a camera.  then he just about won't even look your way.  Those other three must have give him a heads up on Mimi and her camera.  Never fear, next week I am taking about 1000 pictures of them.  With the waning of summer vacation from school it does give me time to think even when I am so busy.  I haven't written on this blog too much as of late and for that I'm sorry because there are things I do want to remember.  Us older gals...we do forget.  This has been the best summer in a very long time.  I suppose the kids being older and more playful is one part.  My girls are such good moms and such good daughters and such sweet friends to each other is a pure blessing.  Having this man in my life is still so overwhelming that I still struggle with why anyone would ever be this sweet.  I know my friends are tired of hearing me say just what a kind and sweet man he is....but he is.  I so look forward to seeing him every day.  It is sorta like being a teenager but without the drama and we don't care one lick about all the stupid stuff.  We both have been there and done that. so much better than bitter.

Speaking of sweet......

Hey Mimi....I am not gonna matter what

Nope just gonna kinda lay here ... not smiling

I see you jumping up and down.  Cartwheels won't help either Mimi.  But could you help me not fall through the chair arm??  Please!!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Family + Christmas in July

I love my family.  They are so special to me.  We are not perfect and we fuss and get on each others nerves.  But I do love them so.  My girls have been coming over every day and bring the kids to swim and we have a great time.  do I get anything done??  Not one thing.  No laundry, no vacuuming, no dusting no housework at all.  Is my house messy??  You betcha.  But I love it.  They have been having some friends over with their babies and that has been so sweet.  Most of these young mamas are from the old youth group and I tear up seeing them with their own families. just goes.  I have been taking pictures galore this summer.  I just love capturing all the little moments that you think you will remember but you don't.  You really don't.  One of the biggest things in my life is building a legacy.  We all have a day that we are leaving this earth.  If the Lord tarries it will be by death but the day is coming.  I so want my children and grandchildren to remember me as a mama or grandmama that laughed with them, cried with them, took time with them.  Listened.  Talked.  Hugged.  Kissed,  And loved them.  Really loved them.  Not just gave them stuff or took them on grand trips or paid for all kinds of things.  Those things are great but I want them all to know how much I love them.  And I want them to know how much the Lord loves them and how much He loves me and how much i love the Lord.  I want them to love Him too!  So we sing Bible songs and we do Sunday School papers and we talk to Jesus.  When I take photos I try to capture their personalities.  I want them to look back and see them and laugh til they cry.  Remembering.  That legacy.  Once again, I love my family.

Megan and her childhood friend/sister, Anna and their babies.  Born 2 weeks apart  Finley and sweet.

Two sweetie pies right here!

Family from out of town is so sweet and special.

I could eat this one right up.  Oh my goodness the sweetness!!!

Stop growing Savannah!!  Just stop!!!

Sneaky smiles are the best kind.  Savannah loves little Fin.

This one??  Best baby ever.  He is just one big lump of love.

Some of the old youth group.  Melanie on the pink float and Jennifer with her new baby, Stella, and Erica.

Megan her little love, Finley.

My sweet and precious babies.  For once I got them all to kinda sorta look.

And then this happened........

Brooks had a major photo shoot, super model meltdown.  I have no clue what the dog is doing but the caption from "Home Alone" seems to fit.  It's Christmas in July, people.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Four Months Already???

Yesterday little Mr. Finley was four months old.  Un-beeee-leeev-able!!!  Not only is the summer going by at warp speed but so is this little ones first year.  I can;t stand it!  Megan took him for his check-up today so i have all his official stats.  Finley you weigh in at 16.1 1/2 pounds and you are 26 3/4 inches long.  Very tall baby.  You are so cute I can't stand it.  You can roll over at lightning speed and you talk and talk and talk.  You adore your mommy and follow her wherever she goes.  You are sleeping through the night and take pretty good naps.  You eat like a little pig and seem very interested in watching others eat real food.  You laugh so cute and smile so sweet.  You love your cousins and especially Brooks.  Speaking of Brooks....he is crazy about you.  Y'all are going to be some kind of force in a few years.

Mimi??  Who is this with me again?  That's Mr. Beaver, sugar....he loves you!  He is your friend.

Yeah buddy....I am your friend to the end.  We are going to be great pals.  I will protect you and watch you grow and get strong and big!

Really??  Til I get big and strong?! As big as Brooks, maybe??

Yeah!  Until you get as big as me!!  Whoa...wait a sec there dude!  You are pretty big!  Am I gonna be as big as you?? day you will and then???  We are gonna wrassle!

Piper...can you help me out a little??  Your brother is a wittle skeery!  Don't worry Fin.  He won't hurt you little dude.  Nah!  I love ya bro!

That's what everyone says!  I must be just awesome!

You are....little are.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gathering the scattered

It has been a tough week.  My former father in law passed away very suddenly and unexpectantly just a week ago.  He was a quiet, reserved man.  A strong believer in Jesus and I know he is in heaven with our Lord.  With his sudden passing it brought together family members from far away.  Two of his children live in different states.  Sisters, brothers and cousins came from far away.  Hundreds of friends.  What a testament the visitation was with over a thousand people coming to pay respects to the family.  I did not go to the visitation nor to the funeral.  I kept the little grandchildren.  Toddlers and funerals do not mix.  When families are grieving the last thing they want to hear is a crying baby or a talking toddler.  Our church always feeds the family either before or after the service.  It is a southern thing I suppose.  We gather together for a meal and reflect and fellowship and just be with one another.  Johnny had a very large extended family so it was nice.  I took the children for the dinner after the service.  It was so good to see people I had not seen in, for some, many years.  Many hugs and kisses and tears were exchanged.  One of the many casualties of divorce is the breaking up of more than one relationship. I got to spend time with my nephew and nieces.  They all came over to my house for a swim and some much needed catching up on their lives and happenings.  I got the chance to babysit my little nieces yesterday.  They are only 3 and 4 and cute does not even cover it!  My two girls brought their kids over and we had a great time.  All this made me think how much I treasure my own family and friends.  The ones that are close and the ones that are not so close.  I miss my dear friend Kelley so bad I can't stand it!!  I miss my friends that are right here that I don't spend enough time with!  But even when we are all so scattered ...either in location or circumstance...we can be as close as a phone call or text or a prayer.  I probably will not ever see most of those people again.  But I can pray for them.  It is sad in a way that funerals tend to be what gathers us the most.  Many will skip weddings, birthday parties and the like.  But few skip funerals.  It is the last good-bye for us on this earth.  Sad it is this way but is and I am so guilty of this myself.  I love to take pictures at family gatherings because often it is the last time we see someone.   I did take a few the other day when I watched my little nieces while their mommy did some errands.

So sweet and so cute.  Savannah is in front and then it's Brooks, Macy, Finley, Piper and Emmy.  Such a bunch of cuties!

I hope to spend more time with these sweet little girls.  I am already planning trips to both Virginia and Georgia to see my nephews and nieces more.  Don't wait to gather your scattered for sad times make the effort to get together for a big celebration of nothing!  You won't regret that.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lovin' the Summer

So far the summer is going way too fast!!!  Every day is just a blur!  Lots and lots is going on and i just want it to slow down a little.  Here are just a few shots from what we do....

We sip out of the water table....

We eat snacks in the garage while we color....

Uh...Savannah?  It isn't winter, baby.  I know Mimi but it could could!!

We put on our sunscream...I mean sunscreen

Or sunscream...and then scream some more

We cruise the yard....

We pick raspberries.....

We help Paw cut Piper's ginormous cabbage!!

Here it is!!!  All 16.2 pounds of it!

Don't forget me, Mimi!!

I could never forget you little are so sweet!

We take Popsicle pool breaks....

Firecracker pops are the best!

Even Brooks loves them!!