my babies

my babies

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dear New Baby

Dear New Baby;

This is a letter to you from your Mimi.  I am your mommys' mommy.  You are soon to come into our world with arms aplenty to hold you, touch you and just love on you.  Unlike Piper, who was our first grandbaby, you are going to have lots of little hands coming towards you.  Curious hands.  Eager hands.  And sometimes....not so gentle hands.  There will be whispers in your tiny ears but also loud yells and lots of jumbled conversations.  You, sweet boy, will not get much quiet time.  But that is the price you pay for coming into a family that is so full and blessed with little ones.  Where some see chaos.....I see adventure.  So many people to love you.  Wanting to hold you.  Kiss you.  You are going to be a very loved on little boy.  There are a few things though I need you to know about your brother and your cousins.  Finley will be your big brother.  But.....he is a baby too.  Only 2.  He will not magically grow up overnight and want to share his whole world with you.  He is not going to want to share his dinosaurs or his "bunny".  And that's ok.  He will....eventually.  But Finley will love you and you will love him.  As you two grow you will fight with and for one another.  Brothers can be fiercely close and I pray that the two of you are all your lives.  Now for all your cousins.....Piper is the oldest at 8 years old.  What a sweetheart she is.  She will love on you and play with you and help in everyway she can to mother you.  She will read to you.  Fix you snacks when your bigger.  And mostly she will teach you.  She has a learners heart which often reflects a teachers heart.  Next is Savannah. Just 6 years old.   She will be your biggest fan.  A natural mother.  She will pet you and wait on you and baby talk you all day long.  She will be the best playmate because she really loves to play.  From her you will learn how to be sneaky and funny.  Then there is Brooks....our quiet little guy.  Only 4.  He will show you how to play with cars and trucks.  He will be one of your best friends because he is a good friend.  Brooks is a buddy like no other.  Loyal and true.  From him you learn how to watch and observe.  A man of few words and a lover of donuts.  He is a good one to play with.  Last is Kyra.  She is your mommy's cousins little girl.  They grew up very close.  She is also 4.  She was so in love with your brother when he was born it was just plain hilarious.  I know she is going to be crazy about you.  She is so expressive and entertaining.  Playing with her will be a nonstop variety show.  She will teach you how to sing and dance for sure.  So you see, little will never lack for entertainment, learning, playing or socialization.  But mostly, little will never lack for love.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

He's almost here......

Our newest grandson will be here in a few weeks and I am getting so excited!!  He is due in mid-November and that is coming up so very fast!  I took Megan's maternity shots for her the other week and because I constantly run in "nascar" mode with everything I have not had the time to post them.  But here goes and they turned out really good if I say so myself!

They are such a sweet family.  I just love them!!

That Finley....I could just eat him up!!

Megan looks so very good. 

I love this one because it looks like Finley is talking to his baby brother.....

Just a daddy and his boy.....

And a mommy and her boy.....

I am so proud of these two and the way they are raising their sons....

So sweet....

And so funny....
Every single day I pray for all our grandbabies and I am praying for this one coming.  Praying for God to bring him safely into his mommy and daddy's arms.....and mine too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Bad Decisions

In my life I have made some very bad decisions from time to time.  As I have grown older I hope I truly do not make so many.  I hope I have matured enough in my prayer life and in my decision making to really and truly think and pray decisions through.  To ask my husband his opinion and to not jump  every single time I hear a whistle.  But alas.....I haven't.  This past July I had a job fall in my lap that I thought I would love.  And......I do not.  I took a job at a local preschool as an assistant in a three year old classroom.  It is only three days a week for four hours each day but it is an eternity!  The kids are sweet and very loving but what was I thinking????  I love children but this job is just not for this old gal.  Not at all.  To put it and poopy pants....are not friends.  Also, I totally forgot what it was like working with a large group of just women.  It really is not so fun either.  What is it with a group of women anyway???  The demand for "Leader of the Pack" is fierce for sure and this chick wants no part of that.  I have a ton of other needs in my family right now and some obligations that are just looming.  Megan has a baby coming in less than a month now.  My parents need me to do some things for them and my husband needs me to do some things for him business wise every day.  By nature I am not a lazy woman at all so it isn't that I do not want to work.  When the first of the year comes around I would very much like to substitute teach at my old school.  But for now I do believe that I will be turning in my notice this week and get my other ducks in a row while i wait on my newest grandson to arrive.  To say I have learned a valuable lesson in this decision is a huge statement.  I  will next time when something just falls in my lap....pray first, ask my husband and then pray some more before i just jump to an answer.  Bad decision?  Lesson learned!

Sunday, October 7, 2018

My.... Oh, So Very Busy Life!

I will not go into all the blah, blah, blah of why I have not posted anything lately and the whys and wheres.  I truly have been so very busy.  In the last few weeks I have given Megan a baby shower.  It went great and she looked so pretty.  Photos will follow!  Went to soccer practices, soccer games, football games to watch cheerleaders, had a zillion things at church, started a job at a local pre-school and am trying hard to organize and help my husband run his business.  And see my parents, David's parents, have our kids over for meals, have friends over and take a little time for just ..... us!  Now for the details.  I gave Megan a small family baby shower and invited our family and some of her friends that said they wanted to come.  She looked so pretty and it was just a beautiful day.

Meg and and her friend, Kelsey.  They have been friends since kindergarten.

Megan and her friend, Kathryn.  She is expecting a baby girl in January!!

A few of her other friends...Jennifer, Meg, Jessica and Melanie with her sweet, sweet son, Lane.  Love all these girls to pieces!

It was such a fun day and I cannot wait to get my hands on this new little guy.  He needs some kisses from his Mimi as soon as I can get to him!!  Piper has started cheerleading and she is such a cutie!  She absolutely loves it and she really is good at it too.  Her mommy is the coach and since Erica cheered all through high school....she makes an excellent coach! 

I love watching her cheer!

The whole little squad is just a cute bunch of little girls!

We also have been watching Savannah play soccer.  Now, she is not the best player in the world but I can bet she is the cutest!  She even scored a goal!!  It was a total freak accident but she scored!

Soccer is serious business....I guess.

She is a mean, lean soccer machine.....well sorta.

Brooks on the other hand just plays in the stands with his buddy, Oran.  They are best buds!

It's hard to watch siblings play but next year these two will be ballin' it up for sure!

I also started my job at a local pre-school.  It is 3 days a week and 2 of those i take my little grandson Finley and bring him back home with me until his mommy gets finished at school.  At first i liked it and now....I do not.  The children are so very sweet but this job is so not for me.  To make a long and gross story and projectile diarrhea are not friends. No way, no how.  Me no like diarrhea.  At all.  And what makes that even worse????  When it happens on the playground.....full of sand.....which sticks to everything.  And when your shoes are full of ...well just makes for some very fat feet.  That is not the only reason though.  This is at a local church and I (foolishly) assumed that the workers would be similar to me in beliefs and actions.  Wrong.  Some of these women are just vulgar and crude.   I truly thought that they would be sweet talking and pleasant to work with but I was wrong and after talking with my husband I have decided this is not the place for me.  I am just going to stay home until the first of the year and then I am going to substitute at the elementary school where I worked before.  I know and love that staff.  I can say no to the days I have other things going on and to be honest it just pays more and I don't have to clean up anyone or anything!  Hopefully my life will slow down a bit and I can post things way more often.  My grand babies are growing like weeds and doing so many fun and cute things.  My husband and I have some trips planned and  I really just want to concentrate on my family right now.  Them keeping me busy is a real joy!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Hospitality on the Go!

We are doing a new Bible Study on Wednesday nights about Biblical hospitality.  It is so good!!  Often we confuse entertaining with being hospitable.  We worry and fret over having people over.  we clean our homes top to bottom.  we prepare big meals.  We dress up.  We do it all!  But that is so not how god intended.  Now, there is nothing wrong with entertaining people in our homes or taking people out for dinner and the like.  But being a hospitable believer is way different.  It is an act of worship.  It is a time of praying and sharing and listening.  Even if it is over Lance crackers and a Coke at the ballfield.  It is allowing people in our lives - mess and all - to truly fellowship.  It is stopping for 5 minutes to ask a few questions about someone.  It is starting a new relationship with our neighbors....our literal next door neighbor!  It is being the hands and feet of Jesus.  It is putting Galatians 6:2 into action..."Carry one another's burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ."  This is not an easy task.  But god never promised an easy walk with Him.  Ministry is hard.  It is time consuming.  But it is so worth it.  So I encourage you to take up hospitality and take it with you wherever you go!

Friday, August 17, 2018


Today was the last day.  Leah goes back to college on Saturday.  Megan goes back to work on Monday.  Erica started her home schooling last week but the public schools here start in a week and a half. we know gone.  Now during the day my house will be quiet.  Just whispers all around.  That makes this mama and this mimi .... very sad.  I love my family.  I love the kids as they run and play and swim and eat and eat and eat....they are all bottomless pits.  I love know little Finley is napping in my house.  I love that all our girls get along so well.  Today as I played with little Finley upstairs he could see his mama and Leah in a conversation around the pool.  Made me tear up a little.  I never thought I would see this life that I have and that I love.  Two of our girls caught up in whispers.  Erica had just left and the three of them talked a good part of the day.  I played with the kids in the pool because I so want these girls to be close.  I wish Cara had been here to join them.  All the kids adore both of David's girls and that too makes me so glad.  They all are crazy about him too. All of these things just whisper to my soul and to my heart.......they are answers to prayers.  It is as if God is whispering to my heart, "See...I asked you to wait on me and I would give you your deepest desires."  A family.  A family that loves and doesn't argue or yell or make each other want to be somewhere else.  Now does everything always seem like roses and rainbows??  Nope.  But that also is a blessing.  Even when things are crowded and loud and do not turn out like how I plan them in my mind.  They are ok.  I still lay down at night and I whisper a "thank you, God" before I close my eyes for the night.  Never in my wildest dreams did I envision the life I have now.  Never.  A husband of my dreams who loves me.  And I know he does.  Wonderful children and grandchildren.  A hope of a future with even more grandchildren too.  Can you tell I just love babies???  Who better to whisper to...all the hopes and plans.  Dreams and prayers for their little life.  With summer winding down and the routine of the school year kicking off, life will settle.  Fall will creep into winter.  Hopefully we will see some snow.  That is where I hear such soft whispers.  The quiet of the snow and all its clean and soft touches.  Late in this fall we will welcome a new little boy that I can whisper into his ear.  After the cold of the winter I will see the spring struggle to break through.  Flowers and trees coming forth in whispers of greens, pinks and yellows.  Then it will be blessed summer again.  Goodbye whispers of spring and winter and fall.....hello noise and playing and fun!!  As I sit here in my kitchen typing this I quietly whisper.....thank you, God.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Summer Fun

Summer is just flying by and it has been a great one!!  I love the sun and the heat!!  Watching all my little grand babies swim each day is so fun and all of them have come such a long way!  Last week I hosted a "Mom's Day" at the pool for all our little mommies at church.  They had a blast!  It is just a joy to me to watch interact with each other and to play with their little ones.  So many of these moms were in my little 2 - 3 year old classes I taught eons ago at church!  Where does the time go??

These two could swim 24/7!!!

Some of our sweet mommies.... I just love all this

These boys worked up an appetite swimming like sharks!

These days go by so fast

Next summer my Megan will have another little boy to swim with!

Another sweet Megan with her little baby boy, Chase.

Penelope loves being a mermaid like Piper and Savannah do!

Orrin and Brooks are super best friends.  I just love these little boys!

I love the fellowship and community of having all these moms and babies over.  It is a mentoring platform for sure.  I firmly believe that you do not have to be locked in a rigid lifestyle of "mentoring or discipling" that cannot be fun and supportive and just being together to influence young women in the name of Jesus.