the girls

the girls

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photos with Santa

I love Santa Claus.  He gets a bad rap at times I think.  I played Santa when my kids were little and they have grown up to be fine Christian women that I am very proud of!  Last night I took Piper and Savannah to have Breakfast with Santa at Megan's church.  Blake and Erica had their Sunday School party and they took little Brooks with them.  Aaron and Brittany came too and brought sweet little Kyra to see Santa.  There were no tears either!!!

Piper was so excited!!  Savannah...not so much!

Little sweeties.  This is such a great Santa.  He really looks like that too...minus the red suit.

Merry Christmas, everybody

Piper looks a little unsure about Santa holding Kyra.  Savannah is starting to look a little skeered!

I just love my babies.....

Kyra is so sweet and so pretty and friendly.  I think she really liked Ole St. Nick!

I have always taught my children and now my grand children  the true meaning of Christmas.  We are baking a cake for Jesus' Birthday and they know the Christmas story in the Bible.  We show them with the Nativity Scene how the joyous event of Christ's birth is real and true and the only thing Christmas is really about.  But we do have fun with all the make believe of Santa.  This is such a happy and joyful time of the year for young ones and for us old ones too!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Programs!!

Each year we have a Children's Christmas Program that is just so good.  It always makes you smile and just warms your heart because it is just truth.  Children tell the story of Jesus so much better than grown ups ever could.  Ever.  I know, because I was in this years Christmas Play/Cantata and even though the story line was great and the music was awesome we adults just get in the way.  too much production, personality conflicts, tempers and needless to say at-tee-tuuuude!!!  Also, let's just say that cordless mikes are not always off and I may or may not have said some things that were not for everyones calling someone MR. BossyPants!!!!  Enough about me and my 'tude.  My little darling grandgirls were an angel and a sheep in the play yesterday morning.  cutest angel and sheep I have ever seen too.  I didn't get as many pictures or video of Savannah because she spent part of the time in the corral with the donkeys and other sheep and she was on the other side of the stage.  Just take a look and listen.  So Sweet!!!

Here are three little angels singing.  My Piper is the one on the right with her sweet little angel hands folded.  She is just the sweetest thing!!!

Savannah is the little sheep that is looking at you and ringing her bell.  She is also just the sweetest thing!!!

Another song....The children just sing right from their little hearts!  I know that Jesus just sits back and smiles as He watches them just praise His name.

Sweet Babies

I look forward to this program each year.  Brings back so many memories of my own little girls and when they sang these very same songs.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

One Month Old!!

It's just goes by way too fast.  My sweet little grandson is already one month old!  I cannot believe it.  I went over there this afternoon to take his picture with you know who.  Mr. Frog, of course.

Hey Buddy, wake's me..Mr. Frog.  Mimi is here for your monthly photo shoot...wake up!!

What are you looking at man??  You need to open up your eyes so everyone can see how cute you are.  Your mama even stuck a sign on you...I think it says "You Da Man" or something like that....I can't really read.

You ARE awake....I see you grinning.  You faker!

Mr. Frog you have no idea how the last month has been.  This one little girl wants to hold me all the time.  All The TIME!  She keeps telling me it's ok and how sweet I am and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Then the next thing I know she is rubbing my head or wanting to pull on my arms or my legs.

Then the other one is always kissing me and wanting to "help".  I can hardly stand it!!!

I get it Brooks...I totally get it.  I got sisters too.  Let's just lay back and chill....Okay?  You know froggie...this is kinda nice.  Little man...those two girls ...they just love you, that's all.

You're right.  They do and I kinda like them too.  This is nice.  I am getting sleepy again.  I think I will just lay back and relax.  I am getting used to this family.  I think I'll stay.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Dirty Clothes

I don't know how you feel about dirty clothes but I hate them.  I love the smell of fresh laundry.  The warmth of things right out of the dryer.  I love good fabric softener.  Downey is my favorite.  I also love to hang clothes outside.  I always loved seeing them flap in the breeze.  There is just something about laying your head down at night after a long, tough day and smell that one of a kind smell of sheets dried on the line.  Wonderful.  Clean.  Pure.  So guess what??  I am wearing dirty clothes.  Old, worn out, comfortable, dingy, dirty rags.  I have had them for years.  Years.

Colossians 3:9 tells me to put off the old self and to put on the new self.  In fact the whole third chapter deals with this issue.  I am to put off and put to death the earthly things in me.  Some of the topics may not apply but some of them do.  Sexual immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire and covetousness, which is idolatry.  I am to put away (for good) anger, wrath, malice, slander and obscene talk from my mouth.  My new self is being renewed in knowledge after the image of its creator.  Renewed.....what a lovely word.  I get to make myself new again each day.  Putting something on each day implies that I am taking it off.  There comes the renewing part.  God must make me new over and over and over.  He reminds us through His word to do that very thing.  Anger got you???  Take that filthy rag off and burn it.  Got some wrathful thoughts going??  Think on what is noble.  Struggle with obscene talk?  Think on what is lovely and pure.  This world is so full of filth.  And we laugh at it.  I am just so grateful and so thankful that my God renews me and pours his never-ending grace all over me to help me stop wearing icky clothes.  My new self is chosen and holy and beloved according to Colossians 3:12.  It has a compassionate heart, it is kind, humble, is meek and patient.  Tough stuff.  We had our monthly ladies meeting at church last night and this was our lesson.  All of us said we struggle with some of these issues.  I am sure that many were left unspoken but God knows them.  Our secret struggles.  He wants them killed too. But we must put these things to death.  Verse five tells us that very plainly.  Put to death what is earthly in you.....  That is a hard, hard task.  We (I) like earthly stuff.  It makes us popular.  It makes us fit in.  Everyone else is doing that, watching that, going there, reading that .... you fill in the blanks.  We are to put it to death.  This scripture is talking to believers here.....gulp!!  Verse six tells me on account of this the wrath of God is coming.  It is....for me....for us.  I have prayed all day for God to remind me when I start to slip on my comfy, dirty old rags.  He did.  God is good and dependable like that.  Ask Him yourself....He will.  These are old clothes that I don't get to wash and dry or even hang out on the line.  I get to burn these rags.  And I do love a good fire!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Let It Go

Yesterday I got the chance to go see Disney's on Ice "Frozen" with my grandchildren.  I adore anything with ice skates.  This did not disappoint.  It was wonderful and graceful and just a pure pleasure to watch.  My little grand girls LOVED it.  They were just mesmerized by the entire show.  That was better than watching the skaters!!  Their faces were just precious.  Piper, of course, wants to be an ice skater now.  She wants purple ice skates too.  I did not take my big camera because I figured they would not want that at the show because of copyright stuff....I was so wrong.  i forget that everyone in the world must own an iphone or a galaxy phone.  They don't use these to talk on of course but to take videos and pictures and tweet and facebook and every single thing else in the world on.  The best part of the show was when Elsa climbed the ice mountain and sang "Let it Go".  I sat back and closed my eyes and I listened to 8000 little girls sing "Let it Go.  So sweet!  I know all the words by heart (are you kidding me??  Who doesn't??)  and sang along too.  But while they were singing I thought to myself....that's the answer to almost everything.  Let it go.  As a Christian we are constantly affronted with stuff.  The world.  Ugly acting people.  Insults.  Wrongs of all kinds.  Let it go,  I do not condone any kind of violence against people.  You don't get to beat up on women, or children or even animals and be allowed to get away with it.  There must be consequences even in our so messed up society.  Rules are really a good thing for the most part.  But a big pile of what happens around us and to us we just need to let go.  Satan loves for us to be offended.  So therefore he makes sure that offenses are everywhere to be seen, heard, felt and even tasted by believers.  Every single thing good that God has for us Satan has a counterfeit that is (sometimes) appealing but is in reality bitter and ugly and choking.  He is always, always always the complete opposite of our God.  We often hear how much God loves us.  And He does.  But don't forget....Satan hates us that much.  Hates.  He is not capable of love at all.  God is love.  Satan is hate.  As Christians enveloped in the fold of God's love need to let it go.  He will fight for us.  He will take care of us.  The offenders will answer.  They will.  Sitting at Frozen on Ice I learned a valuable lesson that I needed to get.  My family right now is going through a fiery trial.  Unfortunately it is coming from other family members.  Let it go.  I don't condone their behaviour for one second.  But let it go.  I am just choosing to not react to it any longer.  To let it go.  The choices they are making are cold and calculated.  As Elsa says....the cold never bothered me anyway.  Let it go.  I did take a few pictures with my phone.  I am not phone savvy by any means so they are terrible!

Snow White was so cool.  She couldn't wait to get there!!

This was pretty much Savannah's face the whole time.  Except when the songs were being sung.  She did her singing to "Let It Go".  So much fun!!

While I have a long way to go in my walk with the Lord in various places.  I need to pray more, study more and witness more.  I desire those things so much.  God knows that.  He sees my heart.  He sees yours too.  Let it go....

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Some updates

I tell you what....I am one busy woman.  My friend, Debbie, called me this week and asked me if I was ever home.  No.  I am not.   Ever.  It is Saturday morning around six and I have been up for quite a while.  Oh, the joys of menopause and either the early rising, the no sleeping at all or the constant waking.  Joy, pure joy I tell you.  Anyway, between practicing for the church Christmas play....which I am a main character....which is one of the biggest (mistakes) challenges I have chosen in a while is taking a huge chunk of my time.  Decorating for will come....which is taking a huge (and fun) chunk of my time.  Work.  Now there is something that really messes up the plans I job.  Gotta have it but I do so not enjoy the least.  I try to spend a good deal of time with my sweet little grandbabies and with my own two daughters.  With all that said....I have no time.  But this week I did get to go over to my niece's house and take her Christmas photos and play with sweet little Kyra.  She is such a beauty.  And I also got to keep my new little man, Brooks, for a bit while his mommy took his sisters to a birthday party.  A ton of other things are going on too but it is just life.  And honestly, my life is really very full.  I just finished the Bible study at church called "Children of the Day" by Beth Moore.  Fabulous.  I mean it....really, really good.  Did a couple of family photo sessions.  Helping out with our church directory project and about a zillion other things.  I also got the chance to spend some time with my baby girl last night at an art class offered by our local high school.  The Art IV students taught us how to paint a canvas of our choosing form about five different pieces.  Megan and I chose the winter scene.  So much fun and ours turned out really good!  Megan has always been a talented  Not so much but I did have a lot of fun.  Now for some photos from the past week.

Sweet, sweet baby Kyra.  She loves to look at the Christmas tree.

Well, Hey Grand Aunt Cindy....I haven't seen you in about a week.  Where you been??

Aaron, Brittany and Kyra.  First Christmas as a new family of three.

Both Brittany and Aaron read to her all the time.  Both are book nerds (me too) and really want her to love reading too.

My obsession with baby feet never ends.  Are they not just precious?????

Little sweetie went to sleep on me....Merry Christmas, little one.

Then when I was done at Brittany's house I ran over to Erica's to watch my little man.  I could eat him up too!

He was sound asleep too!  What is up with these babies and all this sleeping???

I actually caught a real smile on camera.  He must have been dreaming because he sighed and grinned really big for several seconds.  Probably dreaming of his Mimi....don't ya think?

What??  Who is here???

Is that you Mimi?'re my favorite.  That is so sweet little are my favorite little guy too.

What a blessing all these babies are to me.  My life is so very full but I am grateful and thankful to the Lord above for all these blessings and for the chance to serve Him in any way I can.  Whether it is in a play, helping with a directory, Watching babies and just spending time with people.  God is just so good.  All the time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Visit with Santa

Our local public library each year has "Cookies with Santa".  An older man from the community always plays the part as Santa and his sweet wife is Mrs. Claus.  He is a really good Santa too!  Blake and Erica always take the kids to see him and tonight they got to take little Mr. Brooks for his first meeting with Santa.  I took some pictures....well I attempted too.  It's hard when two little girls will hardly let go of you.  To talk about Santa so much and to watch all these Christmas shows they sure were shy!!  But at least there were no tears!

Creeping up just a little steps though..

Getting them to look up is the hardest part!

Brooks wasn't skeered!!

Maybe not Mimi....but we are...just a little!

Craft time is so much better!

Piper is ready to make an ornament!

I think Savannah spies something she likes better than glitter, sequins or glue...

Yep!  I just love cookies, Mimi!

I do too Mimi...this much!

Don't worry little can have a cookie next year

Can we say twins???  There mouths are identical.

This little sweetie just wants hugs!

I suppose going to sit on a strangers lap and then give him a list of your hearts deepest desires when your a toddler is a little overwhelming.  If only we grownups didn't look so goofy doing that....I have a list, don't you??