my babies

my babies

Monday, August 31, 2015

Just Peachy

My sweet Megan is officially 13 weeks along in her pregnancy.  Her little one is now the size of a peach.  She is actually starting to get a little tummy!!  I just love it too!  she has always been rail thin so this little bitty pudge is super cute.

I know her sign says 12 weeks but she is really 13....I wrote it out and I am in the throes of menopause so I get to mess up!!

I also took some photos of the two of them that she wanted to place on facebook to announce their pregnancy to their friends.  Couples are so smart about stuff nowadays!  We just told people when we ran into them at the grocery store.  Megan got some ideas off of pinterest.  Needless to say....everything on pinterest is not how it is in real life!!  She wanted a picture of Thad kissing her little bump and her hold a sign that said when they were due.  Sounds all sweet and precious.  these two goofballs are just too funny!

Story of their lives!!  They will make such fun and funny parents!  I can't wait.

But I think we finally got it right!  Aren't they just so sweet!

They really are just the sweetest couple and really will be the best parents!  I just love them!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

My Baby.....

I am sure you thought I was writing about Piper's first days of school.....but nope.  This is about my baby.


My baby is having a baby....

She and Thad are due with this wonderful blessing on march 10th 2016.  I am absolutely in love with him/her already.  I just cannot wait.  I have known for several weeks now but Megan and Thad wanted to keep it under their hats for a bit.  She has been so very sick that it has been hard to keep it a secret.  But they revealed their news and my daddy's and Thad's birthday dinners at my parents house.  I gave Thad a baby carrier that you can wear either with your baby in the front or on your back.  He loves those things.  When he opened it my mama said, "What do you need that for?"  Which Thad replied, "For our baby."  Then the screeching began.  We are some baby-loving people.  I am just so excited for them and they will make some wonderful parents.  Right now my newest addition to my grand baby wall is the size of a lime.  Megan is officially 12 weeks along and I am hoping and praying she feels better soon.  When they got their first sonogram the sonographer  told them that the baby was doing jumping jacks and flipping all over.  Thad told that was definitely his kid....he can't be still either.  I can't be still either so this little one will fit right in!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The First Day

Today was Piper's very first day in Kindergarten.  Do you hear that sound???  It's me...wailing and thrashing around on the ground.  Where have these years gone???  She was born only eleven days ago....I do not understand any of this!!!  She did fantastic.  I was and am still not a fan of preschools.  I taught my children all the basics and Erica is teaching her children the basics.  Piper knows how to spell several words, the alphabet, counts to 170 +, all the shapes, colors, can stay in the lines and a bazillion other things.  And for the first two years of her life her mommy worked full time.  Her teacher said she did wonderful.  So that was a comfort to me.  She has had lots of socialization through church, library story hour and play groups with friends.  This is a big step though.  Big.  Pray for all the little ones in schools everywhere.  This is a big and mean world.  I pray for a hedge of protection and for wisdom for all my babies.

See??  Doesn't she look too little for school???  Take her home mommy!!

The classroom is way too big for her!!  Pleeeeese take her home mommy!!!

All smiles at lunch!  There are benefits to working in your grandchildrens' school....I have eyes everywhere!!

I am so thankful that I work with a staff of many believers.  Piper's teacher is a Christian and so is the class Assistant Teacher.  Pray for them too.  Teacher's everywhere!

Friday, August 21, 2015

I was just on Cops....for real

I just left my church to help finish setting up for a big community day of giving out clothes, school supplies, student haircuts, refreshments...  all for free.  A great outreach to our community that just needs some kindness and a smile.  When we got done I needed to run by the store for some simple blackberries.  My son-in-law wants a blackberry cobbler for his birthday dinner tomorrow night.  I ran in our local Wal-Mart (I never learn) Express.  This is just like a Wal-Mart but the size of a phone booth and only having 26 items.  Fun times.  I got out of my car when I saw this big ole Dodge truck pull up right behind my car and two young teen boys got out and starting beating up on another young teen boy in the parking lot.  He took off flat out running.  The only smart thing he did for the rest of the evening.  They jerked his shirt off,  knocked him down.  the works.  I call 911  I honestly do not understand our local 911 services.  I told them where, what, who of the situation.  Described each person.  Even walked around the cars and gave makes, models and tags.  All the while the screaming, cussing, punching was all around me.  26 minutes later  3 deputy cars come.  I am glad there was not a murder in progress.  On any given day I see 50 deputy cars all over our community.  This is the only shopping area and it is right by a highway access area and there are always officers close by.  Not tonight.  When I came out of the store the two assaulters were gone and the assaultee was standing there (still shirtless) screeching and hollering to beat the band.  Then he pointed at me and said, "She saw the whole ^&%$#*&%$#^&;(&*(&$#@; thang."  I explained to the officer that I did call 911.  He asked if I could give a statement.  So I did.  While I waited I had time to really listen and look at the whole crowd that was involved.  One thing in common....they need Jesus.  I don't know one of them.  But I know that they need the Lord in a bad way.  The girlfriend of the boy assaulted was so upset.  She was very pregnant and she did not need all that drama around her.  She was running all over that parking lot too.  Her father was with the two of them and he tried to defend the boy but mostly got in the way.  At the end of the evening there was only missing a TV camera and a dog chawing the leg off an assailant.  I was almost on Cops!!  They turned out to all be of high school age and I am hoping I see them again tomorrow at our outreach.  I am working the refreshment table and I am sure they need a cup of water and an oatmeal cookie.  Maybe a smiling face and some kindness will help them out in this crazy world.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Nine Months Old!!!

Mr. Brooks is officially nine months old.  What???  Three months away from one year.  Unreal, people....unreal.  I went over to Erica's house to take his monthly photo with Mr. Frog and let's just say Brooks has turned into a wildman.  He is mobile now and staying put is not in his wheelhouse.  Crawling as fast as he can is his goal and he is fixated on that.

Hey Mr. bout a big ole bear hug!!!

Uh...Brooks...this is not a bear hug, man.  You are totally crushing me!

You wanna wrassle buddy??  You wanna???

Yeah!  I do!  Take that?  How you like this move Froggy?

Okay, okay.  I'm done.  I want outta this chair.

Mimi, I will hold him still for you!  Want me to sit on him?

Mimi, make her go away!!  She makes me cry!!

Okay, sweetie.  Just sit still for a second so I can get your picture....can you, Please!!!?

My life is so hard!!!!  I just want down and I want to run and be free!!!

 Is your mini-fit done Brooks?  I mean, come on man...get it together.  It's just a picture.

Brooks, you are such a wonderful, cuddly, sweet boy.  You just grin at us all the time and are such an easy baby.  So laid back.  Your sisters really do love you to pieces and so do the rest of us.....we just don't squeeze you as much!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Where I've been and the things I have seen!

Sorry about the MIA for the past several days.  Last week was Vacation Bible School and from past posts I think we know how that goes over with me....VBS = very bad situations.  My kids were voted the worst group this year by the arts and crafts team and the games guys.  Awesome.  I obviously overflow with talents and gifts.  By mid-week we had a lesson about telling our sins to Christ and as an activity we were to place our fingers in a pan that was filled with red dye and place our finger on a large wooden cross and just tell Jesus we were sorry about our sins.  this was very powerful for the children.  There was no pressure or anything and they did not have to confess out loud....just a lesson in being broken and contrite and just sorry over what we do wrong.  I went up there, dipped my finger and placed it on the cross and whispered, "I.m sorry, Jesus, that I hate VBS."  Thirty minutes later I am twitching in both eyes and can't wait until the closing song is sung.  The next day.....four of my kids accepted Jesus into their little hearts.  Humbled, you ask???? Yep.  Do I still hate VBS??  No, but I am too old for some of these shenanigans and need a different job next year for sure.

The rest of the time I have been swimming and playing as much as I can because you what will start in a week and I could just cry my eyes right out!!  We have been getting school supplies ready for a big community day at my church where we will be giving out free clothes, student haircuts and backpacks and school supplies.  I even took a trip to you know where and got a bunch and picked up some things for Megan's science class and for Piper.  She will start kindergarten and I just about can't stand that either.  Speaking of you know where (Wal-Mart for you newbies)  I now have reason number 783 for strongly disliking that place.  When you are filling your cart with stuff that you pay for with your food stamp card and baby supplies that you use your WIC card for and then you gripe about beer and cigarette prices and pitch a fit because you can't buy that selfie stick you been a'wantin!!!!  Well, that is what is wrong with America right there in the good ole Wal-Mart.  I just checked out and walked out and for once  (!) in my life kept my eyes down and my mouth closed. I saw quite a few more sights around the store but I am trying to put them out of my mind.  Just people watching alone is amazing.  I do pick on Wal-Mart but in reality you can see people in action and at their finest just about anywhere you look.  I think I am just going to stay home!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Today my sweet Piper turned five.  5. How can that be???  I just held her when she was first born eight minutes ago!!  Oh my goodness.  Time has just gone so, so fast.  This is what I know about my first grandbaby...

You are so smart!  Every single day you just amaze me with your vocabulary, knowledge and how you want to learn.

You are so sweet!  Sure, you have your moments but overall you are so kind, share so well and don't have a mean or cruel bone in your little body.

You have quite the fanciful eye!!  You love dressing up, fancy dishes, parties, dress-up and shopping!!  You love looking at clothes and shoes.  I have a feeling you are going to love make-up and perfume too.  Oh, and you love jewelry!!

You love church!  I am so glad that you do....this has always been my prayer and desire for you and all my grandbabies.  I pray you come to know the Lord early and that you always desire to come to His house and love His ways.

I love to watch you play.  You are so imaginative and creative.  You love arts and crafts and making things.  You are quite the little engineer too.  Tinker toys are a new fave and you can build most anything.

I don't know how in the world you got to be five so fast but here we are.  You will start school in a few weeks and that begins a whole new stage of life.  I am already crying my eyes out about it too.  Kindergarten is just another step into little girlhood that you are getting ready to tackle.  You are no longer a baby.  Not a toddler.  Not really a preschooler anymore.  But a real live little girl.  Oh, if you could only stay little.  Childhood is so fleeting and you are a grownup for a very long time.  Please, Piper....enjoy being a little girl....being a grownup is not what it is cracked up to be.  I love you more than I could ever tell you or show you.  I pray you know that.    We had a sweet little "Princess Tea Party" on Saturday for you and 5 of your friends.  It was so much fun!  You had a wonderful time and remembered all your "proper young lady" manners we worked on and remembered the rule, "When in doubt...pinky out!"  May you stay as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside.

All smiles!!!  Piper was SO excited!

I love little girls!!  They all dressed in their finest Sunday best!

They all did so good!  Not one spilled tea cup nor a broken one either!

All the little girls were so well behaved and had such good manners!

We made butterfly fairy wands and colored teapots and had a ton of stickers, pom-poms and glitter!!

My sweet Erica and her sweet family!  Brooks, don't worry buddy!  We won;t be having none of this girly stuff for your birthdays!