the girls

the girls

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I could just eat him UP!

Yesterday I got the chance to take my grandson (I love that word!) little newborn photos.  Erica had a professional do this for Piper and Savannah but now with three kids....well priorities people!  So I did for free!  I am in no way shape or form a professional photographer.  A novice at best but I do try and I practice all the time.  It is an art form that I truly love.  So yesterday they packed up the three kids and came over for a quick photo shoot. there is a funny word.  It turned into a few hours.  First off little Mr. Brooks was just perfect.  Nice and sleepy and oh so pliable.

How precious is this???

Sweet, sleepy baby.  Look at those wittle bitty lips....I could just smooch him to pieces!

Then we wanted to do a few shots with his little football hat and his official NFL (stuffed) Miami Dolphins football.  So Erica took his clothes off and he woke up.  When she got him undressed...let's just say my dining room floor had to be mopped.  Who knew a baby could pee so much?!  Then he was hungry. When you nurse your newborn it takes some time.  After a bit we thought we had him settled down and ready for his next photo session.

Looks like he is ready to catch a pass doesn't he??

Blake loves the Dolphins.  He has been a fan for years.  I do hope this little guy is a football player.  I love school age sports and I really miss going to games.

His hat is so big it makes his little head look like a football.

My son-in-law is a police officer and Erica and I saw some photos on Pinterest with little baby boys with their daddy's equipment on them in photos.  So that was what we tried next.  About this time two little girls got hungry and wanted snacks and wanted to play and wanted to watch and wanted to hold him and kiss him and wanted a snack and wanted to go outside........  Then the baby was hungry...again.  This Mimi was a tired Mimi by now.  I had stood on chairs and rearranged my dining room to a photo studio to get some good light to come into windows and it was fading fast!!

How sweet is this?

Sleepy little fellow.  Trying to drift off again...


This big sister needed to give him a kiss

Then I think Savannah took the whole "I could just eat him up" thing literally, very literally.

Did she really want to eat him Mimi???   No, sweetie...not really.

Maybe I do Mimi.  Maybe I do!

Are you done yet Mimi????  Yes sugar...just one more.  My favorite part of babies...

Are sweet baby feet.  Look...a whole one will just fit right in my mouth.  See, can just eat him right up!!!

Friday, November 21, 2014

I Can't Wait!!!!!

I adore fairy tales.  I am sure that I was really born a princess and I was somehow kidnapped by a band of hillbilly gypsies and will one day be rescued by a handsome prince.  I tell myself this each and every day of my day it will come true.  Right??  Until then, watch this ......

I am so excited about this movie!!!!  Cinderella is my all time favorite Disney Princess.  Piper and Savannah love some Cinderella too.  I know Piper will love this.....hopefully Savannah will be able to sit still to go to the theater to see it with me.  It really does look fantastic.  I just can't wait!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Back in business, baby...

Today Blake and Erica brought home little Mr. Brooks.  Once the girls greeted their mommy and all the stuff was brought into the house I kidnapped the baby and took him up to his room.  Once in there I dug into the stuffed animal bin Erica has in the corner.  And there is where I found him.  Mr. Frog.

What??  Wait a minute....who is this???  Brooks, you say?  I thought surely my time was up with the Martin Babies.  Hey buddy.....looks like I am back in business...woo-hoo!!

Hey!  Who are you?  What are you??  I am Mr. Frog.  And on your birth date each month Mimi will sit you beside me and take your picture.  This will chart your growth and let everyone see how big you are getting.  Got it?  She did the same thing with your sisters.  Sisters?  Are those the two things that are all over me and kissing me and touching me and poking me????  Yes....those are the ones.  They love you, man.

Look Mimi!!  He's home!!!

I like him now Mimi!  I want to kiss him....

And I want to rub noses with him.....

I want to hold him and I want to hold his hand, Mimi!!!

I need to wrap him up nice and warm....

I am exhausted, Mr. Frog.  Don't worry little one....I got your back.

So do I, son....So do I

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Day I Met My Grandson...

On Wednesday morning Erica went to the Dr. with her husband.  I took a change of clothes to work and my camera bag just in case she was sent straight to the hospital.  Last week she was already dialated to a 3 1/2....Good Grief!  This week she was a 4 and they decided to induce her Thursday morning.  So at 7:30 that morning I am sitting in the waiting room with Erica and Blake.  They finally take her back to a delivery suite at 9:30.  By this time Blake's mom, Robin, my mama and Megan were all there too.  I must confess this time around I was a huge bundle of nerves.  Erica has had such a miserable pregnancy.  So much pain and sickness.  I was really scared.  I cannot stand to see my babies suffer in any way at all.  Physically, any way.  It breaks this mama's heart.  They started her on a pitocin pump at around 11:45.  This was to jump start her labor.  I have always heard that this makes for a harder delivery and a longer labor.  They broke her water at around noon.  Erica put in some praise and worship music and closed her eyes for a few minutes.  She took the earbuds out and said I think I am going to call the nurse.  She told us her legs felt funny.  Well, I just smile and say ok honey....inside my heart hit my feet.  The nurse came in and asked Erica to turn to the other side.  When she did Erica said ,"Oh no...."  the nurse checked her quickly and said, "Well, looks like we are having a baby! I will call the doctor!"  The other nurse came in and told Erica not to push or anything and that the doctor was across the street.  I asked her if she meant literally or across the hall???  No...the literal street where their offices are.  So maybe five minutes go by and here comes the doctor.  He was all out of breath and very winded.  I asked him if he had run here and he said he had!!  Much quicker than a car!  I glanced at the clock.  1:10 p.m.  Erica started pushing.  she is so tough.  I mean it she really, really is a tough one.  And he came.

I glanced at the clock again.  1:19 p.m.  All of nine minutes.  My hands were shaking so hard that some of my photos were blurry.  But here are a few more.  Well, a lot more.  I am a grandmother...what can I say??

Blake and Erica right before they started the induction.  She is my baby....but is she not just glamorous???

Getting a little intense....labor is very, very hard work.

Sweet parents.....they truly are a wonderful couple.

Meet my grandson...Brooks Lincoln Martin....

Are you my Mimi???  I am fweezing...get me a bwankie...pweeeese!!!

Thanks Mimi.....You are the best!

This little guy checked in at 8lbs and 3 oz and 21 inches long.  Big Boy!

I just love him.  He is my little Man-Cub!!  After all I am truly a grizzly mama bear when it comes to my babies.

Beautiful Aunt Megan....she is just the coolest Aunt ever.

My mama....Grammy.  this is her first great-grandson.  I think she is over the moon for him too! have great parents buddy. Great.

Big sisters were beyond thrilled to see this little guy.

Especially his biggest sister.  Piper is in love!  She could not keep her hands off this little guy.

Savannah liked him first.  Later she told me she didn't like him!  But I know she does!!

Savannah has just realized she is now the middle child!  Good Luck Brooks!

Thank you Jesus for a safe delivery and for a healthy baby and mommy.  I praise God for the many blessings he just keeps pouring down on my family.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sunday Afternoons

Most every Sunday I make a big Sunday lunch for my family.  This is something I love doing.  I have always loved lots of people around the table over good food and great conversations.  I never could stand stressful meals with tension so thick you could see it in the air.  Nope, that is just not my thing.  Been there....done that.  This Sunday I made a big pot roast with carrots and onions, a big bowl of mashed potatoes and biscuits.  After lunch I wanted to take some fall photos of the girls with there mommy walking down my driveway towards the cow pond.  the leaves are just so pretty down this dirt road.  Megan and Thad were going to help me wrangle these reluctant little girls.  Oh, the dreams I have in my head of all these great photos I see on Pinterest.......they are not reality.  Not.  this is what I got.

Savannah just would not cooperate.  At all.  Good grief!!  You would think she was just two years old the way she behaves!!!  Oh wait!  She is two....  Two with attitude to boot.

So I thought maybe I could get some sweet shots of them walking away from me.  I do love shots from the back.  I don't know why.  They always seem so longing and thought provoking to me.  Where are you going?  What are you thinking?  those kind of thoughts invade my head when I see them.  I'm weird.  Or quirky.  Or strange.  Or maybe all three rolled into one.  So I tried those.  this is what I got.

Sweet sisters.  They were really watching my dopey dog, Penny jumping around.

Not so bad....A Mommy and her little girls.  Getting big way too fast.

Deep conversation with Uncle Thad.  He is an awesome Uncle by the way.

Both girls just adore him and I am pretty sure that runs both ways.

Since I feel sure Erica will have this little man this week I wanted to get a dew of her.  She is a reluctant model too.  I honestly do not know why all my kids fight me so hard.  I am going to win.

She is so pretty.  She is just glowing from head to toe with baby-love.  I am so ready to meet you little guy!

Maybe by next Sunday I will have some precious newborn shots to share.....I so hope so!

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Piperisms and Savannahisms

Any day now I will welcome my newest grand baby to this world.  A grandson.  I cannot wait.  To hold him.  Kiss him.  Whisper in his tiny ear.  Tell him how much I love him.  And, of course, whisper the same thing I have whispered in his sisters' ears....."I'm your favorite".  Just kidding....kind of.  So I feel the need to write down some of the precious and funny things Piper and Savannah say and do before I forget what they are like at four and two years of age.

Miss Piper!


Piper you are the epitome of the first born child.  Organized, orderly and always in control and know exactly what we should do!  Some people may venture to say you are bossy.....not me!  I think you are wonderful.  Very motherly, loving and so kind.  You adore your little sister and always try to take care of her....even when she tears up whatever project you are attempting to display, you might screech a little but you are never cruel or mean to Savannah.  You love to sing, dance and have tea parties.  You are excellent at pouring tea from your little porcelain teapot into those tiny cups.  You love cooking and cooking shows on TV.  You are very crafty and love all things glittery, gluey and paintable.  For this anti-craft....I am learning to adapt because glitter and glue only last for a season.  You do not like "commercinals" on TV and "Dora" is still one of your favorites even though she gives me the creeps.  Sorry, do.  You love all things Christmasy which thrills my soul and I do believe that my passion for dishes has passed to your heart.  Yay!!  You are a fabulous table setter and know where to put everything without me telling you.  You love corndogs, pinto beans, pasta anything, pepperoni and goldfish.  You dislike taking a bath and having your hair washed.  But you love having your hair look all shiny and long.  You are a tender-headed little girl that I get so very much.  Hair pulling hurts....badly.  When I watch you my heart breaks just a tiny bit because you are getting too grown up too fast.  You will go to school next year and I truly hate that.  The world is just a cruel place and the fierce tiger-mama in me wants to protect you from it in the worst way.  Your innocence, purity and fragile self worth is just precious and I pray daily that God protect you from this vile world.  On the other hand, you are SO smart.  You can spell several words, count to 100+, do simple math, know all 50 states and put a USA map together in a flash.  You know all your shapes, colors, and you stay in the lines when you color!  You amaze me at how fast you grasp concepts and patterns.  I was never that smart.  Your memory is amazing.  You are going to be a terrific big sister to both of your little siblings.  I love you sweet girl!

Here She Comes!

Savannah you are the perfect little sister.  You are sweet, funny and full of personality.  Full.  Your smile is so sweet and lights up your whole face.  I love to come and see you because you always are so glad to see me!  You run up to me and hug me and say "Mimi" so loudly and so happily.  You just warm my heart to the core.  Where as your sister is "Miss Organization" you are "Godzilla".  You make sure we know you are here and here to seek and destroy.  You are getting better at not tearing up the little people play sets that your sister sets up and you too love a good tea party.  Though you want to pour tea in every cup, sugar bowl and creamer to the brim.  You are just that kind of girl.  To the brim.  You are just full of life, kisses, hugs, tears and laughs.  You say the funniest things.  One of them is whenever you do not get to do what you want you look at whoever and with complete indignation you say, "Yes, my do!"  or "No my not".  I love that.  You eat ...nothing.  Except for two bites of a cookie, nutella, grapes and cereal.  You love orange juice though.  Just like your mama does.  Potty training has been a huge inconvenience to you.  The other day your mama found you in y'alls time-out chair.  When she asked you why you were sitting there you looked at her and said, "I in time out cause I pooped in my panties."  You grin when we ask you if you are supposed to pee on Ariel, Minnie Mouse, Belle or whoever don't care.  Funny stuff.  You love to sing, swing, run, color and Peppa Pig.  Which I must confess Peppa is pretty cool.  You are so cuddly and sweet even when you are pitching a huge temper tantrum I know the sweetness is coming.  Your vocabulary, like your sister, is huge.  Both of you girls talk and converse amazingly well.  You love wagon rides, riding toys and just being outside.  You like crafts too and I see a budding Christmas tree lover coming out of you too!  Right now you are the baby.  And you know it.  Sweet girl, your world is getting ready to be rocked.  Middle child....  But if anyone can adapt it would be you Savannah.  You have already given to your new brother to be your paci, diapers, crib and baby toys.  You are so giving and so sweet you will never be overshadowed at all.  No fears there.  You remind me of your Aunt Megan.  You do not just sit idly are a very present and attention grabbing child!!  Whether it is by swallowing a hair clip (scary!!) to shoving a crazy eye craft sticker up your nose (funny and required a trip to the ER) to just hopping down the driveway like a kangaroo you make all eyes fall on you all the time.  I love you butterbean....

Both of you little girls are just the light of life and each moment with you is precious to me.  I pray daily for the both of you that you learn to love God and desire to serve Him and stay on the path He has for each of you.  You were knit together by His very hands!  When I consider that as I watch you each my heart just swells with love, gratitude and thanksgiving for the blessing that each of you are to me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


This past weekend I went on a little getaway with some girlfriends.  It was really, really nice.  I was worried about my daughter because:

1.  She has a baby due in 3 weeks
2.  She had another UTI....and a baby due in 3 weeks
3.  She has never made it to 38 weeks....and has a baby due in 3 weeks

But after talking with her numerous times she did nothing but encourage me to go I went.  I was in charge of two things on this trip.  Breakfast on Saturday morning and the devotionals for each day.  Both me and my friends felt that all my doubts and fears were just attacks by the enemy and we were all correct.  He was after us all.....where God is going to show up Satan wants to sabotage.  The drive up was great.  Kelley's cabin is in the deep woods of Virginia and makes you feel a zillion miles away but in reality is only ninety minutes from home.  There is no phone service at all.  None.  She does have a land line up there that is a pure God send.  I went but I am still a mama that is nervous about her child.  Did I mention she is having a baby in 3 weeks or less??  Kelley, Sherry, Heidi and myself went up early to get things settled.  We built a fire, gathered extra wood and made a pot of soup for supper.  The other four came up around nine that night.  We stayed up late and talked and laughed and talked and laughed.  We all turned in around 1:30 a.m.  Only to get up at a few minutes after 7 the next morning to this:


Just a light dusting...but it was gorgeous

On Saturday morning I made overnight pumpkin french toast and raisin steel cut oatmeal.  It was just what the doctor ordered.  We settled in for some more talking.  We girls love to talk.  We talked about a variety of topics from our kids, our husbands, our parents, our church and we talked a lot about things we find funny.  If you were listening you would find that for the most part what made us laugh also makes 7 year old boys laugh.....bathroom humor!  Even stately "Church Ladies" find diarrhea funny.  We had a fabulous lunch prepared by Sherry of pasta salad and chicken salad and then we settled down for our devotion time.  I was led by God to speak about "What's Your Lonely?"  I have felt in recent months (years) empty and hollow.  When something is hollow we fill it up with whatever....not always good stuff.  I spoke on the loneliness that plagued me.  Not just about being alone but real loneliness.  The kind that drowns us.  Kelley spoke up and relayed how badly she missed her children who both live several states away.  Ellen shared how the death of her husband was still so very hard.  Brenda spoke about her brother's death as shattering to her.  Heidi spoke about the death of her brother years ago and the wake it had left in her own life.  Sherry talked about her feelings of being overwhelmed with her current season of life.  Each one of us shared her very own "lonely".  That night Angie made a fabulous meal for us of shrimp and grits.  Ah-may-zing!!!  It was too good.  On Sunday morning we woke up early again after a late night of talking.  We had a great old fashioned southern breakfast of eggs, biscuits, sausage and gravy prepared by Brenda and Kelley.  Then we had church.  I finished up the devotional about how we have victory over these issues in our lives.  Not the victory that will come when we get to heaven but the small victories here...but the best part was the concert of prayer.  We each and everyone prayed.  For each other, for ourselves, our nation, our families and each others needs.  We spoke praises to God...who is SO worthy.  It was just a wonderful weekend.  We got back home safe and sound to our families.  I got to hug my grandbabies and see my beautiful daughters.  God is so good....even when we getaway!

On a side note I did take several photos of the girls.  None of which I will post because not one was flattering to any of us!!!  Including myself!  I even got a group shot but whoa-nelly!  Some things are just better left on the mountain.