my babies

my babies

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What Matters

This past weekend David and I attended a Marriage Seminar at our church.  Some people asked us why in the world we were going since we have only been married a little over a year!  Well....our marriage matters.  A lot!  We both know that marriage is hard at best and we both believe that good, Christian advice goes a very long way.  Plus....who does not want a better marriage??  It was held Friday night and all day Saturday by a husband/wife team.  However, our Pastor called me on Thursday (the day before!) and asked me if i would lead the breakout session for the wives and before i could answer he put the husband of the seminar on the phone.  He explained how his wife was more of a support system than a leader and really was not comfortable leading.  I prayed a quick second (and I mean quick) and said....gulp....yes.  I had one friend who told me to call back and say NO!  That I was in no way equipped but I didn't.  I really prayed then and I asked God to help me and I felt in my heart that I should do this and that He would equip me.  The breakout session went great.  The women responded and the wife of the seminar team said it was fantastic.  I did nothing.....but God showed up.  I told the women right up front I was divorced and had a tension filled marriage for years and years.  I made a lot of mistakes and that this time around....we both were so committed to a Godly marriage.  On the Friday we had some homework.  To select off a sheet from 100 choices to pick around 10 ways we liked to be shown love from our spouse.  That was a little hard because my husband (the best man ever) did 90% already!  He is just so wonderful.  He said the same thing about me but I was quick to inform him that he was so easy to love and to show love too.  The other homework was to write down things we needed to ask forgiveness for.....hard stuff.  David so sweetly said, "You have nothing to write down."  But I did have a couple of things I felt I needed to ask forgiveness for and he had a couple.  I forgave him, of course because he is just such a wonderful man.  We came away from the seminar aware and reminded of what really matters in this life that God so richly blesses.  I told the ladies to do for their husbands,  clean up for him, pick up after him, cook for him, listen to him and want to be with him.  All these things seem so "old timey" to young women nowadays but.....they are Godly.  There is a course for everything in this world but one thing we so desperately need in this world is good, old fashioned "Housewife" school.  Even if you work a full time job you still are a wife and you still have a house.  Our husbands do countless things for us wives that go unseen and unsaid.  So turn his socks, empty his pockets before washing, cook his favorite dinner and for Pete's sake.....wear something different besides an old ratty t-shirt and floral pajama pants to bed!!!  That goes a long way and causes absolutely no stress to your lives together.  Is he not worth it??  Young women today are so pounded by this world to grab for their rights and to fight.  I found this Pin on Pinterest the other day and it really sums up what I want to say:

Women should not follow the world.  They should be tender, kind, refined, with faith, goodness in their hearts, with virtue and pure.

This is what matters

Friday, April 6, 2018

He is 2

My sweet and spunky Finley turned 2 years old on March 11th.  Thad and Megan had a birthday party a week later to celebrate because it has been a horrible, wet, snowy and freezing spring!!  Summer time cannot come quick enough for this old gal.  I took a ton of photos because there was a ton of kids there.  Who knew 2 year olds had so many friends??  I don't think I had any friends when I was two!!  Finley had a blast and so did all the other little kids.  It was a farm themed party because he is obsessed with pigs.  I mean obsessed.  All he talks about is pigs.  He just loves them.  His favorite gift was a plastic pig that oinked when you squeezed it.  Once he opened it he didn't put it down.  So sweet!

Here is my smiley little Finley!  Happy 2nd Birthday buddy!

Hooray!!  I'm 2!!!!

Megan and her life-long friend Kelsey with their boys, Finley and Brock.

Even birthday boys wear out after a little while!

Helping Finley blow out his candles....He did a great job blowing them out!!

Driving his buddies around in his old, reliable jeep!

Here are all his cousins eating all the cute little farm snacks!

Happy Birthday little Finley!!

You are the funniest and smartest little guy.  You have a huge vocabulary and talk non stop.  You love to figure things out and you love to just play and be super busy.  But you still love to snuggle up and let someone read to you.  You still cuddle up with "bunny" for every nap and bedtime and just when you need a little comfort.  Finley, I pray that you become a strong little boy with strong convictions and follow after Jesus.  Your Mimi and Pap-paw love you and want the best for you.  Can't wait to see what this year has in store for you!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

When there are just no words...

We are on spring break from school and boy, am I glad.  We had a great Easter as a family.  Everyone came to our home and we had a great lunch together, the grand babies hunted eggs in the yard and the dog only ate two of them!  We have a big family.  A loud family.  But I love them and am so grateful for them.  Especially since this spring season I have watched two families say goodbye to some really close family.  The first was a high school friend.  She lost her son almost two weeks ago now.  We went to church together for years.  Her son was the same age as my youngest daughter.  Just 29.  He died of a drug overdose.  There is no use in hiding it, covering up or excusing it away.  It is just so very sad.  His addiction was enormous and God took this boy home.  He accepted Jesus as his savior as a child and he loved the Lord.  He did.  At many times in his young life he was very active in the church and with his faith.  But wrong turns, wrong friends and wrong choices took him over.  A younger version of myself would have been harsh and judgmental on this tragedy.  But my older self is softer, more understanding and Praise Jesus....less condemning.  God took this boy home.  I gave his mama a t-shirt with his and all the other 2 -3 year old hand prints on it.  I used to teach this boy in our toddler class in church and had hung on tho this t-shirt I made for years only because my daughters' hand print was on it.  I pray it gives her comfort.  At the visitation she had a shirt of his wadded up in her hands and would hold it to her heart and occasionally smell it.  The shirt held his scent.  I remember smelling my own little girls hair.  their clothes, sheets....just whiffs of them.  She broke my heart.  There was nothing to say.  No words.  Nothing to really comfort her.  Or his father.  Sister.  Brother.  Grandparents.  Just tears.  He is free now.  No more addiction.  He's home.  The other was my dear friend Angie.  She kissed her husband and held his hand into the arms of Jesus just a couple of days ago.  He had brain cancer and it robbed her of her husband.  They were like my husband and me.  Second marriages.  Finding each other later in life so not a lifetime of memories.  But is there ever enough?  Even though we all knew his time was short and at the end we prayed for God to take him.  Suffering is so hard to watch when you love someone so deeply.  They had a wonderful celebration of life last night and my friend looked beautiful.  The stress on her face was almost gone.  Her husband is free now too.  Free of sickness, pain and disease.  Still, I have no words to really offer her.  Since I am basically selfish all I can think about is ....what if it was my child?  My husband?  I tell myself, "I couldn't live"...but in reality, I could.  God's perfect grace would abound.  But let's put it out there for all the world to that a grace I want to take part in?  No. Watching my Megan sob over this classmates casket was hard.  I sure don't want to hang over hers.  Seeing my friend turn into a widow before she is even 60 years old is hard.  I sure don't want to be one.  I'm not going to even pretend to understand God in these times.  He is too lofty and wise for the likes of me.  I am just grateful.  For the time I have with my husband, children, grandchildren and parents.  Just watching them run around leaves me with no words....just smiles.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

I'm a total slacker!

Well, I have been a total slacker for the last several months on this here blog and I am super sorry.  I have tons to say.  tons of memories I need to put down because I sure 'nuff won't remember.  I have tons of opinions on things.  Tons of things I have learned and relearned but.....I'm a slacker.  Wish there was a 12 step program for this.  I have already admitted it so I need to be to step 2 but where is the rehab place??  I hope it is somewhere warm and tropical because that is for sure not here.  We have a snow thing coming in tonight.  On the first day of spring, mind you.  I am so over winter.  So.  Over.  It.  But here are a couple of things going on and a super short synapses on them.

I had a birthday in February -  I am officially old. hooray for me!

My dear friend sherry and I took our daughters to see Beth Moore at a Living Proof Conference - amazing, time in the word and an amazing message to this soul.  Great weekend!

We are finishing up the Bible study on "Friends" - also amazing.  Learned so much about friendship and the true meaning of friends and what a friend to me Jesus is.  No matter what a crummy one I am to Him.

Celebrated my first anniversary - and to say the least I love my husband so much more is a total understatement.  What a blessing and treasure he is to me.

Remodeled our kitchen - and once again, what an awesome, amazing husband I have.  The kitchen of my dreams, so great!

Praying for so many - I have several close and dear, sweet sisters in the Lord who are battling horrible things right now.  One is watching her husband die of awful cancer, one is struggling with a sister who is out of control (at 68 years old...sin never ceases) and one is helping her husband begin the process of losing his father to...cancer.  Praying all the time for these precious girls.

My grand babies are growing like weeds.  All of them are so smart and sweet and fun.  Finley just turned 2 years old and I can't believe it!  One other little nugget.....I am turning in my retirement forms this year.  Yep.  I am officially retiring from the school system and to say that I am so excited about that is a huge understatement too.  This old gal is wore slap out every day and the thoughts of doing my job for 20 more years just about makes me cry.  So all in all things are going great and I am so thankful to the Lord for all His blessings that he pours out on this wayward child of His.  His mercies never cease girls....never.

Friday, January 19, 2018


This coming Wednesday night we will start a brand new Ladies Bible Study.  It is called "We Saved You A Seat", by Lisa-Jo Baker.  I have cheated a little bit and went ahead and did some of the first weeks homework.  So far I am loving it.  This study is all about how to be a friend like Jesus.  It is based on how Jesus guarded His friends.  Prayed for them.  Protected them.  How friendship is not a casual thing to the Lord but very serious.  He takes friendship to the heart.  Do we?  Do I?  I want to but let's face it.  I don't.  We don't.  Sometimes friends make us weary and tired.  Sometimes I make my friends weary and tired.  We hurt one another.  We let each other down.  We disappoint each other.  And sometimes....we give up on each other and discard that friend.  The first thing this study tackles is that no matter that?  No.  Matter.  What......Jesus never, ever gives up on us.  Never discards us.  We are called to be like Jesus.  John 15:13 tells us to lay down our lives for our friends.  Just like Jesus.  Wow.  Would I do that?  For my husband?  In a second. For my children?  Yes ma'am.  For my grand babies?  In a skinny minute.  But for my friends?  That takes some serious and I mean serious consideration.  Don't be judging would think twice too!  To love them that much.  I have some dear and wonderful friends.  Very dear to me.  I even call them my sisters.  This study is already teaching me how much I need to be a better friend but not only that ....I need to be a different kind of friend.  To let the walls I have so carefully built be torn down.  To allow them into my secret heart.  To desire to be part of their secret heart.  To not feel burdened by friendship.  That sounds very heavy and it is.  Friends can sometimes be a burden.  But it is one we are not meant to carry alone.  I need to learn to pray for my friends like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane.  He earnestly and agonized over prayers forks friends.  How do I pray for mine?  How do you pray for your friends?  I am excited about this study and all that it offers to teach me as I lead the ladies through the weeks.  I have some unique plans for them in reaching out and making some new friends.  Hopefully, Jesus will use this study will touch their lives and hearts like He has already started to touch mine.


Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Almost a year

It is snowing today.  Quiet.  Peaceful.  Falling so softly.  Just a beautiful snow.  I may post a picture later but.....we will see.  Earlier today I walked past my husband since we are both home today and he reached out for me.  I gave him a quick kiss and said, "You know, we have almost been married a whole year."  We both agreed that it had been so fast and hardly seemed like any time at all.  He commented that years go faster, babe, when you are older.  He is so right.  So very fast.  I still can't believe I am married yet almost a full year.  The magic is still there for me.  I still have butterflies when I see him.  Still can't wait for him to come home.  A friend of mine just got remarried at school a couple of months ago.  She was a widow for close to 9 years. She told me yesterday that after this past weekend she almost called her new husband to come back....she needed him.  He lives in their home a few hours away and she still lives here until the end of the school year and until she sells her home.  She told me she didn't want to "need" him like she does.  When you are alone for a long time whether by death or get very independent.  I don't like to say hard but ....maybe a little hardened.  Softening that takes some time.  I am softening little by little.  Depending on this man is coming easier.  Knowing he will never purposefully disappoint me or hurt me is sinking in little by little.  Knowing how much he really loves me is tendering this heart.  I told her to give it some time and she will grow to love her need of him.  I have.  Even though it is so scary when you have been alone for a long time.  It has been almost a whole year as a wife and my life is so different in this marriage.  Things are so different this time.  I told him the other night before we went to bed just how thankful I was that he was just so easy.  There is no tension, no fears, no anxieties with him.  I know what to expect for the most part.  I never walk on eggshells.  Marriage is not easy and I never want to diminish it with a word like that.  Marriage should be work.  It is a constant effort of dying to ones self and placing your spouse above yourself.  My man makes this so easy though.  He is so kind and so patient.  This first year is going so fast.....I want fifty more.  It pulls at my heart something fierce that I probably will not get fifty.  I think that makes him and our marriage all the more precious.  I am sitting upstairs in our office right now.  Watching the snow fall.  Thinking....almost a year.  Thank you, Lord.  Thank you.

Friday, December 29, 2017

a boy and his pigs.....and a bunny

yesterday i got the sweet privilege to watch my little grandson finley for a good chunk of the day.  he is just the sweetest thing.  so funny and so very smart.  he really can talk up a storm and he talks all the time.  one of his favorite things are pigs.  he played with some fisher-price little people pigs all day.  occasionally he would play with something else but always brought the pigs along too.  he cooked in the play kitchen and fed his pigs some...bacon.  who knew they liked it?  everybody else does so pigs can too!  just watching him it made me think when does a little boy (or girl) lose this love of something that they play with.  that attachment to a toy.  i don't know one adult who totes around a rag doll or a truck or a blankie from place to place.  but i see kids doing it.  i see parents fussing about it.  i don't really see grandparents fussing about it....we know it is gone too soon.  watching finley play with his pigs and occasionally pick up his bunny lovey blanket to sniff every now and then was just precious.  just a boy and his pigs and bunny.  no electronics or batteries needed.  just making the pigs walk around a barn, eat some bacon, jump in a truck and then good ole bunny to just smell for a second then place back down by his little side.  i think bunny must smell like home.  makes me wish we all had a bunny when the stresses of life cave in.  nothing is comfort like home.  i can't base this on anything Biblical at all.  not one bit of scripture backs this theory up but i do believe that God might just keep our bunnies, loveys, dolls, blankies our whatevers....for our homes in heaven.  we won't need them but just that thought that He cares for us so very much that something that brought us such comfort as a baby would be something i think the Lord Jesus would keep.  sounds so very silly, i know but watching my little boy and his pigs and his bunny.  not so silly at all....

just resting his little head

has his pigs in his hands ready to play

come on mommy pig....let's go play

carefully watching them between his knees

brought in his hippo to play for a while

getting ready to introduce a cow to the group

time for a quick snuggle of bunny

bunny sniffing is our fave

these days will be gone far too soon.  replaced with baseball, football, running around outside, school, cars and growing up way too fast.......give me a boy and his pigs and his bunny any old time