my babies

my babies

Monday, February 8, 2016

34 weeks, Showers galore and Maternity Pics...AKA "Catching Up"

I have been a busy, busy woman the last week and half!  But a bunch of things have happened and lots has been going on.  In schedule is very slow to adapt to dating.  Good grief, it is most assuredly for the young!  But a few updates on my Megan.

She is glowing!!!

This was made last week when she was 34 weeks but now she is really 35 weeks....I'm a little behind.

I gave her a baby shower last week and her co-workers gave her one this week.  She got the most beautiful and wonderful gifts.  We have an amazing church family and she has fabulous co-workers.

These are all random from both showers and totally unedited.  But we had a wonderful time at both of them.

I made these and thought they were so cute!!

Megan really hates action shots but oh well.....

She got so many great things!

These two were nursery buddies at church and now their babies will be.  Anna is due 3 weeks after Megan and of course it is with my little man's girlfriend to be!!

All our little mama's to be at the shower.  All are due just weeks within each other.

Savannah loves being a helper!

Before her pregnancy Meg was a runner....Now she can run with her baby in tow!

Now here are just a few of the ton I took for her Maternity Photos.  I looked like a walrus when I was pregnant.  Girls are so much cuter now!

They are going to be the cutest parents ever!

Thad is so excited!  Megan just glows!

They wanted a serious pose....I just love this one!

Can you put this love in a bottle and sell it???

Once again, I am so blessed....Thank you Lord for all your many blessings to my sweet family.

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Kelley said...

Love them all. She is gorgeous> Miss her and Erica loads. See you soon