my babies

my babies

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Weeks 30 & 31

Megan is coming along just beautifully.  She is just as cute as a bug!!!  I always loved being pregnant.  Feeling my sweet baby move was like harboring a secret that was just for me.   That tiny baby was just mine to hold and caress and whisper too.  I didn't have to share anything about the baby.  But Megan is not liking being pregnant very much.  She thinks she is fat.  She is struggling with reaching and breathing and all kinds of things.  But I think and her sweet husband thinks she is just gorgeous.  Every photo I take she only sees her "double" chin.  I am thinking that after she has this little man she is going to see how precious and beautiful she is carrying that tiny miracle.

Here she is at 30 weeks...I think she is just gorgeous

She tells me I have to say that because she is my daughter.

They are starting to get their nursery together.  


I love his crib and his bedding.  the walls are a light gray and they painted the old hardwood floors a darker gray.  when it is all finished I will take some better photos.

She has her first baby shower this weekend and she is so excited.  Megan is just such a blessing to me and I thank God for my sweet girls every day.

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Anonymous said...

Like her mother she is gorgeous!