my babies

my babies

Monday, April 20, 2015

Spring In The South

I have made it no deep, dark secret that spring is not my favorite season.  Before you slap me explain.  For the most part spring is windy, cold and damp.  The ground is cold.  The wind is cold.  The air is cold.  When I look out a window and it looks so warm and inviting and then I step outside and am suddenly cold and the wind is so brisk that it hurts my bones, well, I just stay in and whine.  Also, spring can be very stormy.  Now I do love thunder and lightning.  I love to watch it light up the sky and the loud booms just thrill me.  I am wary of all they bring in the picture.  Right now a storm is brewing and our local weather people better have on depends because they are about to wet their pants they are so excited.  My poor dog is already a worried mess.  She follows me everywhere and is so nervous.  So I know a storm is coming.  I had to shut all the bedroom doors because she has already jumped up on the beds and she knows that is a huge no-no for her.

Here are a few pictures I went outside to take.  I didn't edit anything at all.  See how the wind is just whipping my Bradford Pear Trees?

Pardon the power lines.....It's a twister, Dorothy!

Hope it doesn't blow away the last of the Dogwood blossoms.

It has greened up so much these past few days!

See how green and lush everything looks!!?

I just love Dogwood trees.  My pink one died the year before last and I think I may have cried a bit.

The Pin Oaks are getting so full.

More wind just a'whippin....

Can you see it??  This is not a blurry photo just huge gusts of wind.

I love all seasons and just marvel at the wonders that God places in each of them.  My heart just longs for the long days of summer.  Since the spring has been so pretty I am hoping for long, hot and sunny days this summer.  Summer in the south is even more beautiful with the flowers and the sunsets and the fire flys and the sunrises and the birds and I don't even have to put on a coat!

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