my babies

my babies

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Baby Wrangling

This week I got the opportunity to take my great-niece's 6 months photos.  She did great!!!  Today I got the chance to take all four of the babies photos.  A cousin shot we called it.....well I feel like I have been shot.  Baby wrangling is super hard y'all...super hard!  Nobody wants to look at you.  Nobody wants to put their hands sown, or out of their mouth.  Somebody is crying.  somebody has fell over.  But bless their little hearts, I did get some cute shots.  Then when I went to edit them I totally forgot to change the settings on my camera and several were way off color or some other wonky thing!!  It was a beautiful day though.  The ground was pretty chilly and very wet and I think that is why in some little Kyra was teary.  I think the wet ground soaked up through my quilt.  Brooks is just surrounded by females and he looks pretty solemn in most of the pictures.  I think he already knows he is way out numbered and don't really stand a chance.  The girls in our family are strong-willed to say the least.Piper and Savannah should be old hat at the super model life they have been forced to live with a built in paparazzi person in their faces since day one but I still have to tell them to smile, put your arms down, look at me and not the ground or the sky or the trees or a bird or the dog!!!!  Here are a few to look at.

Savannah had a hard time holding her (big) little brother up.

Poor Brooks...down he went again.

Now they are both tipping over....good grief

Kyra reaching over for a quick tug on Brooks' ear.

Piper the ever posing child and Savannah has just zoned right out.

Kyra says, "I am done, Aunt Mimi!  Done, I say!"

So here come the pretty mommies to the rescue.  Brooks is still fascinated with the ground.

We then moved over to my mothers' house.  The girls wanted to put on fancy dresses and Brooks proceeded to spit up all over himself so he got stuck wearing a baseball onsie and sweatpants.  He didn't care.

I got my hands in the air like I just don't care!!!

My sweet girls.  I just love them.

Now there is my happy girl.  She is so easy to love.

Three do not really fit to well in the "fancy" chair,

Now she is happy....she has her mommy!

My babies.....I cannot imagine my life without them.

Future partners in crime.

Aunt Mimi...I said I was done!!!  Mimi?  Can you please stop...pretty please??

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