my babies

my babies

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Photos with Santa

I love Santa Claus.  He gets a bad rap at times I think.  I played Santa when my kids were little and they have grown up to be fine Christian women that I am very proud of!  Last night I took Piper and Savannah to have Breakfast with Santa at Megan's church.  Blake and Erica had their Sunday School party and they took little Brooks with them.  Aaron and Brittany came too and brought sweet little Kyra to see Santa.  There were no tears either!!!

Piper was so excited!!  Savannah...not so much!

Little sweeties.  This is such a great Santa.  He really looks like that too...minus the red suit.

Merry Christmas, everybody

Piper looks a little unsure about Santa holding Kyra.  Savannah is starting to look a little skeered!

I just love my babies.....

Kyra is so sweet and so pretty and friendly.  I think she really liked Ole St. Nick!

I have always taught my children and now my grand children  the true meaning of Christmas.  We are baking a cake for Jesus' Birthday and they know the Christmas story in the Bible.  We show them with the Nativity Scene how the joyous event of Christ's birth is real and true and the only thing Christmas is really about.  But we do have fun with all the make believe of Santa.  This is such a happy and joyful time of the year for young ones and for us old ones too!

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