my babies

my babies

Monday, December 29, 2014

Just taking a break....

I am taking a break from "undecorating" my house for Christmas.  Every single year of my adult life I say the exact same thing.....under my breath.  "i am never putting all this stuff up again....this is toooooo much work.....i don't even like this thing anymore...."  And on and on and on I go.  Then when the next Thanksgiving comes around "BAM!"  I put it all up again and most years even more!  I must have a combo disease like ADHD-heimers or something.  There is no cure.  So while I am taking a slight break from this explosion in my house here are some darling faces from last night.

My love-bugs....

Piper!!!  When did you become a real little girl???   Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

I am still purty little Mimi!  Yes, you are my snuggle-bug.

She is just getting too big too fast!

This little pile of fun is always up to something...

Hey there my little man-cub....  You are my new little snuggly-buggly.

First smiles.....Hey there Mimi,  I love spending time with snuggling and cuddling.  You're the best!

Wait a minute....why are you making me sit up in the middle of this bed.  What's up?

I'm up, that's what little Bro......  What!!! me!

I won't hurt you little brother.  I just want to hug you close and tight and really, really hard.  Oh, man...can you make her scoot over....please...pwetty pwease???

Mimi...why you no help me???  Well, little Brooks, she really is a good snuggler.  Give her a chance.  See that sweet little smile??  She loves you, man.

Don't worry, little Bro....I got this.  She can't chase us both down....let's go!

Now, I am headed back to the war zone or my living room....whichever.

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