my babies

my babies

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Oh, The Places You'll Go!!!

This past week-end I went with my sweet friend, Kelley, to visit her daughter Molly in Ohio.  I have never been up there and it was really super fun.  She lives in Toledo, Ohio in a little suburb called Oregon.  Isn't that funny...I went to Oregon in Ohio!  Anyway they had a bad rainstorm on Wednesday night from the hurricane and so they celebrated Halloween on Saturday night.  It was handsdown the best Halloween of my life!  There neighborhoods all sit on their driveways and porches with fires in those little firepits and pass out the greatest candy and were so nice!  People dress up and decorate out the wazoo.  So fun.  Molly's children had a blast.  The next day Molly took us up to Michigan to "Frankenmuth".  this is a Christmas shopping village that is the largest in the world.  It was supposed to be 45 minutes away but it turned out to be 2 hours and 30 minutes away!!!  But the drive was nice and I saw so much of this country that I will probably never see again.  We even got kind of lost on the East side of Detroit........very scary.  When we got to the Bronners Christmas Store in Frankenmuth,  Kelley, Molly, her daughter Macy and I stood slack-jawed like Will Ferrell in the mailroom on Elf.  To say we were overwhelmed was the least.  I have never in my life seen so much Christmas stuff.  Ah-may-zing!!!  We did not even make a dent before we had to leave.  I would love to go back there and spend about a week.  We also got to visit their church up there in Toledo and it was so nice.  Molly's husband, Dan, is the youth ministries pastor and he is really a great guy.  He loves the Lord, his wife and his children and it was so obvious.  Wonderful family.  I am really grateful to my friend for asking me to go with her.  I really did have a great time.

Now, this Friday I am going to see Chris Tomlin with my other dear friend, Tracy.  I cannot wait.  He is one of my favorites!!!  I love this busy time of the year!!!

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