my babies

my babies

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Different Kind Of Memorial Day

Every year on Memorial Day my family usually gets together and have a cookout and just be together. This year was no different. I am so grateful to all the soldiers past and present who have given their lives for my freedom. My own daddy served in the US Army in Korea and I am very grateful I still have him. This year Memorial Day was a little different. We said goodbye to a special girl. Maggie, our 15 year old golden retriever. She was such a sweet girl. She had hip displaysia pretty bad but hobbled around okay. She went into heart failure early Monday morning and we made the decision to have her put down. That is so hard. Just last year I had to put both of my dogs down within a couple of months apart and it was just horrible. I am going to miss Maggie and the way she would smile at you and shove you with her big ole paw. She is one I will always remember.

Sweet old girl. We will miss you, Maggie.

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