my babies

my babies

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Some thoughts.....

Hey Y'all,

Here are some things I have been thinking as of late..... Why do I agonize over Christmas decorations like I do??? I act as if I am decorating the White House (I wish I was!!!) with the way I fuss and rearrange and move things about. Believe me when I say I am the only one who ever notices whether or not my snow owl is peeking out at the right angle from the tree.

Why do some women go to the gym to flaunt their not so hot selves and look (and act) like loose women????? Where is there self-respect? Their morality? It makes me just want to give them either a good shake or a fierce hug and tell them to just stop and look in the mirror!!! Yes, I have been at the gym again.

Why are families falling apart right and left? From famous people who have cameras shoved in their faces all the time to ordinary people with extraordinary problems that are just hammering away at their homes.

This is my first Christmas with one of my girls out of the house and the changes in my home this year have been tremendous. This adjustment is hard and I do believe it will get harder before it gets any easier. I am so sorry to sound so blue and gloomy but that is my mood this day and I just cannot pull myself out of it. Maybe tomorrow I will feel better. At least until I get to the gym for Zumba class and then I will fire up again!

Bless y'all!!!


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