my babies

my babies

Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Time!!!

Hey Y'all,

I tried to finish all my Christmas shopping today. Tried is the key word. It took me ONE hour to get out of the mall parking lot. Then I went to TJ Maxx where I proceeded to practically get in a fistfight with 2 people(?) who blocked my car in so they could grab a "drank". I usually say a drink but then I did assume they were people too. then I slid across the street to "The Fresh Market". My favorite grocery store next to Harris Teeter. Everyone there is so nice and the store is so pretty and festive. I wanted to buy a beef tenderloin to fix for my extended family get-together on Christmas night but there were only two left and one was 79.22 and the other was 81.56. So I guess we will be eatin' hamburger helper with the fam! Holy cow! Literally!! I did buy one Asian pear. It was so pretty in its little checkerboard sponge wrap. I can't wait to eat it. They are a little pricey too but since I am the only one who will eat them I splurged the 2.49 on myself. I got some really pretty stocking stuffers. They have lovely old world candy that my girls were convinced only Santa had at the North Pole. Those days are sadly gone but they are crushed if they don't get any. When I got home Megan and I went to Zumba and I kept my cool since all the ladies there were modest and didn't shimmy and shake all the way out the door. I have wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and now I am fixin' to take a bath. Praying that each one of my faithful readers has a deep sense of joy this Christmas. Times are hard. Life is hard. But the joy of Jesus is a soothing thing.

Bless Y'all,


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