my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Backyard Update!!

We are almost there!!  Practically for the whole month of July we have worked everyday in our backyard on the the pool.  There are still a few things but for the most part it is ready!  I am so in love with how things have turned out.  Take a look......

Getting all the concrete poured was a major task.

I was fascinated at how great this all flowed

My super sweet hubby putting in the cabinets for the kitchen

He is very excited about this part.

The stone masons were hard at work!  Such great guys!

It is just looking so great.  I could not be happier!

Last night we set up the lounge chairs and potted some flowers.

The view from the back porch.  I just love it!!!!!

When I got married to this wonderful guy I never knew how much he would make even my smallest dreams come true.  God is just so good all the time.  All.  The.  Time.  Five short years ago I was alone, scared and my future (to me) looked really shaky.  Three three years ago I was finally leveling out that God had a plan and it might just be me.  Just me.  Me and the Lord.  And He was enough.  Just enough.  All I needed.  And then in His goodness He sent this man into my life.  What a blessing.  Even without a pool and all the stuff that he has built with it.....God provided a wonderful blessing in this husband of mine.  I just love him.

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