my babies

my babies

Monday, July 10, 2017

My Summer Project!!!

When my husband first started talking to me about maybe getting married he asked me if I would sell my house.  I had either lived with or beside my parents for most of my life and was very attached to my house and to them.  But....I loved this man and I love him even more each day so I looked at him and asked..."Would you build me a pool?"  He said, "I will build you a pool."  so I said I would sell my house.  Done deal!  Take a look......

He hates his picture made....but I don't care.  Such a sweetie!!

Tracy our brick mason has been super helpful

Here comes the track hoe!

The bucket holds these two just perfect!

The girls loved sitting in the big equipment

And this boy!  I could eat him up....ALL smiles at the twacters!!

That first hole!!!!

Digging away!

Layering the gravel for underneath

Delivering the pool

This thing looks huge!!  Like a ship in the sky

Setting it in the ground.  See how strong my man is??/  One handed!

Time to start back filling the sides.

Setting the tanning ledge.

I have a ton more pictures but I will post those later this week.  It is coming right along super quick though.  I even swam on get rocks off the bottom!  I am just so grateful for a man that keeps his word and has such conviction.  It really is more than I ever dreamt of for sure.  God is just so good to have brought such a treasure into my life.  So worth the wait!

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