my babies

my babies

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Getting Excited!

The one thing I knew I would miss greatly from my old house was my pool.  I love a pool.  To me it is like a vacation every single day.  I work that thing like a job.  When people say to me "They are so much work!"  I just tell them real quick....No it isn't.  A couple of minutes a day.  Literally 2.  You vacuum it once or twice a summer..if you don't have tons of trees that is...and you're done.  Easy peasy.  Well, my sweet husband promised he would build me a pool if I would sell my house and like the honorable guy he just is.....we started on it this week!!!

Getting ready to dig the footings for the pool house

Looking good!

Here comes the dump truck with gravel and sand!

Footings poured and set!

The brick came bright and early the next morning.

My man is so cool.  He does everything with such thought and does not leave one thing out!

I will post the progress as it comes.  the pool is due to arrive next Wednesday.  We are going with a fiberglass pool with a large tanning ledge.  I am just so excited!!  I'm trying not to act like a little kid...but it's hard!

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