my babies

my babies

Friday, May 26, 2017


Yesterday was my sweet, little Savannah's fifth birthday.   She's five.  Five years can this be?  Suddenly she has just gotten so big and so many changes are coming.  This fall she will go to school.  I can't think about that right now or I will start to cry.  Thinking about Savannah over the last five years describes her to a tee.  A blur.  That is what she is .... a blur.  she runs everywhere.  she is as fast as lightning.  Her emotions are a blur too.  She is laughing her head off and then crying her eyes out in a flash.  She is such a little beauty too.  I know, I know...I am her Mimi so I am very partial.  But....she really is so very pretty.  I pray often for my grand babies.  I pray for there safety.  For there choices.  For their salvation at an early age.  I pray for their futures and for many other things.  So Since you are now five, Savannah, I am praying for your school life and for the people that will come into your life through school.  May you bring joy to your teachers and your sweet and new little friends.  What a blessing you are to us.

You just light up all over

So pretty....

Wasn't this yesterday??

Always a diva!

And just a little bit sassy!

Such a cutie...hiding in the leaves with the dog!

I love you my little love-bug!

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