my babies

my babies

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Spring Break Catch-Up

I have been absent quite a bit from blogging since I got married because I have been super busy and life is just way too fast!  But last week we were out of school and I am getting most everything moved from my old house to my new house and hopefully, prayerfully soon....things will be back to normal.  Well..... at least my kind of normal!  Over the break we took a day trip to our zoo.  It is just the best.  We live only about 45 minutes away so we go pretty often.  All the animals were out and my sweet boy, Brooks, had an awesome time.  He loved all the animals.  Especially the "elephans" and the "bye-bye-boons".  The girls had a great time too.  Finley just had fun with us.

Piper the Polar Bear popped up to say, "Hi!"

My Piper had to have a photo stop here!!

Working hard to climb the giant spider web.

Brooks is just the sweetest boy!

Finley was holding on for dear life to the grizzly bear!!!

Brooks' favorite!!!

So pretty!  I love the grace of the giraffes.

Erica and her sweet crew!

Just a "little" visitor on the walk through the zoo,  We didn't bother to say hello to this particular reptile!

Beautiful tropical birds

Finley was just glad to be out of the stroller and free to roam!

We also celebrated Easter at Erica's house.  After a great church service and a great lunch together we had an Easter Egg Hunt.  So fun!

Where's my basket, Mimi?

Brooks loves to blow bubbles!

Oh my sweet Savannah....she is the drama queen!

Pretty Megan and her little man

Brooks caught on fast!

Sweet Pipey,  she was such a good helper!

Savannah was on the hunt for sure.

Kyra just wanted to eat her candy....right away!

Finley did get one egg.

Now school is back in and life is getting busy again.  But I am so grateful and so thankful for my sweet family.

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