my babies

my babies

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen

At work I listen to klove radio station.  It is a contemporary Christian music station that I just love....hence the name, I suppose!  For the most part they just play great music but they do have the news and some really sweet and encouraging stories from time to time.  Today they were talking about a new class being offered at an elementary school in Minnesota that is teaching young boys how to be gentlemen.  Open the doors for girls, help them with their coats....all the things that young men are supposed to do for ladies.  They are also teaching the girls how to be young ladies.  Sitting properly, napkins in your laps etc....  I have to say that my husband is a perfect gentlemen!  He always opens doors, carries the heavy stuff and would wait on me hand and foot if I let him.  I am so not used to all that!!  But anyway, I am glad to see this kind of thing going on today.  In a world where people are so "confused" about their gender, or their identity  as a man or a woman, or how women get so hostile over being treated kindly and with respect.  This country has just gone nuts!  Since I live in North Carolina where the infamous house bill 2 is always on the news and now the NCAA is threatening to pull all games for at least a decade in North Carolina the idea of men being gentlemen and women being ladies is a desperate need right now.  I love the whole idea of men being men and women being women.  Let's face it....some things are just better done by a woman and some things just need to be done by a man.  I don't want to climb on the roof and I sure do not want my man wearing polish on his toes!  I am not a feminist in anyway at all.  I do not mind one bit my husband carrying the burden of decision making, being the spiritual leader and just being the head of our family.  That is the way it is supposed to be as stated in the Bible.  Now my sweet husband does want us as a couple to decide things together.  I do appreciate that.  He also does not demand his way and is very open to allowing me to decide some things for us as a family.  But when the hammer falls on something critical for this family.  I will leave that up to him and the Lord to decide.  Do I ask him when I can wash clothes or buy groceries or if I can go outside?  No.  that's just dumb.  But before I spend a bunch of money.  I ask.   And he does too.  We consider each other with decisions.  And it works for us. It is the proper and mannerly thing to do in a marriage.  Teaching a class on how to be a little gentlemen and a little lady?  I'm all for that!  It makes for a great platform for these children's' future decisions and their lives.

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Tracy said...

You said it, I don't want to go out and kill my supper. Thanks goodness he knows his job....HA! HA!