my babies

my babies

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

And suddenly....Finley is One

Since I have gotten married and my life has been on warp speed....I have turned into a complete slacker grandmother!  I did not post photos from Finley turning 11 months old!!  I have been slack on my picture taking too.  There is just not enough time in the day. In the week or month!!  So here goes a two-fer of Mr. Fin.

Hey there Mimi!!  where is that good ole buddy of mine, Mr. Beaver??  Do you have him???

What??!!  You say he is hiding in my room!  waiting to play with me!!!  Yay!!

Where are you Mr. Beaver...where are you??  

Ha-ha!  Look at that Mimi....he thinks he can bite my feets and I won't get him......

Wrong!!  I'll just give you a pinch and a squeeze and a quick pull on yer tail, Beavy.

Would I ever do anything to hurt you??  Not a cutie-pie like me.  Never!

Finley you are just the sweetest thing.  You are super smiley and super funny.  You have around 12 or 14 teeth.  wow!  You wear size 24 month clothes because you are practically a full grown man!  You sleep great at night.  Naps are pretty much hit or miss but when you take one.  You take a good one.  You aren't walking yet but soon....very soon.

Now on to Finley's first birthday!  It is so hard for me to believe that this little guy is a year old.  Time has just went so very fast with this baby.  I took Fin's first year photos too.  they were so sweet.  It has been so warm and spring like until we did his pictures.  Then winter came back with a vengeance!  Poor baby was freezing....but he was a champ!

What a handsome little guy

He looks so much like his mommy.  Those eyes!!

I could just eat him up!!!

Can I eat a rock, Mimi?  Can I??

Mommy says no rocks!!

Getting ready to dig into some cake!!!

Not super messy...what a sweetie!

Brooks loves him some cupcakes!!!

Finley with two of his girlfriends....Stella and Chandler!!

My sweet Megan and Thad with their little man

These wild girls had a blast in the cold outside jumping in a bouncy house!

Why am I too little to jump with those wild girls??

Could not resist a hug from my little guy with my sweet new husband!!

Hopefully life will slow down a bit for me in the next couple of months and I can spend more time with my grandbabies and not always be so rushed.  Finley I am so looking forward to spending more time with you this summer and seeing how you develop and change and just see what the Lord has for you.  I just love you to pieces!!

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