my babies

my babies

Saturday, February 11, 2017

it's my wedding day

I'm getting married today.  Today.  I didn't think I ever would again.  But I am.  Today.  I am on an incredible emotional swirl right now.  I am so excited, so nervous, so overwhelmed.  Then I am incredibly calm too.  The hours are flying by but time is also just standing still.  I got my nails painted last night and of course Ellie May here has already chipped three of them.  I just touched them up and smudged one of the thumbs.  Cinderella better show up fast or Ellie May will walk down the aisle.  We have already broken the tradition of not seeing each other.  We went to pick up our flowers together earlier and moved some of my clothes.  He is so sweet.  He couldn't wait to see me, he said. And yesterday he sent me a beautiful bouquet of red roses to work.  the card made me cry....of said, "I can't wait to start my new life with you".  To say all my coworkers are a tiny bit jealous is a huge understatement.  I never thought I would love all this attention and spoiling from a man....but I do.  I love it.  Each day he makes me love him even more.  Just when I think I cannot possibly adore him anymore....he does the tiniest thing and I do.  He is just and absolute Godsend.  All I have left to do is take a bath, wash and fix my hair and put on my face.  I will get dressed at the church. My dear friend Kelley is singing one song for us and then  I'm walking down the aisle by myself.  That is a little nerve wracking because as much of an extrovert as I am I do not like all eyes to be on me.  I tend to do really dumb things then.  If I fall down would be pretty much par for the course. But it will be over before I know it and then....we will be married. My mom and I just picked up the cake and dropped it off in the family life center.  The punch is ready to be mixed.  It is all just so's my wedding day...... I am so ready.    

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ddeckerblog said...

And you looked radiant! So happy for you and David! Love to you both!