my babies

my babies

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wrapping up Christmas

This Christmas has come and gone.  With all festivities, food, family and fun that this ole gal can just about stand.  I am officially peopled out.  I absolutely adore my family but I am ready to get back to reality....aren't you?  Speaking of reality let me tell you something that is just unreal....
Santa came early on Christmas Eve this year....

The photo is terrible and my hand looks super gnarly but who cares.  I was so surprised and so blown away and ...well it is just unreal.    When I was first separated and then later divorced I felt used, ugly, unwanted, unloved and a host of many other horrible emotions.  After a few years I settled into a pattern that my life was full and I would never marry again.  God was enough.  He is my portion.  I was content.  Loneliness had fled my sad and heavy heart.  My life was full.  My family, friends, church, job and all my babies.  Each day was filled.  Then the Lord sent this man.  And he was sent from God, do not doubt that.  Slowly, he broke through my rock hard walls.  Is not just like God to send a builder to chip away the walls around my heavily guarded heart?!  Now, I did not miss my former husband.  I no longer love him but I did at one time so when former love dies and withers away you form a callus of sorts.  And so very slowly David has chipped and carved and worked to win this heart wholly.  I love him with my whole heart.  I cherish him like no other.  He proposed so sweetly.  He even shed a few tears and of course I cried like a little girl.  I'm crying right now.  To go from unwanted to wanted.  Unloved to loved.  Ashes to beauty.  We are so funny....our children are all thrilled and want plans and details and dates.  We are just letting it all sink in.  You see, he was thrown away too. So when two people who resign to be alone and are placed together by God's hand it makes each moment so much sweeter.  There is something about a more mature love.  A reality that sinks in.  He has gray hair, I am not thin and sleek. We're okay with that.  He tells me I am beautiful and I tell him I like his gray hair.  We like early bedtimes and not a lot of commotion.  We know our roles and we neither one resist or fight them.  He takes care of some things and I take care of some things.  It's what you do as a wife or a husband.  Younger couples fight and quarrel over dumb things.  When you get to be our age that stuff does not matter.  I love that.  I have a ton of pictures I could share of my babies and all the hoopla but I think I will let that rest.  This precious ring and what it means is my Christmas memory this year. Is it not  just like our God to show His love through others?  He sent this sweet man to me and that is a gift straight from heaven.  

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful - you are! And so is the ring. I can't wait to see how God continues to write your story. I am so happy for you girl! Love ya!