my babies

my babies

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nine Months Old....and a few days

My sweet, sweet Finley is officially 9 months old!!  No way, you say....Way!  Time is flying and this young man is growing way too fast.

Hey ole beavy!!  Let me throw my arm on ya and we will smile super big for Mimi!

I don't know about all this Finley....last time you bit me and choked me and squeezed me really, really hard.

Aw, Mr. Beaver.them is just love bites...see I only have 6 teeth...

You just taste so dadgum good!!  I can't resist a little nibble here and there.

Help...Help, Mimi...get him off me!!!  Ok, ok, Mr. Beaver I will try something else with Finley.

What is this Mimi??  I don't think I like hats.

But, Finley, you are just so cute and precious that I almost can't take it!!

I don't know about all this Christmas stuff and hats and cutesy clothes...

I just want to be back with Mr. Beaver!!!  Help me me!!!

Finley you are just about the sweetest thing ever!  You are a giant of a baby for sure.  Weighing in at almost 26 pounds and 32 1/2 inches tall.  You are wearing 18 -24 month clothes and you love eating!  You are a great sleeper and you talk all the time.  You have started crawling and you wave bye-bye and hey.  You are almost always smiling.  What a precious gift you are!!

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