my babies

my babies

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Kickin' Off The Season

We had a great Thanksgiving but too say I am sick of ham and turkey is a huge understatement.  I think for Christmas I will do Mexican or Italian or something other than turkey!!  After our big gigantic feast most people would just want to veg out on the couch and watch football or nap.  Not us!!  We put on our Christmas clothes and pajamas and do a big ole photo shoot with all the little babies!  I did do some family photos of Megs' family and Brittany's' family...Erica said her circus tent was photo shot!  I took over 200 pictures and got maybe 3 with all five babies looking my way.  I have huge ideas in my head but getting the littles to cooperate????  Another realm.  It is just not happening in this one.


Almost everyone looking!!  Kyra is the hardest one!!!

Piper is a true poser!  Brooks hardly ever smiles.  Kyra is just "so serious"  Savannah usually either is crying or laughing and Finley??  Well, he is just super curious right now.

Kinda good!

Good Grief!  Aaron, Brittany and Kyra's Christmas Card...keepin' it real

This was a sweet one of Savannah.

Me and my boys.... too sweet

I see a future super model here!

Getting so grown up.  She looks 10 years old...waaaah!

Savannah looking so thoughtful

Little Kyra Rose....such a sweetie

Brooks and his constant looking for an airplane!

Oh my stars!!!  I could eat this one right up!!!

Thad, Megan and baby Finley....precious

Lovely little family

All my girls and their babies.....time has just went too fast

Once again I am so thankful for my family.  Looking forward to a wonderful Christmas season with my sweet, funny crew!

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