my babies

my babies

Thursday, November 17, 2016

8 Months Old

Okay, okay...I am officially a total slacker Mimi.  total.  Here is is the 17th of November and I have not posted Finley's eight month photos.  I did take them on that day and I do get some points for that.

Hey Mimi!!!  Is it photo shoot time??  I love these things.  You can take my picture any old day.  I am always smiling and happy to do it!

Mr. Beaver!!!  Come here old buddy!!!

I wanna eat ya!!

Ha-Ha.....just kidding beavy

Not really....yum,yum,yum

You can run but cannot hide from the Fin-Man!

I am almost able to tear down some walls and doors.  You can run and dig and swim and hide but I will find you Beaver.  Then I am gonna slobber you to pieces!!!!

Finley, you are officially the sweetest and cutest baby on earth.  You have 6 teeth.  Weigh around 23 lbs and are wearing 12 - 18 month clothes!  You are a giant baby!!  And what a handsome one too. You are always smiling and such a little cuddler you are.  But do not get me are always on the move or wanting to get down.  Once you start walking.....look out.  You will not be contained.  I pray for you each day little man.  I am so thankful for your mommy and daddy and their love that shows for you!!

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