my babies

my babies

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Seven Months Already!!!

My sweet and not so  little Finley turned 7 months old this week.  That is totally unacceptable.  His babyness is just going so fast!!!  I can't stand it!  He is so sweet and so cute!  Finley, you have two teeth, weigh almost 23 pounds (big boy!) and are super tall.  You love most solid foods but your favorite???  Is your bottle.  Just like your mommy was as a baby, you love drinking more than eating.  You are super curious and love to jump.  You are not crawling yet but trust will not be long and you will be off and running...literally!  Get ready for a cuteness overload!!!

Whoa!!  Who is this??  Mr. Beaver!!  Where ya been man??

Gimme a hug....I sure have missed you.

How 'bout a smooch too.  I'm a hugger and a kisser that's for sure are choking me, man...I gotta go back to the river.  Love ya, big guy....see ya next month!

I love that beaver...he's the best! out in about 16 years.  These eyes will just melt your heart.  What a handsome little man!

Piper slips in for a squeeze!  everyone loves to squeeze sweet Finley!

But he is a mommy's boy for sure.  I think she is most definitely a Finley-Man!

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