my babies

my babies

Sunday, September 18, 2016

I've Been Everywhere, Man!!

That title shows my old age and my hillbilly roots for sure!  But since school has started I thought my life would slow down a bit.  Wrong!!!  I am even busier than before.  Something has just got to give. Between work, church, my kids, my grandkids and my boyfriend (still cringing over that word!) ,my time is gone.  I have about 10,874 pictures to share but I will try to cut it down some.  I took a mini vacation last week and went to Pigeon Forge. TN.  I went with my guy and another couple.  Before the rumors start flying...we were properly chaperoned and he slept on the couch.  the other couple are married and in their sixties.  Not that 60 is old!!  As I edge closer it is looking like the new 40! We went to a gigantic car show.  I saw some amazing cars.  Just gorgeous vintage vehicles that were unreal.  I haven't said it much lately but my guy is just the sweetest man in the world.  I just never knew that so much kindness, gentleness and sweetness could ever come out of one person.  He is just amazing to me.  Always just such a gentleman in every word and deed.  Did I mention he is a cutie too?  Since my last post my little Finley has turned 6 months old!  Kyra turned 2 years old and my very own Megan turned 28 years old!!!  I got my babies all together for another historic photo shoot.  Baby wrangling is the career to get into....hardest job ever!

Mimi, why is this beaver sniffing me??

Fin, I think he thinks you need a new diaper.  Do you. little buddy?

Hey kinda smell funny!  Don't worry Beavy...Mimi will fix that!

Finley, you have two teeth and are sitting up on your own.  You are just the cutest little boy in the world too!

Megan looking so pretty on her birthday.  How did my baby have a baby???

Let's all sit on the quilt guys!

Come back here Brooks!!  Savannah put your dress down!

Nope...Brooks is done!

Somebody look at the camera!!!

We had a great time.  Just grilled hotdogs and played outside.  But to us...that's the best time.

Kyra had an Old Macdonald Party.  She had a few farm animals there!  Sweet Piper holding Chicken Nugget the chicken.

Brittany, Aaron and Kyra.  You can just barely see Bucky the goat.

A rare photo of me and sweet Finley.  He is so squeezable!!

Erica and her precious cargo!

Such a sweet family!  Hard to believe that Kyra is already 2!

Clothes just do not impress kids!

Blake and Mr Brooks...such a sweet boy!

I can't leave out Miss Savannah....all smiles

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