my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Winding Down

Summer is now on the downhill slide for all of us school employees.  Back to school commercials are all that is on TV.  Busy is a word that for me...has permeated my life as of late.  I am truly so busy that I just fall into bed each night worn slap out.  But it is a good busy.  My children and grandchildren are the most fun things and I am loving every second of it.  It goes so fast!  Last week was....VBS.  Y'all know that I usually say that it stands for Very Bad Situations but not this year.  Best VBS ever.  I had the most precious kids.  Five of which accepted Jesus in their sweet little lives.  Makes me cry to just think of it.  While we were singing one song I watched little boys and girls link arms while they sang "We will worship You"....I bawled!!  The best thing about this years VBS was that my sweet Piper asked Jesus into her heart on the last day.  Is VBS worth the it???  Yes, Praise Jesus...Yes.  I only had one meltdown.  During craft time.  I had to turn my back and pray to Jesus that i would not hate crafts.  One of the helpers laughed at me and then she really laughed when she realized how much i struggle with crafts.  Homemade slime y' is not funny nor fun. Picture frames with 10,000 stickers the size of a pinhead?  Makes both my eyes twitch.  Just give me a birdhouse to paint or a macaroni necklace to string and I am good to go.  Piper also turned 6 years old on the 4th.  Her party is this Saturday so I will have tons of photos then.  But for now...

Time???  Stand still...please!!

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