my babies

my babies

Monday, August 29, 2016

The First Day

Today was the first day of school in our county.  So many sweet faces!!  All the little kids were super excited and glad to be back in school for the most part.  I had a pretty good first day back too!  Piper started first grade and she was super excited!!  Her teacher is Mrs. Bowles and she is the same teacher that both of my girls had in kindergarten.  We all just love her!  I found out today that she is retiring after this year and I could just cry!  We all love her to pieces.  But I am so glad for her....I would trade places with her in a red hot minute.

Erica brought in the crew to walk Piper in on her first day.  People she passed in the hall gave her that "look".  You know the one that you give a young mama with more than 2.5 kids in tow!!  The baby in the stroller is Megans' little Mr. Finley though!!

My big girl.....time has just got to stop moving on!!!!

The fabulous Mrs. Bowles.  She truly is a great teacher.  I am so glad Piper has her for first grade.  she is just going to learn so much!!

Seeing all the kids today makes me feel a whirlwind of emotion.  Their little faces and their sweet looks.  I just pray that they all have a great school year.  I know that some homes are not ideal and many children have very hard lives.  I wish I could take them all in my arms and just give them a big hug!!

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