my babies

my babies

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Birthdays, lost teeth and 5 months old!

 Well, I have let 2 birthdays, a five month old update for Finley and about a bazillion other things slip past me.  I honestly do not know what takes up all my time I just know that at the end of the day I tell myself..."well, you let another day go by and did not write one thing down or post one photo so you can look back on this time!!"  Between, family, dating, menopause and just life....I just can't seem to get a thing accomplished!

Here are a few shots from the last couple of weeks.  I promise I will get better now that summer is winding down and life gets more normal.  I promise!!

Mimi...did you forget to put up the pictures of me and Mr Beaver??  We had a great time together this month!!

We did Finley??  Gee, that makes me feel good.  You like me don't ya??

Yeah, but he likes me better, don'tcha little Fin??

Piper and her best friend Faith.  Pool parties are the best!

Watching around 15 kids in the pool is very hard!!

But Birthday Cake and ice cream are worth it!

Starting first grade with a new backpack!

This little sweetie steals my heart each day!

Piper lost her first tooth!!!  Time...stand still

The gang!  Brooks looks so sad and poor Finley was being held upright by a good ole ear tug!

My daddy at his 75th birthday supper with all his kids and grandkids!  So blessed!

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