my babies

my babies

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweet times

This summer has just went by so fast.  I have not had one minute to even take a breath it seems like!  Erica and her babies have been gone a week visiting Blake's family in Wilmington and I have missed them so so bad!!!  I was telling my boyfriend (cringe!! that word!) how much I missed them just a bit ago and he is so sweet.  He is just as crazy about those babies.  So sweet.  But this week I have gotten to spend some quality time with little Finley.  And oh, the sweetness is more than I can stand!!  He is such a cutie and he just loves his Mimi.  And his Mimi just loves him.  He just lights up when he sees someone he knows and he just bursts open with the biggest smiles ever.  Until you whip out a camera.  then he just about won't even look your way.  Those other three must have give him a heads up on Mimi and her camera.  Never fear, next week I am taking about 1000 pictures of them.  With the waning of summer vacation from school it does give me time to think even when I am so busy.  I haven't written on this blog too much as of late and for that I'm sorry because there are things I do want to remember.  Us older gals...we do forget.  This has been the best summer in a very long time.  I suppose the kids being older and more playful is one part.  My girls are such good moms and such good daughters and such sweet friends to each other is a pure blessing.  Having this man in my life is still so overwhelming that I still struggle with why anyone would ever be this sweet.  I know my friends are tired of hearing me say just what a kind and sweet man he is....but he is.  I so look forward to seeing him every day.  It is sorta like being a teenager but without the drama and we don't care one lick about all the stupid stuff.  We both have been there and done that. so much better than bitter.

Speaking of sweet......

Hey Mimi....I am not gonna matter what

Nope just gonna kinda lay here ... not smiling

I see you jumping up and down.  Cartwheels won't help either Mimi.  But could you help me not fall through the chair arm??  Please!!

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