my babies

my babies

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Gathering the scattered

It has been a tough week.  My former father in law passed away very suddenly and unexpectantly just a week ago.  He was a quiet, reserved man.  A strong believer in Jesus and I know he is in heaven with our Lord.  With his sudden passing it brought together family members from far away.  Two of his children live in different states.  Sisters, brothers and cousins came from far away.  Hundreds of friends.  What a testament the visitation was with over a thousand people coming to pay respects to the family.  I did not go to the visitation nor to the funeral.  I kept the little grandchildren.  Toddlers and funerals do not mix.  When families are grieving the last thing they want to hear is a crying baby or a talking toddler.  Our church always feeds the family either before or after the service.  It is a southern thing I suppose.  We gather together for a meal and reflect and fellowship and just be with one another.  Johnny had a very large extended family so it was nice.  I took the children for the dinner after the service.  It was so good to see people I had not seen in, for some, many years.  Many hugs and kisses and tears were exchanged.  One of the many casualties of divorce is the breaking up of more than one relationship. I got to spend time with my nephew and nieces.  They all came over to my house for a swim and some much needed catching up on their lives and happenings.  I got the chance to babysit my little nieces yesterday.  They are only 3 and 4 and cute does not even cover it!  My two girls brought their kids over and we had a great time.  All this made me think how much I treasure my own family and friends.  The ones that are close and the ones that are not so close.  I miss my dear friend Kelley so bad I can't stand it!!  I miss my friends that are right here that I don't spend enough time with!  But even when we are all so scattered ...either in location or circumstance...we can be as close as a phone call or text or a prayer.  I probably will not ever see most of those people again.  But I can pray for them.  It is sad in a way that funerals tend to be what gathers us the most.  Many will skip weddings, birthday parties and the like.  But few skip funerals.  It is the last good-bye for us on this earth.  Sad it is this way but is and I am so guilty of this myself.  I love to take pictures at family gatherings because often it is the last time we see someone.   I did take a few the other day when I watched my little nieces while their mommy did some errands.

So sweet and so cute.  Savannah is in front and then it's Brooks, Macy, Finley, Piper and Emmy.  Such a bunch of cuties!

I hope to spend more time with these sweet little girls.  I am already planning trips to both Virginia and Georgia to see my nephews and nieces more.  Don't wait to gather your scattered for sad times make the effort to get together for a big celebration of nothing!  You won't regret that.

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Kelley said...

So you do miss me!!!!!!! I miss you too.