my babies

my babies

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Four Months Already???

Yesterday little Mr. Finley was four months old.  Un-beeee-leeev-able!!!  Not only is the summer going by at warp speed but so is this little ones first year.  I can;t stand it!  Megan took him for his check-up today so i have all his official stats.  Finley you weigh in at 16.1 1/2 pounds and you are 26 3/4 inches long.  Very tall baby.  You are so cute I can't stand it.  You can roll over at lightning speed and you talk and talk and talk.  You adore your mommy and follow her wherever she goes.  You are sleeping through the night and take pretty good naps.  You eat like a little pig and seem very interested in watching others eat real food.  You laugh so cute and smile so sweet.  You love your cousins and especially Brooks.  Speaking of Brooks....he is crazy about you.  Y'all are going to be some kind of force in a few years.

Mimi??  Who is this with me again?  That's Mr. Beaver, sugar....he loves you!  He is your friend.

Yeah buddy....I am your friend to the end.  We are going to be great pals.  I will protect you and watch you grow and get strong and big!

Really??  Til I get big and strong?! As big as Brooks, maybe??

Yeah!  Until you get as big as me!!  Whoa...wait a sec there dude!  You are pretty big!  Am I gonna be as big as you?? day you will and then???  We are gonna wrassle!

Piper...can you help me out a little??  Your brother is a wittle skeery!  Don't worry Fin.  He won't hurt you little dude.  Nah!  I love ya bro!

That's what everyone says!  I must be just awesome!

You are....little are.

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