my babies

my babies

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Time Stand Still!!

Time is going to fast for this old gal.  Way tooooo fast.  Was this not just yesterday???

Piper's first day of kindergarten....

Her last day.  Mrs. Strupe and Mrs. Huff .  they were awesome for my sweet girl.  She is now a first grader!!!  Hold on.....I am sobbing!

And this???  Where did this sweet baby come from??  Finley is now 3 months old!!!  I will post his photo "shoot" tomorrow with good old Mr. Beaver.  But seriously, how in the world did he get this big already??  I am still sobbing my eyes out!

These two girls.  They are Cara and Leah.  My boyfriends' daughters.  I just love them.  We attended Leah's high school graduation Saturday morning.  Such a sweet and sad time.  Leah was a little sad too.  I watched so many of my former elementary students cross that platform.  Some of them just made me weep because they had made it.  When you see kids that have so many strikes against them accomplish something you know is going to be a constant uphill battle it just fills you with joy.  One of them was a pair of sisters.  Cheyenne and Destiny are their names.  They had a very hard life.  Very hard.  I was overjoyed to see both of them graduate.  I have prayed for them many times over the years.  What a blessing to see they made it through this stage.  I will keep on praying for them because now.  Adulthood is going to start settling in.  Hard choices that get harder as the years fly by.  And believe me....they fly.

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