my babies

my babies

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Lovin' the Summer

So far the summer is going way too fast!!!  Every day is just a blur!  Lots and lots is going on and i just want it to slow down a little.  Here are just a few shots from what we do....

We sip out of the water table....

We eat snacks in the garage while we color....

Uh...Savannah?  It isn't winter, baby.  I know Mimi but it could could!!

We put on our sunscream...I mean sunscreen

Or sunscream...and then scream some more

We cruise the yard....

We pick raspberries.....

We help Paw cut Piper's ginormous cabbage!!

Here it is!!!  All 16.2 pounds of it!

Don't forget me, Mimi!!

I could never forget you little are so sweet!

We take Popsicle pool breaks....

Firecracker pops are the best!

Even Brooks loves them!!

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