my babies

my babies

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finley...3 Months and 3 Days!!

You know, when Piper was born I would post her first year growth like clockwork.  Poor Finley....I'm always a day or two or three late.  I'm sorry little man....Mimi will try to do better!!  I went to his house after graduation on Saturday and he was in such a smiley mood.  Until I got out my camera.  He has been talking with Brooks and Savannah!!

Hey Mimi...whatcha doin??

Uh...who is this or what is this beside me???  It's touching me!!!

Hey little's me...Mr Beaver.  Remember??  I'm your buddy!

Oh yeah!!  Give me a hug beaver man!!  

Let me think here now...Once a month Mimi props me up with Mr Beaver....what does this mean??  Why??  Mimi is so funny!

Yes I am sweet boy!  You are so cute!!  Just start smiling for me!!!  Please!!!

I love the pool....even if I don;t smile!

But I can yawn really big!!!  Naptime is calling my name!!

Finley you are so sweet!  You weigh a little over 15 pounds.  You sleep all night but are a catnapper in the day.  You hardly ever fuss and you are a super curious baby.  You really do laugh and smile a lot.  Just not on camera!!

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