my babies

my babies

Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day 2016

We had a big father's Day cookout last night.  We do this every year and it so fun to see our ever growing family.  This year my boyfriend and his parents and one of his daughters got to join us.  I forewarned them that we are a loud and busy bunch!  At any one time there is the possibility of at least 19 conversations going on and following them should be an Olympic sport.  The kids swam and we ate and just had a great time together.  Family life is hard but just hanging out is the best.

These two little cuties are learning to love the water!!!!

Aaron throwing his little Kyra high in the air!  

Blake tossing Piper for a flip!!

Savannah is just minding the ponies!!

Sweet Leah.  she is such a great playmate to this rowdy bunch!

Everybody just wants to kiss all over baby Finley!

What do you do when the legs are just too short to reach the pedals?!  You push and push and push!!

Smart move....a broom handle can do the pedal pushing!

Thad's first Father's Day.  Megan's family is so sweet!!

Erica's family photos....always interesting!

Christmas Card right here!

Brittany's family...just darling!

Kyra is never sure about all the photos I am forever taking!  But I caught a smile!!

Papa Bear and his baby bear....Thad is such a good daddy!!

I love my sweet daddy and his bunch!!

I am so thankful and grateful to the Lord for my family.  We are so not perfect but we love one another like crazy and are so thankful for the blessings God continues to pour out to us.

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