my babies

my babies

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Catching Up and a Birthday

There are 7 more days of school.  Seven!!!!  I am so glad.  the kids are so ready to be out too.  But I am really a little sad.  Piper will be a first grader?!  What??How can that be?  Last week Blakes' family came up for Savannah's fourth birthday party.  Blake's grandma wanted a nice family portrait made of them.  She had bought Blake a new sport coat and wanted him to wear it in the photo.  I should have known disaster was brewing when I got there and Blake was called in to work and was not going to even be in the picture!!  Erica put the girls in their Easter dresses....another bad sign.  And Brooks had no shoes to wear.  Hey, here in the south...we're classy like that.

Poor Brooks. He just wanted to run and play.

Savannah wanted to have armpit hair....ew!  She is so funny.  Piper is always camera ready though!

On Saturday we had Savannah a party.  the weather was great.  Hot and sunny!  I love that!

Brooks and Savannah love the water slide.  Brooks had the best time ever!

Sweet Savannah.  How can you be four??

Brooks also loved the fountain on the baby pool.  He is a water dog too!!

Piper was loving some cake!

Cake??  what's cake??  Don't worry are going to love it!

Savannah got a little cold.  She is just so pretty.

Kyra and Brooks are true bffs.  so sweet!

All the kids had a blast.  Brooks cruising by on his four wheeler.  Pink??  Who cares!

Trampolines are fun too Mimi!!

Tyson was partied out!

Real men here people.  Pink jeep??  It;s got wheels man...I'm on it!

I'm so glad the kids had fun.  Parties are a blast around our family.  We don't know how to do much but we do know how to play!!!

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