my babies

my babies

Monday, May 9, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

Yesterday was Mother's Day.  I know for some it is a day of sadness.  Either you have lost your mother, want to be a mother or are estranged from your children.  All of those things do break my heart.  I always wanted to be a mother and am so blessed to have two wonderful daughters and now...all these even more wonderful grandchildren!!!  I am still blessed to have my own mother and love having her to share the joys of her great grand children!

Much like my Easter shots from this...getting everyone to look, smile and keep their hands out of their face is a task for people smarter than me.

Me and my sweet, sweet girls.

All of us but Megan and Finley.  this was the best one even though Savannah has her eyes closed.  Poor thing was not feeling good any way.

Brooks...Look at Mimi, Mimi...  Oh well...

Megan and her new little man...Precious Finley...her first Mother's Day

Pretty Brittany and a nice photo bomb of her hubby, Aaron!  Kyra...rarely smiles for my camera!

My girls and their I could get

This was more like the rest of the 2386 shots I took!  Good grief!

My sweet guy...I just love him!

When did this baby turn into a little girl???  Waaaahhh!!!  I cannot stand it!!

All three of Erica's in a row.  It's a Christmas Miracle!!

It is an honor to be called Mother.  I am so blessed to have this honor and I pray I never take it for granted!!!

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