my babies

my babies

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Already 2 Months Old!

Yesterday my little Finley turned 2 months old.  That is unreal to me!  He is growing so fast.  He has a Dr. appointment today so I don't have his exact height and weight but he is growing like a weed.  At first Finley looked exactly like his daddy but now he is favoring his mommy a little more.  He smiles and coos and gives you the most serious looks ever.

I tried to get him to smile while I took his picture but not much luck there.

Hey little buddy.  I think we are at Mimi's house for this photo shoot. What do you think of her??  I like her, she gives me snacks!  I think I like her too Mr. Beaver.  She snuggles me and kisses me a lot.

But hey!  what in the world is that big black thing she keeps pointing at me every time she gets close??  It is super scary.  That thing??  That's her camera Fin....she hardly ever puts it down so get used to it!

Or you can do what us beavers do....turn your tail to her!  She don't want no picture of that!!!  Mr.'re so funny...I'm laughing on the inside!! me!!  I'm falling over.  Heeelllppp!!

Sweet little Finley...I won't let you fall....not ever.

This little bundle is such a blessing.  He is just a precious thing and I just cannot get enough of him!

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