my babies

my babies

Sunday, April 17, 2016

My Little Fashionistas

Yesterday Piper, Savannah and Brooks came over to play.  we had a picnic lunch.  Rode the jeep around the yard.  And just played!  I love playing.  I always did.  My house suffers and my laundry piles up but my grandchildren will know that their old granny played with them.... a bunch.  My kids knew it too.  Housework will wait mommies.  It will.  Childhood....will not!  Anyway, I asked the girls if they wanted to do a fashion photo shoot and for once they agreed!!  Even Savannah.  She is usually has the most photogenic back of the head you will ever see.  Or the most gorgeous crying face ever.  Piper is still in the "I must pose like crazy" phase and Brooks just looks at me.  Just looks.  Finley??  Haven't quite got a grip on his take on Mimi Paparazzi but I am sure he will love it as much as the rest do!

My little Piper....Getting way to grown up.  She is all about the life of a super-model.

Savannah Smiles!!!

Piper loves a dress with a big twirly skirt.  These were old ballet costumes from Erica and Megan.  It pays to be a hoarder!!

Sweet & spicy Savannah.  Such a funny can you be almost 4???

My little man.  Brooks is so serious most of the time.  What a handsome guy he is!

The jeep died and poor Erica had to push it back to the garage!  Good exercise though!

Did you say pose Mimi??  Is this the "Zoolander" look you wanted??

Sister conversations....such precious times, even over nonsense.

My little beauties.  Growing way too fast.  Way too fast.

What Mimi??  You are about done??  I can go all day!  Not me, says Savannah!  I'm done!

I been done girls!  Mom is strolling me around on the driveway in y'alls old stroller and I kidnapped yer doll Savannah!!!

I love spending time with these little people.  I just pray that they look back with good memories and just know that I loved them.  Prayed for them and taught them all kinds of stuff.  I have big plans for the summer.  Creeks, mud, swimming, gardening, farming, water hoses, sleep overs and lots of ice cream.  Grandchildren are one of  the best blessing that God can give!

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