my babies

my babies

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mr. Beaver checks him out

Now that my newest grandson is home and settling in to his surroundings I am starting to take his photo a little more every time I see him.  He is not a fan so much...but he will be!  Mr. Frog lives at Erica's house so Mr. Beaver has moved in with Megan and Thad to watch little Finley grow.

Okay, okay Mimi....Why are sitting me up in this chair??  I need to be chopping down trees and stuff!

Wait a minute....wait a minute!!  What....Is....This???

It smells like a baby!!!  It is a baby!  Uhhhhh...Mimi?  What is that thing trying to smell of me??  I don't think I like it...not one bit!

If I don't look at it maybe it will go away.  See how wrinkled my forehead is you furry thing??  That means skeeedaddle!!

Now this is familiar....I bet this is the safe arms of my sweet mommy!

Yes, it is sugar pie...Mommy loves you and will always keep you safe.  Thanks Mommy....but I think I will keep one eye on that toothy guy just the same!

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