my babies

my babies

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Meet Finley

My little Finley is 20 days old today.  Already.  Hard to believe.  I went over to Thad and Megan's to take some newborn photos of him at 13 days old.  for the most part he was wide awake and very wiggly.  His little hands go everywhere.  He is a very curious little man!  But I think we got some cute shots.  I am going to try again in a week or so.  He is growing like crazy already.  He is so long that he has outgrown newborn clothes because his legs are too long for them.  He weighs 8.9 lbs. now but being so long he looks skinny!!  But he is so cute I can't stand it!  Megan is such a great new mommy.  She has just really taken to it so well.  He is starting to get a little bit of a routine going.  He sleeps pretty good at night and just kind of catnaps during the day.  That is a blessing because if they get their days and nights confused....that makes for long days and longer nights.

Such a sweet little family.

I love his little bird looks!!  So sweet!!!

Most of his waking time he look so worried!!  His little brow is always so concerned!

Ok Mimi, I have had enough.  I am a baby...not a super model!!!!

Shhh Shhh little Fin....go to sleep.  I love photos of sleeping babies too.  I can click all I want!

Yesterday I took some of all my grandbabies except for Kyra.  It was such a nice warm spring day and we are out of school all week!  Super fun but makes me long for summer!!!

My big girl....My heart just aches at how fast the time has flown!

My big little man....he is such a sweet, good boy.  Just perfect for squeezing!

My new little man.  I can't squeeze him too hard ... yet.  So precious!

My Miss sassy Pants.....this one.....something else.  She speaks my language for sure!

I had to include one of Piper and her cabbage plant she started in school and my daddy has put in the garden.  She is SO proud!  She loves "farming".

I am so thankful for my sweet family.  I love my babies so much!  God is just so good and His blessings are endless.  Whenever I feel down or overlooked or whatever I allow the enemy to whisper into my ear I just need to look at these precious babies and see the goodness that has been poured into my life.  Thank you Jesus for these precious blessings.  May I never forget what a treasure they truly are and what impact I can have in their lives for you.

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