my babies

my babies

Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Photos...They're Awesome!

Last year I took some photos of Erica's little family on Easter that were....less than great.  Savannah was squalling in them while the rest of the family was all smiles.  This year I practiced with the girls at length.  Savannah does not like her picture made and when your Mimi is part of the Grandma Paparazzi Mob...well  that is too bad.  Savannah...Smile!  So on Easter Sunday after a great church service I had my whole family over for lunch.  My boyfriend (still hate that word) and his daughters, Cara and Leah came over along with Cara's boyfriend Will came too.  We had a great meal together and a good afternoon.  We did not get to do our egg hunt because it was rainy and cold.  I his eggs today since it was 70 and sunny.  Welcome to North Carolina Weather!!  So to say that I got awesome pictures of Erica;s family to send to Blake's family down at the coast....not so awesome.

We are trying to get the "sillys" out...

Blake and Brooks...OK.  The girls....No clue.  Erica...again, No Clue

Well.....Erica looks good this time

Is anyone listening to me when I say , Smile or Look here???

Obviously not......

The best of the bunch.  Erica and Blake look great at least.

This little man???  I could eat him up!!!

Today we hid 147 eggs and I let the kids look for them.  As you can see Brooks was not into it at all.  The egg behind him was how all of them were plain sight.

Savannah was all smiles when she figured out they all had candy in them!

Piper is an "Egg Hunter Extraordinaire"

Kyra???  She liked eating them....a lot

So this has candy in it, Mimi????  Can I eat it the egg too???

So we quit hunting eggs and piled in the jeep....

The kids took off for my mama's house....Savannah is a wild driver so I would hold on to Brooks...Use both hands, buddy.

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