my babies

my babies

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pass the kleenex...please!

Today while I was at work taking the temperature of some spaghetti noodles....glamorous I know...I got a surprise.

The most beautiful Christmas arrangement of roses in the history of rose bouquet sending, I.m sure.  The card simply said, "Just a little something to brighten your work day"  Can you say, "Awwwww"  Because that is what my co-workers all said.  Then I proceeded to hide behind a large set of ovens and cried my eyes right out of my head.  My sweet friend Janet came back there and just hugged me tight.  She kept telling me that I deserved someone to be kind and sweet and lavish me.  I told her that this was all just hard for me.  So foreign to me.  So hard to think that someone could or would actually care for me.... genuinely  care.  She told me to just take it all in and to allow him to spoil me to his hearts desire.  It is just overwhelming.  I called to thank him and he just said, "You deserve someone to show you how much they care about you."  He is the kindest man ever and he expects nothing out of me in return.  He is going as slow as it takes to woo this heart that is hiding behind a brick wall.  One that I laid myself...brick by brick.  He even told me that he wants to find the gentle, kind woman that is hidden in there so deep.  Is this even real??  Is the mother-ship coming???? Does he know who in the world he is dealing with?? This man is wearing me down to a puddle of emotions all the time.   I honestly have just broke down and cried about 58 times today.  But they really are tears of joy, excitement and tenderness beyond belief.  To think that this late in my life I have had this blessing to come is just amazing.  God is so good.  He has sent me an amazing, amazing man.

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