my babies

my babies

Monday, November 30, 2015

Things I like and more!

Since I have not posted a list of any kind lately I thought I would post a few things I like right now!

1.  Christmas Trees...yes, I know that Christmas is about Jesus but I love Christmas trees.  I am just about done with mine and I will put up some photos this week.  It is mighty purty if I say so myself.

2.  Perfume....I have recently tried it again and I have to say I have missed wearing it.  I love good scents and have no allergies so I am dabbing away!

3.  Christmas music....enough said.

4.  Sugar Cake...I don't know if that is just a local food item but I love it for breakfast, snacks and dessert.  Heck, I love it for a meal!

5.  The Voice...they have some awesome talent this year and I can't decide who I like best.

6.  The really is a very good show .  Also, Chicago Med, The Blacklist and The Walking Dead....cannot get enough of those Walkers!

7.  Baby clothes...Megan is just blossoming and I cannot resist little itty bitty baby clothes!

8.  Twirly grandgirls love them!!

9.  Christmas movies...I watched Home Alone twice this weekend and cannot wait for Elf this weekend!

10.  Bedroom slippers...yes, I am officially and old lady

One thing I have found to be kind of sad right now...What the heck is Michael Bolton doing singing Jingle Bells for Pizza Hut????  So, so sad.....

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