my babies

my babies

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

And He's ONE

Last Saturday my little grandson turned one year old!!!  The reason this post is late is because i flung myself on the floor and have been wailing ever since.  How can he be one???  How, I ask??!  Just a few points about my little man.  Little???  That, he is not.  Brooks you check in at 26.4 pounds and 32 inches tall.  Let's just change your name to bruiser??  Except, you are the sweetest, most loving little guy in the world.  You will slug Savannah and Piper in a flat second but for the most part you are just a big cuddle bug.  You have been walking everywhere for nine days.  You just took off and now you are everywhere.  You are a great sleeper.  You are a great eater.  But you do not care for meat at all.  But hand you a Krispy Kreme doughnut?? Well you light right up like a Christmas Tree.  It is hard to believe that this is the last little one that I will sit beside old faithful Mr. Frog and take some pictures and have a conversation.  Even though it is a conversation in my seems real to me.  I pray each day for you little man.  Pray you are brave, strong, love your sisters, love your parents and mostly love Jesus.  What a bright spot you are to me.  I love the way you shyly smile and reach for me.  The way you just look at me so solemn and with those big blue eyes that just slay me.  I tell everyone how sweet you are all the time.  But, buddy, you know what?  You are.

Hey Mimi.  Do you mean it??  This is my last time I have to sit in this chair and wear these silly stickers and stuff??  Where is Mr. Frog?

There you are old buddy!  Why so far away??  Aren't we friends?  Buddies?  Pals for life??

Are ya mad at me?  No, Brooksy.  I am kinda sad....I mean this is our last time doing all this photo posing stuff for Mimi.

Don't be sad!!  Now you get to just play in my room with all the other toys and we can wrassle and jump and just be boys!  Now gimme a hug!!

Uh...wait.  No wrasslin yet...Mimi wants us to behave for a few more minutes.

That's it.  Give me one last hug.  Sniff....I think I'm a little sad too.

Don't worry baby brother!!  We are here to run your life and boss you around and smother you with hugs and kisses and just generally be big ole pains in the neck!!!

That's right little man.  They love you to pieces....just like me!

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