my babies

my babies

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A Little Catchin' Up!

I have been in a whirlwind of activity....but don't ask me what I have been doing because...I.  Don't.  Know!  But I will give you some updates.  Megan is officially 22 weeks along in her pregnancy.  She is just gorgeous too.  She is glowing now and all the sickness has passed.

Here she is at 20 weeks.  My little grandson is growing away!

And on Halloween she was 21 weeks.  She dressed her little pumpkin as a jack-o-lantern!

I took their photo too.  I think they are both so attractive that this little guy will be a heartbreaker!  Especially if he is as sweet and funny as his daddy!

I also took some family photos of Blake, Erica and their brood.  Let's just say....Pinterest let me down in a big way.  I took 97 photos. Guess how many turned out decent???  4.  Four!!!!  Here are just a few.

At least Erica looks good.

Not one time did all three look my way, let alone smile.

If only Brooks would have looked!!!

My Savannah....she is either laughing or crying.  All...the...time

This one is mostly smiles, just goofy ones.

My little man-cub.  Getting too big too fast.


Also, to wind down the week I went to our local high school football game Friday night.  We have the greatest fans and supporters.  Even if it is kind of like going to Wal-mart.  There is always that one fan who is just a tad over the top.  I sat right behind her.  Let's just say that every single call she didn't like she practically threw her glasses at the referee explaining to him (rather loudly) "Do you need my glasses ya mow-ron!"  Mow-ron.  New word of the day.  Also she gave the phrase "Bring on the pain" a whole new meaning.  That is what the defensive part of the team is too bring out to the field when they start playing.  Pain.  Just bring on the pain.  Fun times times.

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