my babies

my babies

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Weekend getaway

I am not a traveler at all.  But every now and then I do like to getaway!  this past weekend we had a couple of days off from school so my friend Janet from work and my sweetest cousin Candy took off for the beach!  We had a wonderful time!!  All we did was eat and talk and shop and eat and talk and sleep and talk and eat and shop and talk!!!  I have been work mates with Janet for almost 13 years.  And I can officially say that we are now friends.  We always got along but Janet just keeps people at an arms length.  So after years we have starting doing a few things outside of work and this little weekend away was a first with girlfriends for her!  She is so sweet and so funny and such a dear woman.  She  had a great time with my cousin and me and even said this was like a real sleepover!  I just love women and all the fun we bring into one another's lives.  I personally think that ladies get a bad rap for being vicious and catty.  Oh, don't doubt that can be a real issue but if we put all that silly, petty junk out of sight we can just be a great encouragement and joy to each other.  I did get a few shots of the beach, though!

We were honestly almost by ourselves at the beach.  So peaceful.

I took this Sunday morning when I got up....Good Morning, LORD!

Looking at the waves just does something to my soul.....I can't explain it.

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Tracy said...

You need to frame the second one...beautiful