my babies

my babies

Friday, October 9, 2015

One is not the loneliest number!

Showing my age here with that song as my blog post title!  Last night Megan and Thad had a baby reveal party at my mama's house.

They each held onto a bunch of balloons each.  They released the color of balloon of what they were not having and held onto what they were having.  Pink=girl and blue=boy.  Take that, Target!!  Sorry, but I cannot resist their ridiculous "no gender" statement.

Giving each other one final secret look.....

And I am thrilled to announce that Mr. Brooks is not the only boy in the family!!!  We are getting a boy baby!!!!

They were so happy!  Thad even cried at the Dr.'s office Megan said.  Of course, she is my child and she boo-hooed!

On another note, Megan was officially 18 weeks on Thursday.  I told her if I had to drive to her house I was getting her photo on Thursdays from now on!

This little man was estimated at 8 ounces instead of the average 5 ounces....See??  He is already above average!!  He is yawning, sucking his thumb and kicking like crazy!!  Now that I know what we are getting I am so excited I cannot stand it!  I already just love this little baby boy to pieces.

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ddeckerblog said...

YAY! That was my predictment!

Congrats to all!