my babies

my babies

Friday, October 23, 2015

Fall Fun

I love the Fall.  It is my second favorite season next to Summer.  I got a chance to take some Fall photos of my little sweetie-pies.  Beware....I took a bunch!

Piper is getting her hair back before she jumps in a pile of leaves.

I love Savannah's sneaky little smiles!

My big girls....I am just going to cry my eyes out right now!!

Turning into such a lovely little girl.

She is just like looking back in time at her mommy.  I am crying again!

Here comes my little sugar plum.  She is so funny!

And did I say gorgeous??  I swaney this child is just a treasure.

They absolutely love jumping in leaf piles.

My man-cub?  Not so much!

But I made him sit with his sisters anyway and sis coax a little smile from my little cuddle bug.

Mostly he just wanted out!

I just adore these little loves.

Yay!  Now we can go back to jumping and screaming!!

Look out Piper!!  Here I come!

Brooks just liked to sit on the sidelines with Bella and watch.

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