my babies

my babies

Friday, October 16, 2015

11 Months and 19 Weeks!

Brooks is officially 11 months old!!  It is amazing to me that he will be turning one in a few short weeks!  Where is my little baby going??  Speaking of baby Megan is just glowing with her own little baby.  Take a quick look!

She is 19 weeks today and all the sickness is gone!!!!

This little guy is growing like a weed too.  You are the size of a mango and your nerve cells are really developing this week.  You are getting all five of your senses!!  Is this not just amazing??  How god is constantly working on the tiny details of this baby.  This one!  I know several young expecting moms and God is busy knitting each little life together.  Just precious!

Megan does promise me that she will start dressing better for her photos.  We were going to take a walk so she did wear her running clothes.

Now onto my other little man....

Here he is Mimi....Brooks and Mr. Frog too.  I think Mr. Frog is a little shy or maybe scared!  What do you think Brooks???  I think you better move your arm...that's what I think!  Me and the frog...we gotta talk.

What is going on Mr. Frog??  I mean really???  why are you being a skeerdy cat?  I an't gonna really hurt you!  So quit playin' possum....sit up like a man!

That's a boy.  See? I just want to sit beside you and smile and wear this goofy sticker Mimi puts on me once a month.    Come on. sit a little closer, buddy.

I gotcha!!

I love you Mr. Frog.  You are just the best.

Now I got you little bud-bud!  Help!  Mr. Frog!1  Help me!

Poor Savannah was taking a very long nap and I did not get to take her picture at all.  But I plan on getting some today of all three of the little boogers!

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